None of your Hitman 1 unlocks carry over to Hitman 2

Hello guys,
As someone who has spent >200 hours unlocking virtually everything in Hitman (2016), I remember being really happy when I heard rumors about a year ago that Hitman (2016) unlocks would be carried over to Hitman 2. However, this is definitely NOT the case.

To be clear, “none” is actually a bit inaccurate as I was given the following:

  • A set of coins for achieving SA in a Hitman (2016) Elusive Target.

  • Black winter suit for completing an Elusive Target in Hitman (2016)

  • Aluminum Travel briefcase for playing Hitman (2016).

That’s it. None of my suits are there (even though these were purely cosmetic), nor any of my unlocked items. I am displeased that they couldn’t even give us the cosmetic items. Perhaps this has been common knowledge for a while but I wasn’t aware.

It was pointed out at multiple places here. The things you pointed out were the maximum number of things you could get.

The problem here is the split-up with the former publisher Square-Enix which made it not possible to transfer the data to IO-owned databases.

This problem is not present anymore for H2 > H3 switch, though IO did not confirm yet this will surely not happen again in H3.

it would be pretty messed up if they made us do it again in H3. unless they implemented a new money system or something


I really don’t wanna do Tuppence a Wish and Master Difficulty S/A Suit Only Colorado again.