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Discuss all your anime related things here.
Everything from works of the Katsuhiro Otomo to great masterpieces made by Yoshiaki Kawajiri.



Senpai, notice me! The only animes I ever showed interest for were Ghost Stories and One Punch Man. The first one is pretty interesting and the second one is just hilarious. I also forgot, Shirokuma’s Café it’s a nice soft-tone comedy.

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Hokuto No Ken is the best anime of all times



Only Dragon Ball series.

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Next time on dragon ball z! A five minute fight scene spread over 19 episodes



I recommend Dragon Ball Abridged too! :smiley:

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Golgo 13, Black Lagoon, and Ghost in the Shell and RWBY are my faves. Anyone checked out the Berserk revival, btw?



Been getting back into the Dragon Ball series lately, I finished watching the original series last year and now that Dragon Ball Super has started coming out I thought I’d move onto Dragon Ball Z.

I’ve not seen Z in maybe 10 or so years, I watch the movies sometimes (History of Trunks is probably my favourite thing Dragon Ball Z related) but not seen the anime in a loooooong time. First impressions - oh my god there is so much filler it’s not funny. I’m only up to episode 12, and it’s been going nowhere since episode 6 or so.

The pattern is basically:

Watch Gohan Explore Island >>> Goku Running Down Snake Way >>> Gohan >>> Bulma and the rest of the crew fly around for a bit >>> Gohan >>> and maybe some Goku

I wish Vegeta and Nappa could hurry the fuck up and land already



Oh, you think that’s bad? Wait till after they get there.

No, fuck that, wait till Frieza shows up.

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Just watched Ninja Scroll.
That was great, man.



try jojo’s bizarre adventure. its a long running manga series they recently did 4 seasons of page for page manga translation to anime. its really good



I’m almost halfway through Dragon Ball Super and I am thoroughly enjoying it, but I must say the straight up pedophilia that’s being played up as a romance at the moment is making me very uncomfortable and I wish it would stop. That is all

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Many anime and manga (even in the Shonen genre) are going to have a good portion of this. Difference is that as kid (and taking in count I watched many animes without the censorship) you most likely didn’t pat attention at all to many of those situations, but as an adult it gives a lot of discomfort.



for the record that was a meme post that i thought id remove because looking back on it it doesn’t really read like a meme post just thought id clarify cos idk why but this wack ass forum sent this thread to the top because I deleted a post thanks



anyone else around here into hentai?



I prefer the normal anime (even with lots of nudity without beeing hentai) but I also like the occasional hentai now and then. Alone or with my wife. But I prefer the “normal” ones. Not the beast or tentacle ones. Hehe. On a side note, not really anime but will be looking at “love death and robots” on netflix… Not asian but animated sex and voilence none the less… Out from yesterday…

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I prefer yaoi.



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