Welcome, you have been selected as a candidate for the final round of the hiring process. Congratulations!!

How you respond to the following 3 STEPS will determine your new position for 1 of the following 4

  • Cleaner (Entry Level / Employee)
  • Handler (Supervisor)
  • Field Agent (Manager)
  • Silent Assassin (CEO)

RULES: 1 member takes on the role of the Interviewer — and the other takes on the role as the Interviewee


Step 1: The interviewer asks questions about yourself and to explain your skills and knowledge (with the Hitman games) This can literally be anything you wish, be creative. There is no “right or wrong” questions to ask with this step. (just keep it Hitman related; are you a speed runner or role player? How do you engage in a mission? What’s your load out look like as well as your preferred Assassination methods?? Etc…

Interviewee answers all questions at this time


NEXT: (step 2) Interviewer asks…
if you could describe yourself as any target in the Hitman franchise, who would it be and explain in detail as to WHY?? (As well as one additional follow-up question of their choosing.) Again, this can be anything. Be creative!

Interviewee answers all questions at this time


FINALLY: (step 3) The Interviewer posts 3 images of absolutely anything (Hitman related or not) BUT KEEP IT WITHIN THE FORUM GUIDELINES OBVIOUSLY!!! keep it appropriate.

THEN… the interviewee explains whatever comes to mind regarding those 3 specific images individually. Also explain (as in much detail as possible) as to what is going on in the photo or what it could possibly mean or represent.

After all of this is completed the INTERVIEWER will give you the title of your new position (1 of the 4 listed above)

When an interview is being conducted, please do not interrupt the process by posting (Meaning only the interviewer & interviewee may post)

once a position is given, two more NEW people take on the roles for a new “interview” to begin.

We hope you enjoy your new position within the company! Have a nice day


I’ll interview someone.

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You can interview me, if you want


Cool. Give me a few minutes to set up my interview.

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Alright @Zevoros, thank you for waiting. Please take a seat. No, not that seat, that seat. Right, lets start with some basic questions.

Step 1:

  1. When you are on assignment, do you pay close attention to the advice of your handler, or do you believe that your own hands on experience in the field is more important?
  2. Do you prefer to utilise close range or long range firearms in your missions?
  3. A civilian spots you trespassing. How do you handle the situation?
  4. What attire do you start the mission in, and what attire do you leave the mission with?
  5. You have assassinated six different targets in four different missions in the town of Sapienza throughout your career. Do you think it is healthy for an agent to constantly return to the same area of work?
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Thank Mister @Silvereyes for having me. I think this’ll be a great occasion.

Step 1 Answers:

  1. A mix, I’d say. I do listen to my handler quite a bit, yes, but I like to create my own…opportunity, if you will. I feel accomplished when I complete an assignment without that much help from my handler.
  2. I don’t typically use firearms unless I know I have to, so I suppose I prefer to utilize close range tactics.
  3. They don’t spot me…
  4. I’ll always enter a mission in my suit or whatever I’m provided. On the other hand, I tend to leave the mission without it and with whatever outfit I’m wearing at the moment.
  5. Definitely not. I feel like people are going to get more suspicious if they see me and the next day hear about how the local pediatrician has died in an accidental. They’ll put the pieces together at some point.
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Hmm. Alright. Interesting, interesting. Right, Step 2.

  1. Out of all the targets that you have previously assassinated, which one do you indentify the most with, and why?
  2. Do you fear that your own life may be lost whilst on a mission?

Thank you. Here are my Step 2 Answers

  1. Ken Morgan, because the both of us are boring, fade into the background easily, and are forgotten.
  2. Oh, I never worry. Causes wrinkles.
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A very self deprevating answer. OK, Step 3, please state what comes to mind when you look at the following 3 pictures. What do these pictures mean to you, if you were to encounter them in a mission?

I fear you might have to explain what you mean here, but I’ll answer to the best of my ability. Step 3 Answers

  1. Someone sly, but that’s all it is. Someone, not sure who.
  2. Travel or a job. That’s it, really, it’s nothing fantastic.
  3. A target. I only say that because that looks like the only person in these images.

I know I’m breaking my own rule here for interrupting the interview, and I apologize in advance and will never do it again from here on out— but I just HAVE to quickly say, I’m tremendously pleased with how this thread is turning out already! I was worried it wouldn’t be as smooth going as it is… and so early. Keep it up guys, you both are doing great! (I also love how you guys are both wording everything so professionally like an actual real life interview. I’m very pleased. Sorry for the interruption. Carry on gentlemen…


Hmm. Well, this concludes our interview. I think that you make for a good agent, but I don’t believe you quite have the right skills to be our more precious asset. I award you the title of Field Agent.


I’d like to be interviewed next! :smiley:


I got you give me a moment

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Hello, mr @YourGudBudNel congratulations on reaching the final stage of the hiring process. I’d like to start off by asking you… I noticed on your resume that in April of 2004 you were on an assignment to infiltrate the Pine Cone clinic in California. Tell me… after rescuing your colleague, Mr. Smith and eliminating your primary target— Did you also take on the bonus contract of eliminating the other two low level contracts or did you let them live?

Follow up question: It says here that you were on a leave of absence from your employer in 2012 taking on a personal matter with your handler Miss Burnwood. During that time it says you encountered a Mr. Lenny Dexter. Tell me… what decision did you make regarding Lenny’s fate?

And finally, please explain to me what equipment you usually bring with you on an assignment? Do you have a specific item you never leave without, or do you use anything you can find to complete a task?

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How nice that you actually read the resume prior to getting in contact instead of calling and then finding out about his background, getting his hopes up and inevitably wasting his time.

Sorry, shit pisses me off.

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You missed the point but ok whatever. Fuck.

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Thank you for interviewing me. The answer to the first question is a yes, I did eliminated the bonus targets.

Answer 2. I killed him by snapping his neck and buried him in a nearby grave.

Answer 3. I like to carry a concealable 5mm pistol that can pass through frisk points as my primary weapon, a lock pick and fiber wire as my go to tools and any firearm for backup hidden in a stash or (if my contract condition requires, a sniper rifle.)

I also like to keep things fairly creative, using my enemies weaponry or tools, to leave little to no evidence behind about my tools or weaponry.

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Oh, very impressive Mr. @YourGudBudNel Seems you don’t have a problem with going the extra mile when needed, and judging by your answers regarding the targets, you definitely seem ambitious. Very good.

Next, I would like to ask you — if you could describe yourself to any of your past… targets. Who would you say was the most like you all around and please explain to me in detail as to why?

Follow up question: is very simple. Saying nothing else besides 1 of the follow; which would you choose? (Don’t explain why, just choose one)

  • Panda Bear
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Polar Bear
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I’d like to choose Arkadij Jegorov, one of 47s 5 fathers and the target from Gun Runners Paradise. My fondness of firearms as well as staying on toes at all times like the target is a quality i can say we have in common.

Answer 2. Panda Bear