NPC Seeing through walls? (Fixer ET)

I’m playing the Fixer Elusive Target currently. I’ve found that the Courier takes the same route to the school after he gets the diamonds every time, so I’m just waiting there to take him out. There is a little area with a trash can before the stairs to the school that I lure him into (away from the guards line of sight, and every time I subdue him they can see me? I don’t know how they see me, because I make sure he is close enough to the back wall where they would have to be able to see through the wall to see me subdue him. Is this a problem for anyone else? I’ve subdued other people here with no problems.


Oh yes. That is a notorious bug! It’s been called ‘Wall Hacking’, or the phrase I’ve coined is …‘NPCs using Instinct’. I had it happen to me while in the school. Once while trying to get a disguise (the guy with the Red Beret), and once while trying to subdue the courier. It’s like a reflex to pause, then restart (if you’re allowed), but I will unpause, use instinct to look around, and sure enough, there is another NPC on the other side of the wall, highlighted orange, and there’s absolutely no way he could’ve seen me, nor had a direct line of sight as to what happened.

Now for the main question… Why hasn’t it ever been fixed?


Not only did it happen in this map, it also happened when I was doing blackhat. I had subdued the two guards outside the room and then lured white hat out of the room and closed the door before i subdued him, and blackhat spotted me through the door lol…it sucks because then you have to do everything all over again…I really do hope it gets fixed soon!

It took me a couple more tries but finally subdued the courier in that spot without the guards knowing, I ended up throwing a coin near them so they were distracted as well.

Use throw instead of melee attack. Then it won’t happen.

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I didn’t like the fact, that you get a game failure for taking out the fixer first.
When that is what it shows on the screen.
I don’t recall seeing anything that said you had to do the mission in order.

Yeah, I was going to kill the fixer right after his meeting with the courier then I saw a bunch of people saying you have to get the diamonds first, so I gave up on getting the fixer first.
Kind of ridiculous that you can’t take him out then get the diamonds though.

you can, you just can’t kill him before the meeting

Yeah. Now I know.
I guess that makes sense. He hands off the diamonds.
I thought I could take a shortcut. Kill him, grab the diamonds before they were handed off.
I guess I thought wrong.

Oh well.
Not the end of the world.

He doesn’t hand off the diamonds, I think he tells the courier where the drop-off is. Then the courier gets the diamonds from a shopkeeper.

Well then. I should have been able to kill him first.
His photo was shown on my screen indicating he was the target.

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The wall hack bug has definitely caused people a lot of issues; sometimes before you go to subdue an NPC, it’s good to wait a few seconds before attempting and it’ll help lessen this issue but I know the feeling bro :slight_smile:

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Happened to me a couple of times … :confused: