NPC behaviour inconsistent? Saves not working

So, I play hitman 3 on my laptop. Sometimes I play using the local files and sometimes through NVidia GeForce because my laptop isn’t very powerful. I noticed a bunch of VERY strange differences:

  • Save files made on GeForce do not carry over to the local game

  • NPC’s behave differently across the two mediums: for eg. in Colorado, if I turn on the hose, Sean Rose inspects when I’m playing through GeForce but through the local files, he always sends someone else to check out the distraction

Why might this be the case? It affects SASO runs significantly

I believe “local” files are just copies of those which are stored on store’s cloud.
As far as Epic/Steam and GeForce Now are three different stores, there will be three different copies of save files, that’s why your games are different, and can’t be synchronized between the three stores.
Each one has its own separate “local” files.
NPC behaviour though should be the same in terms of how it works, it doesn’t depend on the store, it depends on the game servers. I bet you just getting lucky and unlucky respectively.
NPC behaviour was never 100% same for me each time I play


Thanks a lot, this is quite helpful