Not receiving items

Hello. I need help please. I have been trying to unlock the “iconator “ from the icon mission , and the “big one” from landslide mission. I have done Every assassination and story mission on both maps and do not receive the distractions/explosive items as rewards as promised in the game for completing the challenge. I also regretfully purchased the gold upgraded legacy pack and received all items except the aluminum travel suitcase. Please help with these ongoing issues of me not receiving In game content I either paid for or spent time trying to get it. Thanks

Hello Blake. Your item not receiving issue has something to do with bugs and a bad Internet connection. I will try to explain what happened and you might not get any of those due to this being an unsolved issue. But there is a hard way to fix this. So please bear with me.

You will notice there is a common thing among these challenges. They both use a counter to track a player’s progress. It has been reported that players may have encountered an Internet disconnection during the unlocking progress, which means challenges/mission stories’ progress is tracked and saved, yet the greater challenges with counter lose their data and thus not tracking smaller challenges’ completion. You will find similar issues in the following posts:

So here is a hard way to fix the issue: resetting all your progress within the game. You can delete them via this website. But since it is a hard way, please be mindful before you make such decision.

And finally, about the aluminum travel briefcase. This item reward alongside Requiem pack and Black Winter Suit were rewarded to players who had played HITMAN 2016, which is not the same as purchasing Legacy pack from HITMAN 2. Here is the blog post from IO Interactive:

Legacy Rewards aka “Thank you for playing our game”
We’re incredibly humbled to see the huge amount of players in HITMAN. To date, there have been more than 17 million registered players for the game and we hope to see just as many playing HITMAN 2! As a small way to say a big “thank you”, we’ve created some unlocks that will be given to HITMAN 2 players that have previously played HITMAN. The below image explains it all completely.