Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

good. cause if there will be more of these submission threads i’ll be there to post my ideas. gives me the ability to get my contracts known and get a gambler’s chance at making my contracts featured. not to mention give me some creative juice on what to make.

Contract ID: 4-27-5478622-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: The Sky Pirates

Briefing: Omar Al-Ghazali’s ‘Sky Pirates’ are becoming too far too powerful. Time to show that that even though they may rule the sky, back on the ground they are nothing!

Brief Description: The objective is to wipe out the leader, Omar, and his high ranking officials. On the lower half of the tower, you’ll find Omar and one of his companions, whereas the other two are on the upper floors. Setting up a fall for each one has varying levels of difficulty, but all are straightforward enough. Omar proves the trickiest, as luring him onto the higher floors is the easiest way to get SA. It is also possible lower down, but requires a bit more strategic thinking!

Location: Dubai

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Side note: I have no idea why two of the targets look like Chevy Chase.


Contract ID: 2-27-7180298-76

Platform: PS5

Submitter Name: Georhan

Contract Title: Baldy Jones’s Locker room

Briefing: Upon visiting the Burj Al-Ghazali, our favourite swashbuckling buccaneer is captivated by all of the gold around which reignites something in him long dormant. It’s time for him to reopen his locker and embrace his pirate side once more!

Brief description: While I knew more pirate themed levels such as Haven island would be easier to get the pirate theme across with, there is something with all of the lavish décor in the Dubai map that I could definitely see a pirate going after, especially when he learns that Omar literally has a key card on him that dispenses gold from an ATM. To me the map is a pirate’s paradise just waiting to be looted.

Location: Dubai

Featured Contract image Suggestion:


I forgot I’m a idiot at times

@Switcher, its more the fact that if it does get featured i want it to be my Xbox name. I have no reason WHY i just would like it to be it.

Title: The secrets of the unicorn
Contract ID: 3-28-4218432-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Dartmoor
Brief description: Based of the poem by Sir Francis Haddock in TIN TIN.

Image suggestion:

Image 1 is my personal picture favourite


Contract ID: 3-03-0897896-32

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: iamfivecent5

Contract Title: Origin of the Black Almond

Briefing: Armed with your trusty dagger, set out to plunder the shops of Sapienza.

Brief Description:
The contract involves killing five shop workers around Sapienza with the black almond’s dagger. Since most of them are in public areas, you’ll have to get creative to isolate the targets. I did it with some creative coin tossing and the Sieker, but I’m sure some of the veterans here could figure out better ways to do it.
And of course, since it is buccaneer themed, the objective is to do it all in your suit and the only exfiltration route is via boat.

Location: Sapienza (world of tomorrow)

And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in-game, to make it look awesome): I’m thinking 47 standing on the sapienza docks or up at the ruined castle, with the pirate ship/kraken Easter egg appearing in the background.

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shit why did i not think of that?

The only reason why i thought of it was because i watched TIN TIN yesterday and i went, hold up there’s a TIN TIN Easter egg in Dartmoor and a unicorn horn, i could do a contract here. :slight_smile: :bulb:

yeah it’s a good idea and i forgot about that easter egg.

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@Charlie_Farmer don’t know if it counts as something connected to the pirate theme but i thought about the name of @The_Elite_Institute contract and it made me think of the old children’s book called “the fool and the flying ship”. The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship - Wikipedia

@Charlie_Farmer what do you think i can pull from the synopsis of that book or the name for a briefing?

I dont know as I’ve never read it, but if there is a weapon/item in the book or a poem/song or maybe the books setting i would use that. I will Google the book give me 1 hour i will probably get a idea, @Agent_MJ

@Agent_MJ you could do the three sons as targets or a poor target eg a civilian in Mumbai and a rich king eg maybe Dawood Rangan.
Or a contract based around an axe “The man told him how to strike a tree with an axe”
Just read the book and go do my tips above to get inspired

WHAT?! Is this a real thing?!

You’d better stay away from my unicorn horns!

What’s that…?

One contract has 2 targets and the other has 5? One contract only uses the horn on one target while the other uses it for both? One is a reference the other didn’t even realize was a thing…?

They’re not really the same at all…?


Never mind. Carry on.

Just know that if my contract doesn’t get picked and this contract does, I be VERY… mildly marginally more disappointed than I already will be. AND! I… just might need TWO drinks to drown my sorrows… :joy::rofl:


@Krikkit2021 did you also make a similar contract, if so i’m really sorry for doing that, i didn’t know.

:joy: No, don’t worry about it! I used the unicorn for one of my five targets that have nothing at all to do with Tin Tin. Yours was the first other one I recall seeing that also featured the unicorn horn.

That was just deep seated and increasing FC inferiority complex making me think that if they do pick a unicorn horn contract, now they have an alternative… :sob:

(And, besides, even if they were similar, that’s kind of the point of a theme; just look at how many Haven Island and/or Jarl’s Pirate Saber FCs we have.)

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hmmm yeah. i just don’t know if it would be considered a pirate book is why i ask. i’m more of basing it on the name of the book. also what level would be good for a three sons contract? let’s not forget about yates since he is in a way a king.

I get really worried about things like that as I’ve had issues with people copying my contracts before on Xbox and yes I’m now just realising how many haven/jerl contracts there are, people need to think outside the box.

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you could do Mendoza and do boat exit, Yates, a low level gaucho guard and a mercenary guard. And use a fire axe. I would count that as a pirate themed contract as along as you make the connection clear enough.