Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

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@djsojus oh shit i didn’t notice he posted that. thanks to ya both. also i can assume everyone knows the belching escalation?

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Contract ID: 2-26-2502064-06

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: Shigatsu18

Contract Title: Dead Man’s Chest

Briefing: Ahoy, Matey!
This scallywag captain has stolen my treasure map! We can’t let him find me booty! Ready your trusty saber, and make sure this troublesome captain and his lackeys never find the treasure. Don’t forget the map, and be sure to take the only exit that be fitting for a pirate.
Good luck, Captain 47.

Brief Description: 4 targets. 2 with pirate saber (melee), one with explosive device, one with pistol. One exit, no pacifications, suit only.

Location: Haven Island

Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-30-4166305-95
Platform: PC (EGS)
Submitter name: Holly/cookiez1455
Contract Title: Stealing back the Treasure!
Fellow Treasure hunters!
these two fellas think they can walk around and own the place just coz they found some treasure? well think again bozos. while your at it take the treasure they stole. what is it you ask?
Their LIVES!
Brief Description: Two target contract, one accident, the other explosive device.
Location: Chongquing-CHINA
Picture idea: 47 walking away from an explosion with a detonator in hand


Contract ID: 1-12-4756282-95
Platform: PC (EGS)
Submitter name: Holly/Cookiez1455
Contract Title: Undernee Thee Aree
Briefing: The Hippies buried valubles around here somewhere. Just have to find it.
maybe its under the cushions their sitting on… if only there was a way to move them.
Brief Description: 5 targets all with shotgun, one exit.
Location: Santa Fortuna
Picture Suggestion: 47 with a non-suppressed shotgun in hand, in front of a pile of bodies


Contract ID: 1-03-7062307-62
Platform: PC (Steam)
Submitter name: piko1311
Contract Title: For God and Liberty
Briefing: Good morning, 47. Our client is the notorious pirate Benjamin Bridgeman, better known as “The Jarl”. He’s been dead for many years but has awakened from his long slumber and was disgusted to see the ancient tower he built with his bare hands transformed into a piece of lawn art by Silvio Caruso.
He has entrusted us with his deadly saber and asked us to eliminate the guards at the tower, and the mansion owner himself. Additionally, he wants you to do it in his pirate outfit.
Happy hunting, 47.
Brief Description: Hey, it’s me again. This contract really isn’t anything special, but I think it’s still pretty fun. You got 5 targets to kill, 3 of them with the pirate saber, one with a fall, and one with a big ol blast from a cannon. Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:
Location: Sapienza


Contract ID: 1-21-6888049-62
Platform: PC (Epic)
Submitter name: djsojus
Contract Title: The Secret of Sgail Island

Briefing: 47, we have kind of a strange contract here. Our Client, G. T., claims that some ghost pirates kidnapped a governor. The pirates are part of an organization called “C.H.U.C.K.”. We don’t have much intel. All we know: Three of those ghost pirates are currently hidden on Sgail. Our client told us that the only way to see ghosts is in the darkness. So take a blindfold with you. Fight this SCUMM and kill them. Good luck!
Brief Description: Of course this contract is a nod to the greatest pirate story ever told! But it also offers a few nice challenges. All the kills can be done in close combat or they can be set up as accidents.
Location: Isle of Sgail
Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Or if you (for some strange reason) don’t like pixels:


was wondering if i was to make a contract level for Dubai what would you want to use? the proud swashbuckler or ornate scimitar? cause i don’t want to cut off players with an optional objective pay wall.

looks like you want to play Hitman 64. :joystick:

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Ornate for sure, it’s not only the pay wall, but being restricting loadout is kinda annoying, it’s better to just give the option to use melee that can be found in the map

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My Dubai FC also uses the Scimatar which made both loadout and pickup strats possible. :+1:

good point. tbh it’s what bugged me with that one space conflict contract in Mendoza. not trying to throw shade at the person who made it but most of us always try to go for that perfect score no matter what.

which featured contract was that?

Peak Ingenuity, of the first user-created FC batch in H3.

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Contract ID: 2-03-7371662-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: The Pirate Bros

Briefing: Argh 47. These scallywags took our fort and our gold. Give Vargas and Caruso an explosive payback and show these plumbers some swashbuckling justice. Be savvy 47

Location: Sapienza

Brief Description:



this contract i’ve made is probably imo the most unoriginal one but eh felt like making a Sapienza one. enjoy.

ah that one. yeah i remember seeing a glimpse of it. you think there will be more community made featured contracts in the future?

I mean we only have them at the moment. :wink: SO I guess yes!

good. cause if there will be more of these submission threads i’ll be there to post my ideas. gives me the ability to get my contracts known and get a gambler’s chance at making my contracts featured. not to mention give me some creative juice on what to make.

Contract ID: 4-27-5478622-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: The Sky Pirates

Briefing: Omar Al-Ghazali’s ‘Sky Pirates’ are becoming too far too powerful. Time to show that that even though they may rule the sky, back on the ground they are nothing!

Brief Description: The objective is to wipe out the leader, Omar, and his high ranking officials. On the lower half of the tower, you’ll find Omar and one of his companions, whereas the other two are on the upper floors. Setting up a fall for each one has varying levels of difficulty, but all are straightforward enough. Omar proves the trickiest, as luring him onto the higher floors is the easiest way to get SA. It is also possible lower down, but requires a bit more strategic thinking!

Location: Dubai

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Side note: I have no idea why two of the targets look like Chevy Chase.


Contract ID: 2-27-7180298-76

Platform: PS5

Submitter Name: Georhan

Contract Title: Baldy Jones’s Locker room

Briefing: Upon visiting the Burj Al-Ghazali, our favourite swashbuckling buccaneer is captivated by all of the gold around which reignites something in him long dormant. It’s time for him to reopen his locker and embrace his pirate side once more!

Brief description: While I knew more pirate themed levels such as Haven island would be easier to get the pirate theme across with, there is something with all of the lavish décor in the Dubai map that I could definitely see a pirate going after, especially when he learns that Omar literally has a key card on him that dispenses gold from an ATM. To me the map is a pirate’s paradise just waiting to be looted.

Location: Dubai

Featured Contract image Suggestion: