No Terminus suit after Silent Assassin The Chameleon ET

I got the SA on the Chameleon (first SA) but the terminus suit did not unlock. (I can only post one image)

I used a lethal syringe (assuming that counted as an accident) and did not get spotted (killing him).

Im on PC (steam). How come the suit did not unlock?? I thought a body found via this way for example wouldnt void the challenge (considering i got SA).

Any help is appreciated

Developers in the know and working on a solution

Same problem but is the colorado suit with the hat :frowning:

Has it been a problem/bug for a long time or??

Awh that sucks man :frowning: i was lucky that that one did unlock but just the SA related one didnt

Seems it began happening after recent update on July 30

5 silent assasin elusive target

No suit unlocking, :triumph::triumph: