Not play Hitman for while



Did you get the itch back yet?

Try doing a contract starting with nothing. That put me back into a rhythm. Then I did World of Tomarrow starting with no gun. I kept a minimal disguise change and I was situational with what I kept in my magic pockets. If i needed a envirenmental item/tool/weapon Id use it for its purpose and then I would toss it. Since I’ve played the level so many times, I play loose now. More opportunity to get in a fire fight or play the mini game of crowd control. One muscle of this game is getting out of hell by the skin of your teeth.

I was in, total rich butthole, Caruso’s room and the place was high alert on the floor below. I was after his DNA bomb that he keeps in his Model Boat, but I had no gun to shoot it, just a crowbar and the explosive golf ball. I threw the crowbar at it 3 time, but nothing happened.

I could either throw the ball and make a great escape or fuck with the gaurd outside the room and get his gun. Either way it was all loud. I thought about it for 10 seconds and realized that there was also a golf club in the model boat room. …It turned out to be heavey enough to break the boat.

Try putting your self in bad situations…


I do not like bad situations, but I love how everyone has their own way to play. I was in Sapienza yesterday and just decided to do a Master difficulty run. First time doing a Master run there.

Ol’ Santa 47 went in with the Sieger 300 and completed all of The Classics Master challenges in one run. I am already at 20 mastery in Sapienza so there was nothing to unlock, yet it was just really exciting for some reason.

Sometimes you just make your own fun.


Not yet. Maybe I liking for new map also missions. Contracts game mode not very fun for me. “Targets” not really have unique option for killin unless is real target from story. Maybe I trying be creative next time I playing. I am Intrest in other game for now. Thank you!


With my controller wigging out unexpectedly (the left trigger shorting out or something) I know I’ll be playing a lot less than I’d like to. That is, until I get the controllers I ordered from Amazon. There was one controller I could’ve bought that had buttons instead of analog triggers. I’m sure I’d need the analog triggers for things like precise aiming and slowing time with sniper rifles.


I can’t believe you play with a controller on PC.


I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I like to make Hitman missions feel sort of cinematic. I have a list of canon kills that I keep experimenting with in different ways until I find the best possible method which leans more towards realism, efficiency and variety. They usually take long and don’t always go as planned due to certain random factors, but I find it enjoyable.


I had played with consoles most of my gaming life/career - whatever you want to call it. However, I do play games that are in 1st person with a keyboard and mouse (no, I’ve never had a 1st person game on any console). But with 3rd person - I feel more comfortable with the analog sticks. I’ve tried playing Hitman with the keyboard, but it doesn’t feel comfortable to me at all. Although, I know it would be good to practice using it. :confused:


Analog sticks for sure, but the way you have to hold down the buttons in order to do anything is infuriating to me. For M/K you only have to hold down for the “use” button.

I get where you’re coming from. Blood Money, the first Hitman game I owned, I played on X360