Not really on topic but I am widening a net

Does anyone on this forum speak isiZulu?

I’m intrigued by the fantastic tune “iZulu (Li Ya Duma)” by Temple of Sound and Joe Legwabe, (which I got on the final “Real World Notes” CD for anyone who is familiar). It also appears in the film “Stander”.

I would like to know what the lyrics are.

I can’t do a Google Translate or whatever as I don’t have the words to put in. I do have the CD but recordings can be found online. I am not sure a speech-to-text thing is going to pick it up properly given the music surrounding the voice. I don’t have any acquaintances that speak isiZulu . . . one colleague is South African but he did only primary school stuff and doesn’t reckon he can help. This forum does have a wide base of contributors so maybe someone can help, that’s my thinking. Searching online hasn’t turned up much of use.

Yours hopefully

SpirantCrayon22 (that’s not my real name, btw)

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I know some Zulu from when I traveled to South Africa, but I doubt it’s enough to translate a song

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