October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


So… a packet of crisps?


Or a toaster ! a portable toaster.



This may have already been mentioned but if they’re recording four hours of dialogue, it might not be for Season Two.
It might be to replace the currently bad dialogue in Season One, which it was previously agreed would take a lot of time and so this quiet period would be opportune.


I thought about this, too, but also, what @AlexNiedt said about a 4-hour session vs 4 hours of finalized recordings.


They probably wouldn’t record everything in one take


Would you be so kind as to show me Alex Niedt’s post?


Probably talking about these posts, Brownell.


So in terms of exciting announcements, I’ve been wondering for awhile if they might be giving us player-made escalators at some point. I’m not sure I’d really view that as exciting, but it would definitely be a major new feature addition, and lead to a large influx of “new” content for players if people really get stuck in to making their own.

The reason I think this might be in the works is because of the serious disparity between the number of activities for each location, with Paris / Sapienza having dozens of escalation missions whereas places like Hokkaido have barely a couple. I don’t believe IOI has the time to devote to filling every locale out with more escalators, so turning that over to the community would be a logical step. I’m curious if they do this whether it would take the form of a Contracts-like separate section of the menu, or if they would “curate” the best submissions to be added officially to each destination’s page.

Then again, it might not happen and we’ll get another Halloween challenge pack instead.


this might blow your mind

but literally not a single person forces you to choose that disguise


crazy, i know


I’d rather an unlock system overhaul that give us some kind of market to unlock our stuff. Either by points or (a better option in my opinion) with money. Also I’d love a Season 2 announcement.
What I think it will really happen?
Maybe a patch and some kind of news of S2, but something vague.


Dude! Awesome video, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


No problem! Meant to do something like that a while ago.


What if the exciting news is that they’re finally adding a mission briefing video to Holiday Hoarders, complete with new non-generic Diana dialogue while playing?


i’d be excited if they finally allowed us to make contracts in Holiday Hoarders tbh


I’d be excited to make contracts in pro mode.


Professional mode for the three bonus missions as well would be nice.


A virtual reality system where we get to smell Sapienza


So we can suffocate our targets. I like your thinking.


How about either one of the following types of FLYING SYRINGES:
- DART x1
- AMMO x1

Would be throws for the dart, shots for the ammo (any silenced gun), featuring the following options:

The tranq and lethal variety would not result in bodies found… could make things interesting being able to access targets from a distance without changing the game too drastically.



October Content should be dropping any moment now.