No More Maps in the USA For 'HITMAN 3'

Locating missions in English countries is easiest for IOI’s budges because of natives. But best missions are located in exotic places like Santa Fortuna - which is my favorite is comes to atmosphere, mostly because of NPC’s native language.

For Hitman 3 i would like to see more harsh atmosphere - missions located in deep snow Russia, Mountain temple in China, Africa, Ukraine (Charnobyl), Monastery of Mongolia. Rainy scandinavian port etc - something more dark, more snow and rain. I’m tired of urban locations. We need more open space in nature like Santa Fortuna for example.

I think we should go back to Hungary for HITMAN 3

But instead of Budapest, either Debrecen or Győr

And also Slovakia, a ski resort


i dont mind american maps as long as they are all diverse. colorado, vermont, new york, and miami all feel very different from each other



Canada would be a great place for a ski resort, like the real world Whistler resort. If they’re going to do an Eastern Europe location I’d rather it be something less touristy.


I just want a shopping mall map, or a university in the UK, or maybe even Time Square in New York City, It’ll be like a bonus mission, but expanded

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I will never get that the new HITMAN games have 47 saving the world. If you stop to think about literally any of the missions not only are the ICA’s reasons pragmatic they also don’t have nearly as much world shattering implications the sole exception: the Patient Zero missions. Paris maybe if you stretch it.

In fact the game with the most overt save the world plot is the game everyone thinks has the best story: Silent Assassin. Where 47 kills people dealing in nuclear weapons, forging guidance tech and several rogue organisations hellbent on using a thermonuclear device. Especially when you go kill Deewanna Applecore or whoever and his Death Cult.

The most obvious omission is, of course, England. We haven’t had a UK-set mission since Beldingford Manor, way back in Contracts.

Not true Absolution from Absolution takes place in Cornwall.


My new band name, thanks mate


Your welcome.


More US levels they make, more money on hiring voice actors who do the local accents they can save. After I played new HITMAN games for thousands of hours. I’m quite glad to know that people from all these different countries can speak English this good, quite good. So I can visit a different country without learning any different languages. Such as Thailand, Japan.

There are four brobdingnagian countries on this plant, Russia, Canada, China, USA. Pick one.


20 yesses

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Russia would be Backwards, Canada would be too friendly, China would be depressing, and America is well it’s just America I guess.

I’m a bit on the opposite side of the spectrum. Even though Mumbai is my favorite, it’s a far cry from the gorgeous Hokkaido. That’s not to say Mumbai isn’t pretty just a different kind of pretty—unfortunately a less mainstream pretty which I would kind of prefer. I would like some “last minute” concept but freedom gameplay like New York—47 only has a few hours but the player has as much as they want.
This is why I think an intro level on a jumbo jet to a Shanghai mission to a cruise ship mission to a nature focused Korea mission to a hostile private island mission to maybe even a train murder mission in a station. I’m spitballing but it might be better to close the series off in a mainstream way.
Think of an analogy like Hitman is Batman Begins—great but a setup. Hitman 2 is the dark knight—a perfect form of gameplay (sans whittleton and maybe Hawkes) that’s a little rough around the edges (in some ways good, in some ways bad)—hopefully Hitman 3 doesn’t take a dip in quality but I seriously doubt that will happen.


To some extent, we’ve got 47 saving some local areas, sometimes inadvertently.
Sapienza in destroying a weaponized virus
Marrakesh in saving a government
Mumbai in really cleaning up a city and, frankly, a country
Whittleton Creek for taking out a monster—Helen west I mean Janus
And a Sgail kill everyone challenge even though that would most likely end the world

But the epilogue in Absolution is Called Absolution, Not Requiem

Why is Canada too friendly & why is China depressing…?

I agree too much missions set in USA. Time to move on.

There are lots of other places to explore :+1: