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I prefer the normal anime (even with lots of nudity without beeing hentai) but I also like the occasional hentai now and then. Alone or with my wife. But I prefer the “normal” ones. Not the beast or tentacle ones. Hehe. On a side note, not really anime but will be looking at “love death and robots” on netflix… Not asian but animated sex and voilence none the less… Out from yesterday…

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I prefer yaoi.


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This is sorta my thing.


This is a good thread

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I think I posted about it a while ago on another thread, but I’ve been basically alot of Yu-Gi-Oh lately on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is a bit weird on whether or not they have the English dubs or the Japanese with English subtitles. For the series:

Duel Monsters: All of the English Dub, only has the Sub til Episode 163, right in the middle of season 4.
GX: Has both, but the English Dub ended 25 episodes early.
5Ds: Has both, but the English Dub ended like 20 episodes early, and also skips out some Season 4 episodes too.
Zexal: Has the English dub, but not the Sub.
Arc-V and VRAINS: Just the sub, probably because they are the newest ones, with VRAINS current airing and Crunchyroll getting the new episodes like an hour after broadcast in Japan.

So it has been a bit inconsistent. I was watching the Duel Monsters sub, which I think for the most part is pretty good, but then trying to watch the 4Kids dub is, well, a bit harder. I don’t really mind the English voice acting, but some of the 4Kids dialogue and the replacement music and the way the music is mixed does make it a bit obnoxious. Yu-Gi-Oh at heart may basically be a bit dumb, as all the shows are people playing card games very seriously, but it seems like the dubs feel the need to make it more kid friendly I guess.

Still, Duel Monsters is pretty great at times, and the trio of Yugi, Joey and Kaiba works very well. I really need to just plow through the rest of the dub so I can Dark Side of Dimensions, which is meant to be really good.

I just finished watching GX sub today. GX’s first 2 seasons aren’t great, alot of it is just fluff. I think part of the problem I have is that the format the Yu-Gi-Oh card game uses doesn’t tend to work that well in 1 episodes, and GX’s first 2 seasons does a ton of 1 episode plots, often with characters duelling other characters who just vanish after that particular episode. Jaiden is also a bit annoying, he starts the series basically being an awesome duelist that nearly noone can beat, and as such, it gets a bit annoying after a while since he is just so good and a bit too flawless.

Seasons 3 and 4 though just seem to get far better writing. Jaiden gets a character arc, the side characters get better utilised, and the enemies and plots are just far more interesting. GX really does feel like a show of 2 halves, with the second half being far better. The final duel is pretty great as well.

I actually watched 5Ds as my first real Yu-Gi-Oh series because the entire English dub is available on Youtube, as well as GX. So I watched the English dub and the episodes not dubbed, and I really enjoyed it. Certainly it seemed like 4Kids dubbing was a bit better handled, even if they decided to give Jack Atlas a bizarre English accent. 5Ds is pretty dark, but halfway through loses its darkness, apparently because the series actually did quite badly both in Japan and in the West, which is also why Zexal and Arc-V are far lighter. Still, while 5Ds does peak after season 2, I do really like the cast of the show, and I do think maybe after a while, I would like to revisit it

VRAINS is currently at something like episode 95, and since 5Ds, Zexal and Arc-V all lasted around 150 episodes, I’m guessing VRAINS will do the same. VRAINS is getting near the end of its second season, and for the most part I think it is a good show. The duels are a bit overly complicated though, especially when every duel starts it seems like the characters have to spend 5 minutes setting up their side of the field so that they can get all their monsters out, compared to the likes of GX where the set up only lasts like a minute. Still, I do like the characters, and I am sortof hoping the status quo changes a bit after the second season ends.

Havn’t watched Zexal or Arc-V yet. Going to move onto Zexal next. Kindof hesitant on it, from what I’ve seen alot of the characters designs aren’t great, and I would prefer to watch the sub, but I’ll just have to do the dub.

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I haven’t understood most of what you guys have said, but I once saw an anime called Spirited Away. It was unusual, and I’ve never seen any anime since, but has anyone else seen it?


Seen it and it was a very good one. For seeing just one, you haven’t “chosen” bad…

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Some of my favorites, excluding classics like DBZ:

  1. One Punch Man
  2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist
  4. Samurai Champloo
  5. My Hero Academia

I would definitely recommend Rurouni Kenshin, but the manga instead of the anime. Nothing wrong with the anime (ignoring the fact they excluded best boy Saitou from the third season), I just read the manga and prefer it.
If you do watch the anime, please for the love of god watch the Media Blasters dub (on crunchyroll). The sub Kenshin sounds like he’s on helium, and the other English dub is straight-up awful.

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If you enjoy the shonen genre, Shaman King is pretty good aswell.

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I’d definitely say the shonen genre is my favorite, though I also like a lot of shojo such as K-on! and Azumanga Daioh; I’ve gotten into a show that’s more of a shojo comedy/slice of life anime, and thought it was hilarious. You ever watched Asobi Asobase?

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I haven’t watched it but looks fun. Right now I’m rewatching Sakura Card Captors, getting to know more of Detective Conan and finishing the Hunters arc of Digimon Xros Wars because while it isn’t as good as the 2 first, gotta give it clousure.

As long as the anime is fun, quite uplifing and filled of stuff that I loved as a kid, I’m certain to watch it.


Caught up with the English dub of Dragon Ball Super (20 episodes left until this run of the series is over) and have really enjoyed it.

It took a while to reach the quality of its predecessors (both in terms of its writing and animation quality) but once it does it’s really engaging and great. The first 30~ episodes are pretty mediocre but after that it gets good, and from the episode 50 mark onwards it’s simply incredible, easily up there (if not better than, at times) with the best story arcs of the original series and Z.

Anyone here who might have been interested in it but is still on the fence I’d totally recommend checking it out. The latest movie which takes place after the end of Super seems to be loved universally and there’s rumours that a second run of Super is in production and might get announced soon so there’s no better time to jump in really. I’m a lifelong Dragon Ball fan and really pleased with how Super has turned out, glad I’m watching it.


I’ve watched all of Super’s Japanese sub on Crunchyroll and love the Tournament of Power. Some great episodes, and the animation quality for the final 2 is absolutely stunning. The new movie is fantastic too, it comes out on home media on May 27th. Got to see it in cinema, was absolutely worth it.


Straight up this tournament is OD. Really reminds me of Z in that every character gets a chance to shine and the new characters introduced are some of my favourite ever (Caulifla and Kale mainly). Fight choreography has been out of this world too. People have been hyping me up for this arc for like two years and it’s been worth it lol

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Alot of Dragon Ball fans seemed to really dislike the female Saiyans, personally I love both of them. My hope is that if Super does return to TV, I really hope we get a storyline about the Universe 6 Saiyan race. I do love alot of the Tournament, and alot of the people they fight. Even the more throwaway fights can be fine, I actually really love the penultimate fight they do before they reach the final showdown even though the penultimate fight has no real bearing on anything. It’s just fun really.


Damn I don’t think I’ve had the fight you’re talking about spoiled for me yet, never heard anybody talk about that lol, thank god there’s still surprises for me to look forward to

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It’s episodes 120 and 121, that is a real favourite of mine. Like I say, doesn’t exactly do anything for the plot as such, but I enjoy it for the novelty it has.

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Something I discovered recently: the cult hit Nichijou is finally getting an English Dub release.

And I’m kind of hesitant on whether it’ll be good or was even needed.
Given that it’s a basically comedy skit show, it’s inundated with jokes from start to finish. But being a product of Japan, it’s obviously going to have Japan-specific jokes. The show is great, and while I really enjoyed the scenario-specific scenes, obviously I don’t know enough of Japan or its vocabulary to get the occasional puns or punch lines that come up. And I’m fine with that.
So I’m interested in how they’ll tackle this, and interested on how the voice actors perform their roles.

(Naturally, this rerelease makes my bluray copy of the show I bought a year ago obsolete, but whatever. If the dub pops up on some streaming service, I’d gladly fork over a bit of cash to check it out)

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