October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


Someone isn’t a good hitman in your eye’s if he doesn’t share the same opinion as you?

Now that is ridiculous. It’s my opinion. If I think it’s silly, then so be it. You can think about it whatever you want.


The reason why I’m hyped for the clown outfit is because they don’t release outfits without new missions/ re-skins huehe



Teasing is a good sign, isn’t it?


But what does it mean? :thinking:


6th of October?

What else could it mean?


It is and @Travis_IOI is a master of teasing :smiley:, i mean it, he is really good at this.


Probably 6 of october, or they’ll release it today at 6.10 huehue


So no content schedule today :frowning:

Curious what we will see in october thought


“Hey, Jordan! We always felt sorry for ya…But in the words of the bald guy: ‘That’s not how it works’…I also want to apologize for the number of times I ruined your birthday cake… with your face…”

EDIT: I still feel like 4 hours of spoken audio running time would be plenty for a video game. But I agree 4 hour session with one actor can basically just get you this angst filled rockstar family drama. :stuck_out_tongue:


The irony is thick. :joy:


Yes? What about it? That’s my opinion. That’s the way I play the game. I don’t get your point.


that’s also what I thought


If there is a Clown 47 suit I can see a lot of people re-doing the “One Last Time, Mr. Soders” kill. :laughing:


It’s past 6:10 for me so no clue from me, rip


but is it 6:10 in denmark tho?


could be UTC


And “my opinion” is that you’re not a versatile and good enough assassin. Hitman is a social stealth game too, ya know?

I wasn’t talking about your direct skills of the game, I was speaking in general, as 47 as a character. One who uses disguises and one who doesn’t. The one who does will have an easier time as there’s less enforcers, regardless how good 47 is at SO.


its 6th October, not 6:10 time.


I already see this conversation being moved into the Crap from October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information thread