No voice in Absolution cutscenes

After some time I’ve decided to play Absolution once again, but something went wrong. All cutscenes (including game intro) don’t have any dialogue, only music is playing but I can’t hear any voice. Tried to switch language files, reinstall game or check datafiles in steam.

Never had this before. Did anyone of you had similar problem? How to solve?

Windows 10 / i5 6500 / ASUS Gaming B150 Pro

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Trust me the less of absolution you have the better


Trust me - I don’t care what you think about game. For me is perfect and I want to game work and have fun with it. If you have nothing to say - please leave this thread.


hmm, i have never seen something like this. try changing your country and language in windows

Thing is quite frustrating, because within game I don’t have any problems with sounds at all. It’s is just about cutscenes and only voice, because whole music is playing. I don’t even have idea what is source of that issue, so don’t know how to search solution.

Absolution is all about immersion and atmosphere, and these cutscenes is a big part of that :frowning:

Check your system audio settings and make sure you don’t have a surround sound set up. Try stereo instead.

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You’re my hero :smiley: I had enabled something which is called “Sound Surround > Windows Sonic system for Headphones” in sound options, which make that problem. I’ve turned off and now voice is back!

Here is more info:

Thanks a lot! / Topic can be closed.


Haven’t you heard, absolution SUCKS???

Sorry man my bad. I hated the game but I hope you have fun with it


Deep within the catacombs of IO Inter-actives Studio it’s said that a scroll exists of a prophecy that states a person will bless this forum by stating they love Absolution.

In all seriousness I love Absolution too, I love HITMAN in general and can’t complain since the more HITMAN the better… except for those films… I hope you figure out your problem because I don’t know exactly where to start with you :slight_smile:

Absolution is the reason I’m here right now.

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Yeah problem is solved, and everything is fine now.

Speaking about Absolution… people hate this game, because they don’t understand. They judge Absolution for what it isn’t it. Absolution is great game, one of best - but that isn’t a 100% true Hitman experience, it’s a spin-off. An action-stealth game similar to Splinter Cell but with all goodness from Hitman universe. And that how should be judged.

What Absolution is much batter than anyother game that is immersion, dark atmosphere, gunplay, brutality, sound detection, animation of kills, better career system (which is turned off right now…). It’s very deep experience. And that why i love this game. You can’t hate cats because they aren’t dog’s and vice versa. So no need for hate Absolution, just try understand what kind of game it is and you will love it.

Lock this topic - i don’t want to make another debate about game.


You know what? No need to convince people in something they don’t like or don’t believe.
Just let haters hate and lovers love

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gracias bro me has salvado la vida !! en ningún otro lugar después de buscar por bastante rato y ni siquiera escuchaba del tema hasta q lo vi aquí junto con la solución eres un crack saludos buen hombre