(no spoilers) china mission, i cant give p41 form to tour guide

Tried dozen times and whenever i go meet her with the ica employee disguise and p41 form. She just stands there and looks at me.

If i go away she talks to the phone.

I tried waiting but nothing happens

What am i supposed to do? How do i get the tour?

Please help.

Bump please i cant continue

I had the same issue on PS4. Just assuming it’s a bug as I repeatedly couldn’t get it to work :man_shrugging:

I had the same issue. It was because “Mission Story Guidance” was turned off.
If that’s the reason you aren’t seeing it, you can fix it by temporarily turning this option to “full”, press F1 (if on PC) to follow the story, then turn “Mission Story Guidance” right back off.

@reyfor11 Kindly confirm if this solves the issue and then re-post it in the HITMAN 3 bug thread so that IOI know they have to fix this later - even if there is a workaround.

Thing is im playing master difficulty.

The part bout sniping drones is bugged too. Cant do any of those 2 in master difficulty.

I already did.

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Tried - doesn’t work on PS5. So annoying.