No More Maps in the USA For 'HITMAN 3'

The thing is, the actual country for most cases does not matter. That is evident within Blood Money. Those were missions at a wedding, at a Playboy party, the fact that they were in US was irrelevant. So unless there is an actual emphasis on the country and the country’s culture and atmosphere, like Santa Fortuna or Mumbai, I really don’t see how missions within US but within a location are relevant to the fact that they are in US. Only reason that they are is because its easier for IOI. If The Bank took place within your favourite country the only thing that would change is voice lines and I don’t see how that would matter so much to someone.


Another thought I had, is that part of the challenge of Hitman is the number of armed guards, police, etc. No country in the world has as many guns per capita as America, so guns being pulled left and right doesn’t feel out of place, like it would in other locations. Maybe that’s part of the reason?

Ah yes, I had completely forgotten. Shows how much I’ve forgotten that game…

Whittleton Creek is in Vermont.

Yes I am aware. That is what is known as an example. It was an example of an underused state IO decided to put a level in.

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Alright, jeez, I apologise for not getting your original comment…

Yeah I realise that looks like I came down hard on you. Sorry.

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It’s fine, I just read it as there are rarely used states, an example being Vermont, that they could use, not that their use of Vermont is an example of them using a rarely used state.

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Yeah I should have made it clearer.

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No problem. :slight_smile: (20 problemless threads)



This been said before, but US is in a somewhat unique position of being the only country that isn’t defined by a single set of stereotypes. Instead it is comprised of a bunch of smaller regions with their own unique stereotypes and flavors. In that respect US is closer to, say, Europe than Columbia or Morocco. You wouldn’t object to a mission in Berlin or Monaco just because we already had Paris and coastal town in Italy.

Is there even going to be a Hitman 3? Apologies for possibly dumb question, I’ve been out of the loop for a good while.

OT: these many missions set in the US don’t bother me, but I think you have a point.

Unless IO goes bankrupt, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be another Hitman. The two most-recent Hitman games had an on-going story line and the next game is going to be the grand final of the trilogy.

Just because it is a trilogy and we are in the middle of it doesn’t mean that every part of it will be made.

Just because that is a possible scenario doesn’t mean that happens.

True but half of the time it does happen. Lucky for us it seems IO are in a good place at the moment so I am not to worried.

That’s why I said…

Unless IO goes bankrupt


They want to make money and Hitman is a well-known and profitable brand. And hopefully they also enjoy making Hitman games, too.

Of course, they could decide that Hitman Absolution was more profitable, scrap the whole Providence storyline and make Absolution 2. But I’ll pray to whatever deity is listing that this never happens. :smile:

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I still think a mission set in the US to kill Birdie and Cosmo would be sweet

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Absolution gets more hate than it deserves to. It might not be what a Hitman game should be, but it is still a good stealth game, and it introduced many ideas that are still around in Hitman 2.