Nolan Cassidy bodyguards?


I was wearing one of bodyguards uniform I went thru the front door, the bodyguard frisked me.
Is this oversight or mistake. or the guard is homosexual and wanted to grab 47 sexuality, maybe beause that sexy ball head of 47 lol… haha



this is the most likely answer choice, of course


another note i found 11/12 of the cameras, is there is a list of where they are?
I am trying to complete that challenge.


Usually the one missed is up high on Janis house you can see it from the backyard above the back door up towards the roof.


Yeah i found this a really odd choice, like why wouldn’t a bodyguard be allowed to take arms into a house completely filled with other armed bodyguards…


There are inconsistencies like this all over, and hopefully moving forward they can iron them out. Like, if you are in disguise X, you get shot at if you go into a hostile zone. But, if someone else in that disguise is investigating, they can go anywhere, no questions asked. So it’s like the game treats 47 differently to everyone else