Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Gotta ask this again, don’t want to @ Clemens for it, will this batch be bigger than 6 contracts? There is an unbelievebly long time to submit contracts (around 2 weeks) and this is the only batch this month, will there be more than 6 contracts?

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@Switcher, probably not if so nice!

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I hope so (there seems to be quite a lot of submissions already, there’s still a week left, and it’s the only batch of FCs this month) but it’s unlikely (the new map is also releasing this month and the contracts are very similar to each other as it is so even just the usual six might feel somewhat repetitive).

I’m in favor of whatever gives me a better chance of finally getting picked.

There ar(rrrrrrrrrr)e 52 submissions by now, thats enough for making a batch, now there better be around 20 more by the time submissions end, that is a very long time


Just follow the official template given by the originator of a thread and you won’t forget to put in the necessary details


Contract ID: 1-27-4882072-10
Platform: PC, EGS
Submitter Name: Bgyorok
Contract Title: The Stump-legged Guards
Arrghh, these rich folks keep stealing all of our treasures! They don’t even allow you to shoot your “mates” once or else they will come running for your exact position! Let’s show them what it feels like to be a true pirate!
Make sure you’ve set up “the trap”! Once that’s done, get rid of them in a way so that they will know the pain of a stump for a leg!
Brief Description: A 2 target “puzzle” contract that uses the feature of guards running to your location after being shot at. The briefing also hints at this. The kill conditions are meant to resemble ways in which you can get hurt and “get a stump for a leg”. There is 1 route you can take which should give the player a consistent and smooth pace.
Location: Dubai
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:
47 looking at one of the targets from a distance

47 disguised in a group of alert guards


Here’s my honest opinion: It will take IOI WEEKS to go through all these contracts, and they don’t have time for that. So, they are using a random lottery system to randomly pick 6 contracts, they don’t even look at them. In other words, you’re either lucky, or you’re not.


Being honest Charlie Farmer is a cooler name than WigglyWeevil211 (and we know you as charlie farmer), but eh it’s your choice


Giving 15 mins per contract (if not managing to complete it in a shorter time) is decent enough imo, if they do that, it’s great, if not, eh

but we all know that 90% of the time when Urben submits they choose his contracts, he is just a safe choice for them, Urben is a great creator and they trust whatever he makes

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submits contract with 10 targets

as nobody did that yet so we don’t know if they would pick such a contract :^)


If you kill someone with a cannon, it says “any method”, so how did you get “explosion accident” with a cannon?

Might be map-specific. In Sapienza they are Accident Explosion.


(blurred to not spoil the contract) I think maybe in Mendoza, the cannons are set to “Any Method”, but the car that is in front of the cannon is considered “Accidental Explosion”. So maybe the cannon explosion didn’t kill the waiter, but rather the oncoming car explosion did.

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tbh if they’re able to that would be rad

This is exactly what i was thinking of (before i made the worlds best/worst contract here), hope you get featured in game and have a lovely nights sleep

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Question: Can you be disqualified if you submit your contract details in a different order from the template? I have a specific order that I like to use, slightly different from the template, but more organized imo.

i switch brief description to last. in fact most people change the order sometimes. in other words you won’t be penalized for organizing it differently.

Contract ID: 3-26-4180155-69

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: Canucklehead X

Location: Haven

Contract Title: The Mods Must Stop!


Poor Clemens. The proliferation of bootleg mod tools for Hitman 3 has caused a great deal of stress and work in selecting Community Featured Contracts and determining if a contract is using mod tools and glitches. To lighten his burden, an example must be made and poor Urben has been selected as a prolific member of the HMF community. Clemens wants Urben hacked to pieces to symbolize how his precious game was hacked apart.

Brief Description

This is a purely tongue-in-cheek contract for the HMF and Clemens enjoyment (and hopefully the larger Hitman community :wink:)

Image Suggestion

If someone wants to provide a picture of Urben and 47 (in signature suit) for my consideration, I’ll gladly entertain it.

Edit: updated contract number and description for grammar.


okay i must be going crazy. how does one get the machete?

It’s in-map, not an inventory item.

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