Non-Stop Combat, No Guns, No Edit



This was very amusing to watch :smile:


Thank you. It was my fifth attempt , each time dying near the end. However I have to take down the entire video over a 20 second sound clip that I used from Hitman Absolution. Can you believe that? I don’t know who wrote the tracks for Hitman Absolution but they have a lot of them tracks copyrighted. I just didn’t know. Look out for my next video thanks again


This was oddly satisfying! I liked 47’s lines haha :joy:


Fantastic! Looking forward to more vids from you.


Thank you for your comment it really motivates me to do more. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and that would motivate me even more. Once again thank you


Thanks pigeon, please Sub my YouTube channel that really motivates me. Also do you have any other suggestions for a video. I was thinking of making a film like video, no killing just a story.


That sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:


This is what DEAD BY DAYLIGHT might look like if it was like 200 vs 1 assymmetric multiplayer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dead by Daylight, cool game


1/10, rules were not followed!

Seriously though, it was very enjoyable to watch, especially with 47’s quirky dialogue. You didn’t list Absolution’s music or composer even though you used it.


Lol! I’m sorry I tried to keep the pace going, this was not easy and my 5th attempt. The game controller was shaking for the first 13 minutes. Then later when I hit Sean Rose it was one hair away from dropping and dying. im sorry about the ‘compromised’ I guess 47 gets a penalty for that. I think you’re right I should credit some of the soundtracks I used from Hitman Absolution too. I will go back to YouTube and edit it to credit the name of the songs and composers, I think there were a few in that game?
I am currently trying to work out a raid on ‘The Showstopper’ that one will be lethal I think. Also Marrakech may be impossible but I will give it a go.
Thank you for your comment


Why would Marrakesh be impossible? You owned Colorado, a small farm full of armed men, even a cook had a damn rifle. You’ll pull it off, fam!


I haven’t tried it at Marrakech yet, it is just the thought of the school full of soldiers. I agree about Colorado, that has at least 130 armed guards. I counted the baseball bat knock outs in the house and it was roughly half of them, The levels that have public areas ( almost all of them ) are a bit more difficult if I don’t want to knock out the wrong NCP. Other than that I could see, hokkaido been very quick , and I think sapienza will be the most entertaining. Caruso will try to escape and I will have to deal with the guards at the underground lab and carusos henchman at the same time. I still don’t want to use guns.


This is notable for the guys who still think 47 is “too tanky”. The point is the guy was “shaking” througout the experience. :wink:

I figured he was also kind of nervous when at one point he ended up in a QTE fist fight when he was going for the bat swing.

These kinds of runs (or messy mission encounters) are always scary. I don’t care how tough they make 47. His gameplay controls are nothing like other 3rd person characters. 47’s just not built to fight that many men head on.


On that note would like to add: The Shisha Cafe can be used in a manner similar to the Colorado Farm House. You can kill a lot of guys there and make it out alive. :wink:

Good luck.


Yes you right , the tighter the space the better, I would have to have a look at that , but I don’t think Zaydan will leave the school, so no matter what I would have to hit him first, I don’t know?


Maybe to add a twist and to avoid the concept from getting stale, you could start in the embassy, trigger Target Lockdown for Strandberg, and then head your way to the School with bad intentions.

Bring a lot of knives or something.

Like you could arrive with 3 x Shuriken, one Knife, another Knife in a stash, pick up every Sharp object on the map… and have no guns… you then jump right into Strandberg and Zayden meeting at the Schoolyard and make like “Cuchilyo” from Desperado

Note: I think you need to do something like drop all the bladed objects and pick them up in sequence so they “queue up” and you can just keep throwing one after the other? Not sure.


Interesting. I love that film by the way. I can come out with blades and mix it up with whatever I can find on the way. Sounds good. I was thinking about it getting stale, if I’m going to cover every level each one has to be different. I wanted to stay in 47 original clothing just to be extra cheeky and makes it a fight just getting to the targets.


This in professional mode is absolutely impossible, and you really have to push the health replenishment even on normal mode and takes a bit of practice to know where you could push your limit. I’m so glad you spotted that, I had to hit him quick made a mistake and was drawn into a fist fight, that was very close to death, that happened a couple of times with snapping necks. It’s much much harder than Hitman absolution for example, I found that out the first time I tried to do the things that you can do and get away with in Absolution. In professional mode I have never experienced a tougher game , you can die on one close gun shot.