NPCs following you

I was watching some strats on the Batty Tranquility escalation level 3.
It looked like they were dropping their weapons then picking them up.
The NPCs would then follow you.

How does that work exactly?
It must be right before the civ. sees the weapon?


So what is the trick? to lure them. Drop the weapon and pick it up?


That trick must only work with the pc. I tried with the console but they see the weapon before I can even pick it up.

It works for all platforms. It just takes some practice. Note that the weapon lure only works on non-armed npcs.

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Explosives work with armed.
You place some so civilian see it, then you pick it up when he is off to report to a guard, move it to wherever you want and that guard will come there to pick it up. Needs practice too to make it work

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Oh yeah you’re right. I forgot about that :+1: