Now that H2 is complete, were sniper assassin and ghost multiplayer modes a mistake?

I feel that ghost mode was abandoned quickly and never achieved what was expected of it. Sniper Assassin always felt like out of this game and never felt like a truly Hitman experience.

Were those a mistake that made us lose more content to the core game which would have been great? What do you think?


I think Sniper Assassin mode, Ghost Mode are both failures.
Sniper Assassin Mode has nearly no replayability value, i personally don’t need any Sniper Assassin map again. It was cool as pre-bonus to bridge the time between annoucement and release but nothing else.
Ghost Mode is a buggy mess since release and got stuck in beta state, no more maps, no more support.
I would rather have one more sandbox location than any ghost mode, sniper mode or the “Special Assignments”.


Yes, though I enjoyed Sniper Assassin nothing about it was sustainable besides a Sniper Unlock.

As for Ghost Mode is was Dead on Arrival in the sense that it again isn’t able to sustain itself with no real reward beside a grindfest of a suit unlock.

I like Ghost Mode and I wish it was evolving and improving.
If it would have support, it has a big potential


Ghost mode was first introduced as “beta”. I think that the purpose of Ghost mode was to give IOI their first experience in coding a multi-player game. Their new IP is a multiplayer game. Most Hitman players don’t play Ghost mode regularly.

I suspect the emphasis of Hitman3 will be the single player experience and the multiplayer experience is what is offered in the new IP.

Sniper Assassin was first associated with Hitman Absolution as Hitman: Sniper Challenge (2012).
IOI have used the Sniper Assassin to entice pre-orders of Hitman.

IOI has more than 8 yrs experience in making sniper assassin challenges. Making sniper maps are much more straightforward than a standard Hitman location, and add variety to the game.

The last sniper map had fire and explosions associated with the prison break. Part of what IOI does is to introduce new elements in this little DLC to practice in what could be introduced in a bigger way in Hitman3 or another IOI IP.

Most enjoy playing the sniper maps so they are worthwhile investment for IOI to invest in. You might expect a new sniper map associated with pre-order sales of Hitman3.


No. I would have preferred they made 2 more sniper maps than the Special Assignments and Ghost Mode. It’s the only time I use a sniper rifle.

Actually i enjoyed sniper maps and play them even today from time to time. But honestly they don’t have great replay value.


Ghost mode would have been a greater success with more support and cross play between the systems.
Sniper Assassin maps got better with each released map but in the end I don’t play them anymore.

I still think Ghost has potential to fill the “I don’t know what to do anymore” gap people have after booting up the game.


Sniper assassin was fun, to an extent. I didn’t enjoy having to grind for mastery on them, and I doubt I will ever complete them.

Ghost mode however was horrid. Tacking an afterthought “multiplayer mode” to a single player game is just some exec looking at checkboxes to tick off, for marketing purposes.

Did it take away from overall content? No. If it was well thought out, and finely detailed, like the SA missions above, it would have. For as poorly as it was implemented, no.
What would have been better though was to use all the QA they spent on Ghost Mode to hunt down bugs in the main game.


Weirdly, I really enjoyed Sniper Assassin, but, then, I Iike sniping. The one thing that seemed a bit stupid was that there was never any justification why, for these missions, 47 was being forced to snipe the targets, instead of using whatever method he liked. I would, however, happily have paid separately for a whole sniper game if we’d had more base-game content in return.

Ghost Mode would have been better if one player played as Lucas Grey, or a rival asassain from another agency.


Ghost Mode needed more with it when it launched, and the unlocks being tied to it, really put a lot of people off. I am completionist style of player. I love doing all the challenges, and unlocking all the things, and even I skipped ghost mode until I had basically nothing left to do. Even then I joined this forum and begged people to help me grind them out since I held no hope of being able to do it against randoms even if I could get a match (which was hard enough).

Ghost Mode needed a few things to make it worth it. 1.) AI Opponent (Offline Mode). Give people who do not have the ability to play online, or no one to play with, the option to feel it out and play the game. Especially if there is to be challenges associated wtih the mode.
2.) More map options at start. They started with only Miami and that was the only map for such a long time, and when they did add a second map it was only Santa Fortuna which isn’t the greatest map of all time. I think it would have been wiser to have delayed ghost mode until they could have launched with a solid four or five maps. They had all of season one maps to bring on board, and it would have sold more legacy add ons by having ghost mode use those maps. Paris and Sapienza would be very fun on ghost mode.
3.) Co-Op Mode in addition to the Versus mode. Giving people the option to do co-op mode on maps, instead of competing against each other always. Enough people would like to take on a fleet of targets with a friend in a sandbox level as apposed to the co-op of the sniper maps. I am thinking something similar to the Briggs Missions from Splinter Cell Blacklist. Where having a partner increases what you can do, but it also increases what you have to do. In addition to being able to help each other out.

Sniper Maps:
I am really torn on this, Since I like the premise of the sniper maps, but I feel the grinding for the mastery is needlessly difficult. Its days of work for literally 0 reward except an achievement or trophy. Even as an Achievement Hunter I have to say thats not worth.

If they cut the mastery effort in half. Or revamped the challenges to also give XP in addition to multiplier increase. Also more challenges that unlocked things you could use in sandbox maps would be great. I know they eventually put the Arctic sniper in the last map but each level should have had 3-4 unlocks you could have obtained. The co-op rifles should also be unlockable. I know many people complain about reskins and recycled content. But I prefer that over the nothingness that was given to us in sniper maps.

I agree and disagree with this at the same time. I think they both could use work. The Summer bonus episodes and Landslide maps from season 1 were great, they felt like actual map content. These bonus missions are escalations with a 10GB storage inconvience. Not worth at all. If they are going to do sniper maps and if doing so makes these side missions this poor quality then I would want them to give up on sniper maps and make things like the Icon, or landslide. But if they are going to give up on these dlc missions, I hope the time goes into improving the sniper map system

Also this. This this this. Cross play is so needed. Even if Sony is the odd boy out again, they have less and less excuses they can make with the success of COD being cross Play.

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The only flicker of interest I had for Ghost Mode was when the Phantom Suit came out, but even that didn’t get me to pay for PlayStation Plus for a month. I might have been more interested if they had started me off with a single player or offline version of it to get me used to it. (I do love the idea of a random target mode, where they select a series of one to five random targets of the people already on the maps and you go into the level not knowing who they are going to be.)

Sniper Assassin is a fun diversion, but if it was gone I probably wouldn’t miss it to much, though I’d like it a lot more if every accident kill (which we are taught are our friends in the main game) didn’t immediately send the entire map running for the exit.

Maybe leaving them out would have led to some better main game content, but I doubt it would have made that much of a difference to me. Besides, I like the willingness IO is showing for trying out different things, even if they maybe don’t turn out as well as people had hoped or just plain don’t appeal to me personally.


It was a mistake to promise 2 sniper maps as part of Expansion Pass, they then had an obligation to make something it turned out almost nobody wanted, and barely played.

It should’ve been the Sniper missions that they put no effort into and gone “Oh but uhh these are sniper maps!” instead of Special Assignments and going “Oh but uhh… these are missions!”

Either that or completely changing it so it has better replayability, but I don’t know what that would entail. Maybe every time you restart all the targets are in a random spawn/path from a pool of potential spawn/paths? Would annoy the people who try to narrow it down to a second-by-second clockwork to get the best score, but anything’s better than literally the exact same thing every single time.

The reason the sandbox missions work is because you have different spawns to choose from, different routes to take, different kill methods to do. Sniper has no different spawns, no route for you to take, and your choice of bullet kill or environmental kill which will count as body found anyway. They tried the environmental manipulation thing to make up for it, but you can only shoot a flagpole so many times…

As for Ghost Mode, could’ve been good; but I agree it needs to have a singleplayer version to get people’s practice and confidence up, maybe then more people would do multiplayer for it


I don’t think Sniper Assassin is a mistake. Many people enjoy sniper only missions, myself included. It just happens that those who dislike it are more vocal about it. It’s still very connected to the Hitman universe, opposed to the Ghost Mode that is and seems experimental.

I agree with someone else that an important issue of Sniper Assassin is the damned accidents. Even though I still like the mode, so many more fun opportunities and replayability if we were allowed to cause accidents (even if just a few) without setting off the alarms and pretty much ruining the mission. It doesn’t make sense logically that accidents would look like blatant ballistic kills and it nearly guarantees that the mission will be repetitive because it’s mostly gonna be hiding the same targets in the same bushes or whatever.

Now, Ghost Mode, seems fun but I barely got to play it, and I wish I could play it more often. Main issue I think it’s the lack of a lobby.
When I look for matches and can’t find after 5:00 or so, I have no idea if I’m alone in another dimension or if there were even players trying to find matches a few moments ago.

Just my 2 cents, but I think that if we had a lobby to learn who’s around and when, how many matches are running, or even a friendlist/add a friend function there would be more matchmaking and the mode could be more successful.


Personally I didn’t go for the sniper maps, but I know a lot of people loved them, and have a couple friends who play only that, so I don’t think it’s a “failure” just not for everyone. As far as ghost mode. I like it, but the frequency of which opponents drop out takes away from the fun, and the map I really wanted to do GM in (Sgail) doesn’t appear to be getting the option, which sucks.

Really both kind of remind me of Ubisoft. In the sense that they’re great concepts that I think will be better the next time we see them. Ubisoft is known for introducing features that don’t fit the current game, only to be fantastic in the sequel (see AC2, watch dogs 2, ships in Black flag, etc) so I think we may see better versions of both in HM3

The failure of Sniper Assassin can be contributed to the fact the game on shipped with Himmelstein - something that people had already had played while waiting for the game. Therefore because there was nothing new for those players at launch, most people skipped Himmelstein and just never got re-invested into the mode so that when the newer maps arrived - it was met with a “eh, whatever”. They hadn’t played the mode in about a year and saw no reason to get back into it.

Ghost Mode had promise, but kinda fell apart when the promise of bringing it to all the locations, including Legacy, never came to fruition.


For me Ghost Mode is a good introduction for Hitman Multiplayer, but a bad Hitman Multiplayer mode :confused:

Even if Ghost Mode isn’t that popular, they should’ve at least finished their project by putting a third Ghost Mode playable level in Mumbai, to at least keep the appeal and make players play it more often.

Now with two levels only, it just feels cheap and abandoned :confused:

On the other hand Sniper Assassin is a great addition to the game, there’s definitely a fanbase for that mode and they should keep it for the next title :+1:

I also hope that they’ve seen fan feedbacks since there are a lot of great ideas for Multiplayer modes. Maybe something related to coop or deathmatch would work?

I’d definitely want to try that anyway!

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Ghost Mode
It’s just speculation, obviously, but I’ve always assumed that Ghost Mode is the product of a failed attempt at bringing co-op to Hitman. Mission co-op definitely seems like something IOI would have sought-after, rather than a convoluted versus mode. If I had to guess, I’d say trouble with physics and other mechanics forced them into putting players into separate game instances, and the idea of a PvP gamemode sprouted.

Ghost Mode is just too complex for the average player, there are so many rules to wrap your head around. There’s no time/target limit and the penalty for killing non-targets is harsh, so inexperienced players will find themselves in seemingly never-ending games which are bound to frustrate. Ultimately, the rules of the mode result in a meta where the goal isn’t to covertly kill the target but to run around beat everyone in the head with a crowbar before snapping the targets neck.

It feels a gamemode built exclusively for any% speedrunners. I’m sure a group of core fans will find Ghost Mode pretty fun, but the vast majority of players will be done with it after a couple of games. If you ask me, IOI should drop it in H3 and have another attempt at co-op. Assuming they actually tried to make co-op a thing, of course.

Sniper Assassin
It’s okay. I’ve said this a few times. The missions keep me engaged for 2 hours or so, after that I never touch them again. It’s certainly not worth IOI’s time and resources. Maybe if they used existing locations like in Patient Zero’s The Vector, but it’s definitely not worth the time of creating entire new locations.

Would cutting the three Sniper Assassin maps give IOI enough time to develop 3 sandbox maps? Doubtful. But I’d still think the resources would be put to better use elsewhere; bonus missions, new items etc. Anything that has replayability.


Yes. So here are my thoughts:


A sniper mode isn’t necessarily a problem but in that case, sniping in the base game should just be more viable. No more homing in on our location unless we fire in the same area multiple times (?). Then players can make sniping contracts that feel similar – I know there already sniping contracts but they can still be bogged down by how finnicky the sniping system can be.

Alternatively, if they want to have an official Sniper mode – it shouldn’t have dedicated maps. That was such a waste of resources for such little replayability (plus the nunber of targets was annoying). Instead, they should look at the Colorado Patient Zero sniper map – all they did there was have 4 targets, added a riddle-like component inspired by St. Petersburg Stakeout, & dropped you into an area far outside the usual boundaries. That was perfect. I loved that so much more. If the Bonus Episodes, which were arguably deeper drops of content didn’t need dedicated unique levels, then sniper maps definitely don’t need that. With this in mind, one level could be like PZ Colorado/St. Petersburg where most of the targets are unknown & Diana provides you Intel as you progress to narrow it down; another could have the targets known but it’s a lot harder to get them alone without sniping them publicly, etc.

Imagine if they had done this using either Legacy or H2 maps:

  • Paris or Santa Fortuna instead of Himmelstein: Both have perfect Himmelstein-esque mansions/buildings that would easily have served the purpose of the wedding setting – a Parisian wedding in the gazebo behind a beautiful palace or a nice wedding in a mansion surrounded by a push jungle.
  • Mumbai instead of Hantu Port: Across the river on the roof of a building, where you can snipe down into the constructoon area around Rangan Tower plus the areas by the water.
  • Isle of Sgail instead of Siberia: Admittedly, of the three, Siberia has the most unique atmosphere. That said, as I’ve said before, I would have loved for them to find a way to make a real mission utilizing the setting – I’ve heard there were technical reasons for not allowing that but they could have found ways around that. For instance, I heard that NPCs can’t use certain types of buttons/switches so areas that shouldn’t accessible to inmates could involve some sort of system like that. Either way, Isle of Sgail would likely be the best replacement – if not because it’s similar, then at least because it seems like a cool envirinment to snipe at – perhaps you’re on the tallest part of a large cargo ship a fair distance away from the island.


Not much to say really. While the concept of multiplayer in Htman is intriguing, I also just don’t think it needs it. Not every game needs multiplayer, but sometimes it can handled really well & interestingly.

Splinter Cell had two amazing ideas: Spies vs Mercs, pitted asymmetrical teams against one another – physically weaker spies in third person with greater knowledge of their surroundings & greater traversal options vs heavily armed mercs in first person who could be snuck up on; the co-op introduced in Chaos Theory was also brilliant – two agents that must work together by performing cooperative maneuvers (lifting each other up to higher areas, throwing each other across gaps, jamming cameras to let the other through who in turn does the same for the other player), etc.

Unfortunately, Ghost Mode just wasn’t very interesting, at least to me, and certainly not even implemented as well as it could have possibly been. While it has its fans & people are bummed/upset that Mumbai won’t get the mode, it didn’t seem to ever really resonate with the majority of people. I’d say that maybe that’s just me but considering it wasn’t prioritized & a small minority seem to play it, I would wager I’m at least somewhat correct in that assertion.

To me, the idea of going around killing randomized targets arcade-style while a ghostly vision of another 47 does the same just doesn’t sound very cool. I truly don’t think Hitman needs a multiplayer mode but if it did, we should exist in the same realm & I’d rather a cooperative mode: two players working together to perform a hit. Why would you need two? Good question; like Chaos Theory, certain mechanics would need to be tweaked to encourage things only attainable with a partner. For instance in CT single player – when you jam a camera, it jams for a certain amount of time to let you get by. In CT coop, it jams only for however long the jammer is pointed at it meaning you need to trade off with the other player. Plus, coop maps were made from the ground up with coop mode in mind.

The only thing I can think of is limiting the loadouts & having more situations where you interact with the target. One player lures the target to an area, the other drops a chandelier or rigs a thing to explode or electrocute or whatever. All these opportunities would have to only be possible from afar meaning you can’t possibly do it alone since you can’t be in two places at once. But again, why can’t the player who lures the target to a secluded area just strangle them? You’d have to be creative by making it so they’re ALWAYS being watched & the only areas you lead them to have numerous guards. That means you can’t kill them without basically being gunned down, so the other player must snipe them or find a way to make it an accident since both players need to survive otherwise they fail.

Still, while the idea of assassinating targets either cooperatively or competitively sounds cool on paper, I’m not sure it’s really necessary for Hitman. That said, an alternative, easier coop would be something inspired by Party Hard coop. You & another assassin are dropped into a map & have to clear out as many NPCs as possible. Technically doable by yourself but could lead to a lot of fun with two people who can play it both cooperatively OR competitively by turning on a shared single kill counter or separate kill counters. Is that in the spirit of the usual Hitman level? No, but as I said, a multiplayer mode truly in the spirit of usual Hitman would likely require levels specifically made for it and as we’ve established, taking resources away from what Hitman excels at has thus far led to disappointing modes/minor, minor content.

Instead, imo, they should focus the majority of their time, energy, & resources toward making more full maps. Imagine if we could have gotten a third, full map in the Expansion Pass had they not bothered with Himmelstein, Hantu Port, & Siberia, the Special Assignments, Elusive Targets, escalations, or any of those tiny things. I would much rather more of the amazing base game via full new maps & less superfluous, shallow content – this includes things like the abundance of Escalations & Challenge Packs added to existing levels which don’t take much but do still take away SOME amount of time/resources from a hypothetical new map. For example, anything we would have unlocked via challenge pack on an old level in Season 1 or 2, save it as an unlockable for a full new level instead.


Ghost Mode is cool, legacy Ghost Mode or rito! ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

As for Sniper Assassin, I barely played that one when the actual game came out, it’s just not as interesting as playing normally.

it was fun while waiting for H2 though and I made one of my sickest videos in that mode