NPCs as targets (like Patient Zero mission)


I just thought this:
I want more levels like PZ Hokkaido to make all the NPCs on the location a targets.
I do myself and see videos of killing everyone on the levels. So it would be great to clean up a map legally, with no penalties of non-target kills.
It would be another thing-to-do in HITMAN. And even some kind of a challenge related. Well, we had a couple of challenges removed from Sgail, but what if bring them back with a goal to do all that stuff with a targets? I know not everybody will be happy with this, but it could be as an option what-to-do in HITMAN after completing it 100%.
IO can give us a Nabazov virus strain vial for example or something like this to infect NPCs to kill them as targets. Of course it could be done as an option, not as a part of game experience.
Any thoughs on this?

Escalation ideas?

It would be a nice contract mode addition if done correctly. Additionaly there could be an unlockable antidote for 47. If you don’t bring it and get infected, you have 2mins to finish the mission maybe.

However, I don’t quite see why it is important to you to get SA for a kill-all run?


It’s not important, but it could be something to do. To spend time with.
Not a great thing to spend time for, of course, but why not as an option.

I like your idea of a contract mode, but it should have a saving option


I do find it funny that on your HUD Map all the target names are displayed at the same time, obscuring almost everything on the map… making it nearly useless (if one were unfamiliar with the mission -obviously).

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There has to be a somewhat logical explanation as for why every single NPC on the map would be a sanctioned target. If the ICA, for some reason, wants to wipe out a large number of people they wouldn’t send just one agent, regardless of how good he is. Instead they probably would call in a whole squad of armed goons like they did in “Attack of the Saints” or “Operation Sledgehammer”.

So if there’s another mission where everyone is the target it probably either features a return of the virus or is the final showdown one a smaller map with only the target and a bunch of bodyguards.


You’re right, but what an explanation of Ghost Mode from the ICA side?
This shit could be like it: a separate mode, or like Urben said a contract mode.
What an explanation of a contracts mode from ICA side?
Maybe sometimes the explanation is not that necessary :slight_smile:

As for a whole squad - it would be too much resources and unnecessary noise involved.
I think “Attack of the Saints” and “Operation Sledgehammer” didn’t go unnoticed and quietly for the whole society


Kill everyone challenges don’t give SA anyway due to the non-target kills, which means other factors to achieve SA, such as stealth, can be throw out of the window as well during these runs. I like the OPs idea, maybe with the addition of a neat unlock that comes with finishing these runs SA style.


Adding an extra mode where every NPC is a target seems pretty pointless. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see the appeal of a mode where you’re forced to kill every single non-crowd NPC on a map without getting spotted.

Yes because sending out one person to kill the whole population of a coastal town is a smart move. Sure it’s possible gameplay-wise but if the stories says that 47 is actually able to murder 200 people in a slum in the middle of Mumbai without anyone noticing it’s hard to take this franchise serious anymore.


The point of my thoughts is not to do it forced in silent assassin mode.
The point is absence of non-target kill penalties while doing this mess.
Now you can easily kill everybody on the map in the way you want. Even if everyone know you’re responsible. That doesn’t matter cuz they’re doomed either way, and can’t escape from 47.
I suggest only turn all that NPCs into targets to make it more intense if you want and give some kind of more sense to kill everybody


Nothing really stops you from kill everyone you want right now. Does it really matter whether or not you get a five or a zero star ranking as long as you’re having fun?

Well maybe instead of making everyone a target, how about an option to turn off the rating at the end of the mission? That way you can kill whoever you want without having to worry about a score.

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I have a game file saved currently on Isle of Sgail that has no remaining guards… they’re all dead… but nobody at the party is aware. It’s 8.5 hour gametime so far.
I have guns placed all over the floor and the Washington twins just look at them now because there’s nobody left to tell… it’s great, I love having that save lol