Not play Hitman for while


Hello forum community How to motivation back to playing? All challeng leveling is all 20 of 20. Maybe I play old games again? Just don’t having mood feel now to playing the Hitman for now. Even if elusive target. Maybe I trying patient zero? Not try yet. Please tips for how getting back to mood feel enjoybhitman.

Blood Monkey :frowning:


Oh fuck yeah the man, the legend has returned. I return to Hitman whenever my crippling bouts of anxiety OCD overwhelm me,when a new challenge pack arrives or you know when a new ET drops so you know kinda casual.


the Absolution/Blood Money bundle is still full price.

Gobble that up


It’s really not funny anymore


Yeah this isn’t his best topis. Glac you really need to up your game man. This is not going on the greatest hits compilation, this is you “Cut The Crap” as it were. Your “Man Machine Music” if you will


How is post to be funny? Just asking tips to get mood feel back to playing the Hitman. Just because English is not skill for me you think i trying being funny? Why people thinking this too much? If I trying be funny i telling joke. Not asking for tips. Geezes Christ.


Just asking tips. Just feeling I am bored now with the 47. Needing to like playing again but hard since I finish.


They’re talking about your threads in general not your English.

And the only remedy I can suggest for when you become bored with a game is to play another game.


Why they think trying for funny? I am be serious in my posting. Maybe little humor like side comment but serious with topic.


If you’re serious with your ideas then that suggest you don’t really understand the nature of the game.


Why are you arguing with him. You would have more productive conversations with a brick wall.


You might be right but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt first.


Hm So do I against my better judgement sometimes. But Glacius is either a benign troll who is a dude playing another dude or he really is this blue and orange in his way of thinking. Either way he is mostly harmless.


Tropic Thunder
20 laughs



  • Contracts mode
  • Go beyond level 20 mastery. Try and get every single challenge. You can do it!
  • I’ve been playing a lot of Blood Money lately, so revisiting older games is definitely a way to stave off boredom. If there’s a game in the franchise that you haven’t played, it’s calling your name now.


Try to think of different things to do, or different ways to kill targets. They don’t have to be SA, just do whatever for fun. Try sneaking around in a hostile area, put the blue poison in Caruso’s Spaghetti, then snipe him from the bell tower, place a PT on the pier where Desantis meets with the detective, snipe the tank from by the observatory to see if you can blast them into the water, dump Dalia’s body in the way of the models going onto the stage, keep putting emetic poison in Viktor’s Bareknuckle Boxer…

I could go on and on. And that’s just a few from the Legacy Pack. Or see how many propane tanks it takes to get one of the soldiers on the roof of the school in Marakesh… I tell ya. There’s no shortage of dicking around to be had in this game!


I am play all game. Repeatedly. From beginning to the finishing. For many years many time. That is why i am boring to play for now and asking tips.


@Glacius, CHILL!

Yeah, I went there.

Seriously, more content is coming.

I SORT OF agree with you because I personally wish the game had been released episodically again. HITMAN 2016 took 7 months for players to get to the end of the story and it had content drops for a year and a half after that. Now that I have had the game both ways (giggity), I prefer episodic.

I mean, how bonkers was it when we got a “real” music video that no one knew was using HITMAN footage until the end when we just happened to see the back of a bald head with a barcode on it. That was some genius guerrilla marketing.


I just binged all I could of hitman. I hadto cut it off, so I went to Skyrim and binged there for 80-100 hours.

You might want to play an assassins creed game untilyou are driven back into 47’s arms.

I just got done with a back to back Styx: Shards of Darkness. That almost drove me into Assassins Creeds arms.

I’m still waiting to getthe hitman itch too.


How do I find the video?