Non-Permanent Knockouts & Pattern recognition

Hello there!
I just decided to create an account to post about two things I would love to see in one of your games.
Been playing Hitman since Codename 47 and every installment had some features I liked, and some I didn’t.

Anyway, to make this post somewhat short, I’d like to propose my opinions about two game mechanics:

1. Subduing someone or knocking him out with a blunt weapon should be temporary and not affect SA rating

(Someone already posted about this HERE, but it is just a small section of a long essay.)

Why do I think so?
It would add another strategic element to the game, because you would have to conserve your permanent KO items like pills or viles. And more importantly: If someone wakes up and tells the guards, you could use that to cause a commotion, but since he didn’t see you, your SA rating should not be affected. That way you have a reason to keep on playing instead of restarting the game even when a KOed body is found.

2. The AI should be able to recognize a pattern when they for example see guns laying around or are being distracted by a noise multiple times

Why do I think so?
Okay, this is more like a “nice to have” feature maybe in future Hitman installments. But it would again add to the strategic demand of the game as well as improve immersion because people would act more realistically. I once saw a video where the same NPC noticed a gun laying around 5 times in a row to repeatedly get another guard to pick it up (who always mysteriously disappeared shortly after).

I’m looking forward to discuss these ideas with other Hitman enthusiasts!



we had “accident knockouts”, but those were removed in the last patch. intentionally or not


Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. Hope it will return…
Regarding my post, accidental KOs should be treated almost the same way IMO.
The only difference I would add is, that an accidental KO does not make an NPC run to a guard after waking up. He’d rather scratch his head and say “Woah, I passed out there for a moment.” and move on.

Hello and welcome to the forum! In terms of realism it seems to me a blunt instrument KO is going to vary wildly. Smashing someone over the head or back of the neck with a crowbar carries a risk of killing them and getting up again soon is perhaps not likely, you’d effectively be out of the game probably. Smashing them over the head with a feather duster or throwing a snowball at their head is not likely to do anything except annoy them. I can’t see it varying from a generic KO.

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Interesting point.
I think it would be too frustrating and just not fun if a blunt weapon had a chance to kill the victim. I certainly wouldn’t want to risk accidentally killing someone I just want to KO.
Grabbing someone from behind and suffocating him to unconciousness though, is controllable in the real world.

Here are some thoughts:
What if you have two seperate buttons for lethal and non-lethal use of a blunt object?
47 either smashes the weapon against the victim’s head with full force, or he makes sure to KO by hitting a specific part of the body?

Another solution would be to make all melee weapons lethal. The only way to KO someone would be via subduing, syringes, pills or accidental KOs. All of which have different “wake up”-countdowns and reactions.

I just want more reskin ko items to be honest which all function the same


As far as melee weapons go I’m okay with blunt weapons always being non-lethal. Well ok except, for the two-handed mace from Sgáil. There’s no way that thing can be considered non-lethal. :laughing:

An option that allows you to use blunt weapons to either kill or subdue NPCs would be the better solution. Obviously this also should only apply to certain weapons. Bashing someone’s skull in with a hammer or a wrench? Sure, makes sense. With a newspaper or a soda can? Not so much.

Also unconscious bodies found, should affect the SA rating. Even the dumbest guard would realize that somethings wrong if an NPC tells him that the last thing he remembered was getting hit on the head/put in a chokehold. It would also make things far too easy because you no longer have to worry about hiding anyone.


I hope we get a chloroform rag in H3. That would be good for a temporary knock out

Yes, they are supposed to realize that something is wrong and all be put in an alert state (making them actively search for someone suspicious, diverting from their regular paths of movement). But as long as the player is not seen doing anything suspicious, the rating shouldn’t change.

You are right, that hiding bodies would only make sense for dead NPCs in my scenario. Unconcious people would eventually be found or wake up themselves and tell a guard.

The thing that does not feel right to me is, that it’s kind of like trial and error sometimes to get an SA rating. It fells so immersion-breaking to restart the game just to get the silent assassin rating in the end. I am missing an element like “Oh shoot, they are looking for someone suspicious, better be even more careful from now on” without losing the ability to get the highest rating.

It’s probably a question of how you define “Silent Assassin”.
Is someone only a SA if no one on-site ever suspected a thing and they find out someone’s been killed after the player already left the scene?

Or is someone still a SA if someone on-site suspected something fishy at times, but never found evidence that someone got killed?

In both scenarios, the player would have left the scene, before any dead person was found. So I’d personally prefer definition no. 2. Maybe you could even make both cases available. Number 2 for Pro mode and Number 1 for Master difficulty.

At this moment, there would be no reason to use it, except a cosmetic one perhaps.
It would make more sense to use permanent KOs instead of the chloroform.

You’re supposed to get SA on replays. It’s a game built around retrying.

Also the rag would only knock them out temporarily, which means the body would be less likely to be found as you could just take the disguise then sceddadle is what I’m thinking

No non-permanent knock-outs for me, please - I like the current system better than the temporary knockouts in SA/Contracts.


That is kinda the point of the game. You make plans, try a bunch of stuff, and then watch what works and what does not work, and you learn from that. This knowledge will then help you in future playthroughs. Missions aren’t meant to only be played once.

You are not obliged to attain SA rating in the end, so you don’t HAVE to restart, so you don’t HAVE to break your immersion. But yes, if you want the highest rating, be prepared to restart and learn from your mistakes. Important to remember that this is a puzzle game, not a real life simulator. Gameplay always comes first.

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