Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

don’t know if i ever found a machete in Santa Fortuna. only one i know is the one you get in Bangkok.

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Contract ID: 3-26-9466034-69

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: Canucklehead X

Location: Haven

Contract Title: Pieces of Eight


Centuries ago, a crew of 47 pirates and their treasure were lost at sea. Years later, a map was discovered that possibly leads to their treasure, rumoured to have been buried prior to the ship being lost at sea. However, the map and treasure are cursed, with those in possession of its pieces meeting unfortunate deaths by the Captain’s spirit. Some say these are just ghost stories to entertain the tourists, but what if they are true and the Captain chooses an avatar to protect what is his?

Brief Description
After my ideas for bootlegs were taken by others, I decide to go the pirate route, basing the contract on the hidden treasure and the map pieces at Haven.

Unfortunately the Xbox can not specify suit type, but for best results use the Buccaneer.

Image Suggestion

Edit: updated image selection.

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okay so how many people have made an internet piracy joke yet?

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Contract ID: 1-03-0938867-84

Platform: PC Steam

Submitter name: SyncMelon

Contract Title: Cleaning up the Coastline

Briefing: A group of gun smugglers who operate on the Mediterranean has incorporated themselves within the population of Sapienza. On a recent delivery a fisherman witnessed the drop and was eliminated. Our client, a relative, is seeking retribution to this and wants you to use the avenged’s heirloom knife to do it. With the connections the smugglers have he cannot afford anything connecting him to the elimination of the targets.

Brief Description: Eliminate the four targets with the black almonds dagger without changing your disguise leaving any evidence or bodies lying around and without changing your disguise. Only the smugglers need to be dealt with.

Location: Sapienza

Featured Contract Image Suggestion

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Contract ID:3-09-5661005-84

Platform: Xbox One

Submitter name:Speedrunner1390#1919

Contract Title: Bootlegs, Bootlegs, and Booted Legs

Briefing: The bootleggers have won. Music, video and software piracy is rampant due to the evil bay. Eliminate Issac Kay, a music pirate, Luke Poole, a movie pirate, and Morris Estrella, a video game pirate. Also, I hear the front man is auditioning to be a pirate due to his injury, so ensure physical piracy is prevented.

Brief Description: You must eliminate all 4 targets in the hacker disguise, however Morris Estrella has an explosive device complication to make things harder.

Location: Colorado

Featured Contract Image: A collage of 3 items, a server net, gramophone, and television having an explosive device placed next to them.

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Contract ID: 3-31-4531092-14

Platform: Xbox

Name: Plainroky

Contract Name: The Modern Day Plunder

Briefing: Ahoy 47, it’s time for you to teach the rich what happens when they steal a pirates treasure. Your targets are the Yates and their lawyer Aaron Ford Jr, even though they may be rich some of their wealth is stolen from people including you. In their possession is the one of a kind golden rubber duck, although we tried to legally fight the man the Yates won so it’s time for a more rustic approach. Steal as much as you can 47, and make them walk the plank.

Briefing Description: 3 Targets, eliminate them with the pirate sword in the attic or bring one from your collection.

Location: Mendoza

Contract Image: A picture of Don Yates being slashed by buccaneer 47

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You’ll find a machete stuck in a tree by the coca field (picture from Hitmaps):


Contract ID: 1-26-1013010-95

Platform: PC (epic)

Submitter name: Cookiez1455/Holly

Contract Title: Pirate Tryhards

Are Mi Hartieess!!
Pirate 47 we need you to take along Agent Jarl’s beloved saber and stab some fellow buccaneer tryhards.
And… Narendra… what kinda fake pirate name is that. Blow him up.
oh and 47, don’t get seen no one likes to see a pirate, they will know their fate eventually.
Goodluck Pirate.

Brief Description: Two targets with a melee saber and one target with an accidental explosion, one exit, no pacifications, suit only, don’t get seen performing illegal activity.

Location: Haven Island

Picture: Agent 47 wearing the pirate suit (The Buccaneer) slashing a security guard with “Jarl’s Pirate saber”.

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i actually enjoyed this one good job simple but fun!

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Having been back through every FC in H3, there were more than a handful that I couldn’t complete 5* because they used what were H2 exclusive weapons at the time, so it’s not that unusual. Also, technically pretty much every weapon/item is locked behind Mastery.

I think it is pretty much assumed that most people have the full roster of maps though, and I don’t see anything wrong with using mastery/escalation unlocks in FC’s as they are always accessible. I almost used the Proud Swashbuckler in mine, but then realised that it is 7DS, which I think are the types of ones that shouldn’t be used (same goes for Deluxe Edition items) as those are the types of DLC that not everyone will have/want to get.


Ideally you don’t require specific items if there is no gameplay reason for it, but if you want everyone to be able to play your contract, you have to limit it to H3 locations anyway. :wink:


I mean, I have Jarl’s Pirate Saber so I don’t care personally about what IO does in this batch (as long one of the ones they pick is mine :wink:). Again, I’m inclined to think enough people own Haven Island (or can think up enough contracts in Mendoza) so it will be allowed. However, I don’t know for certain and let’s not forget that Haven is paid DLC just like the 7DS.

To summarize: I don’t really care either way. That was first weapon I remembered off the top of my head that everyone might not have, thought it was odd, and someone else said what I was thinking. IO might be forced to accept FCs featuring Jarl’s Pirate Saber whether they were planning to or not due to the shear volume of submissions they’ve received with it. The main point I wanted to get across was that if I submitted a contract with it as a kill condition but IO was never going to accept it because of that, I’d just like some clarification. The sooner the better so I might have a chance resubmit something else (especially while there’s still so much time left) so I don’t miss out because of something that wasn’t very clear in the rules.

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Contract ID: 1-29-1939174-87
Platform: PC/Epic
Submitter name: pomegranate owl
Contract title: The Non-Fungible Termination

Good evening, 47.
Recently Rolf Hirschmüller and his biker gang have taken a troubling next step from cocaine dealing and murder to a truly heinous crime, internet piracy. Besides downloading at least four movies, three of the gang’s most vicious members have been ruthlessly screenshotting NFTs, while Hirschmüller is taking care of the distribution of the acquired PNGs. Our client, who only identified themselves as “ApeEnthusiast420”, wants their dealings ended, permanently.
Good Luck, 47.

Brief description: Four targets must be eliminated. Three of them are located within the biker compound, one is the club owner in the club basement. One must be eliminated with a fall, either by using emetic poison or throwing him over a railing unconscious. The owner must be eliminated with the battle axe located in the biker’s TV room. The other two simply require a shotgun/any method.
No bodies found and never spotted are optional complications.

Location: Berlin

Image suggestion:
HITMAN 3 11_07_2022 12_54_32 cropedit (2)

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Somethig wrong with your contract ID.
It should contain 12 digits and yours of only 10.
Check it and correct by editing your post because it couldn’t be found by ID then

Please specify what PC store your contract is for: Epic, Steam or Stadia?
Thing is PC contracts for those 3 different stores are not crossplatform

Contract ID: 2-03-0841728-54

Platform: PS

Submitter name(s): GlogolZ

Contract Title: Tower Defense


Brief Description:



The first three targets are on the pier by the monument. Silvio and his trainer in the mansion.

This contract requires you to eliminate 5 cannon targets as intended. The main difficulty is that not all targets adjust to the trajectory, which is why they need to be brought under a cannon shot. Also, you can not change the costume and therefore you should not be seen in the ruins. Spoilers ahead! The first target (Uberto Navone) that needs to be brought into a trajectory is the hardest to eliminate with some kind of distraction. In addition, bodyguards must be brought to the trajectory of the shot. To do this, the easiest way is to kill the first target with a shot and immediately prepare the second one. The bodyguards will come running and at one moment they will also stand under fire. Everything is clear with Silvio and the coach.


The plot is funny and its main goal is to fit the pirate theme, as well as somehow justify the killing of targets. It does both.

Location: Sapienza

Credits: Photos by @Bulcer

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-29-4233921-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Radio pirates and drug bootleggers

Briefing: Hello 47. Your targets are two radio pirates, two drug bootleggers, and their boss. The radio pirates have been running a radio shack that play and sell pirated dubstep. The bootleggers sell cheap and dangerous speed to people known to cause heart attacks and seizures. And their boss Hirschmuller is the brains of the operation. You’ve been hired by German Authorities to chop and cut off their pipeline of illegal and drug trading. Good luck 47.

Location: Berlin

Brief Description:



Image suggestions


also Jesus a lot of contracts from PS4 players here. though can’t away the hard work from everyone here including switch players. you guys keep on putting out yer ideas out on here for others to see :+1:

@Agent_MJ, thanks for a logical suggestion.

@SpeedrunnerInTrainin, i and @DavidG185 were the first then basically everyone else did it.

since it seems so far there hasn’t been anymore mentions of it i assume it was just an honest mistake on someone’s part.