No way to upgrade from Santa Fortuna Pack to Upgrade Pack 1 on Steam (or anything in fact)

Hi there!

After watching the Noclip documentary, I decided to pick up the Santa Fortuna Pack on Steam, and have been really impressed with it so far.

Unfortunately, when I try to upgrade, I’m diverted to the Legacy Pack, for €20/$20. I’d be fine with buying this, only every time I’m about to, Steam stops me, telling me I need the ‘Miami Pack’ before I can get the Legacy Pack. But the Miami Pack is no longer for sale. So I’m stuck.

Help, anyone? Thank you! And have a lovely day.


Have you tried buying the “Hitman 2 Standard Edition Bundle”? It has all the maps listed as DLC, it should detect the maps you already have and not make you pay for them


Thank you Kevin, for this very helpful answer.

I had a look at it there, thank you. I was hoping there might be a cheaper option than 45, and thought it might be possible to get the legacy pack and at least get to play hitman one, as I don’t have as much as that to spare for now. €58 for Hitman 1, and since I have Santa Fortuna already, €47 for Hitman 2. Hopefully soon, but not yet - thanks in any case for the help, you made it clearer, and by omission confirmed my question of whether there was another option, obviously not.

Thanks, and all the best.

The most bang for your buck would be buying Hitman 2016 GOTY, it’s always cheaper than H2, and gives you six full maps plus all the bonus missions on them; look up sites like Fanatical, Humble Bundle and GreenmanGaming to see which one has a discount; usually one has a 60-75% discount at some point in any given month

And yes, it entitles you to full Legacy Pack just by owning it

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Just went to Humble Bundle, and picked it up for €15, on sale for another few days, as you said.

I’m delighted - thank you so much for your help Kevin. I pray you have a day which kicks ass. Peace friend! :slight_smile: