Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Nice idea @Agent_MJ Dubai is a under rated map from hit 3

I hate that as well, i love weird maps people never remember were good or don’t really care for. Like with Paris i have over 120 hours (maybe more) on Paris, but Sapienza killed Paris in my opinion, it got neglected when it should get more love when they did bonus missions and such.

Contract ID: 1-31-5667922-29
Platform: Epic
Submitter name: Fenixsandr
Contract title: BDSM(Broadsword-Dagger-Saber-Machete)

Brief Description: Fast contract for 2-3 min.

Location: Mendoza


Contract Id: 3-13-5432157-20
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Big Jimbo
Contract Title: Rangan Presents: The Mumbai Pirate
Briefing: Rangan Inc. presents their most ambitious film yet, The Mumbai Pirate: 47 Strikes Back, it follows the epic journey of legendary, two millennia old, body snatching pirate; Tobias “47” Reiper as he hunts down the men who betrayed him and trapped him is his underwater tomb centuries ago. Watch as he takes out his opponents with extreme prejudice, magic and the power of his hero; Daewood Rangan! When Mumbai Pirate hits the big screen, make sure you’re there or else you’ll miss the best film yet.
Description: Take out 5 targets while disguised as them with various items relating to them.
Location: Mumbai
Featured Contract Image: 47 standing menacingly behind one of the targets while disguised as them or someone similar to them.


My PS name is SwitcherSwiss, I think it’s too long for these, Switcher is better, I think you should go for Charlie but hey your choice


Submitting for consideration for Bootleg & Buccaneers

Contract ID: 426755526635

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Submitter name: PSYBarron

Contract Title: Sniper Pirate

Briefing: Good Morning 47 Your Targets Are in Haven Island Good Luck 47.

Brief Description: Eliminate five Targets with a sniper rifle disguised as The Buccaneer with no disguise changes.

Location: Haven Island

Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to everyone creating.
Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Another Switch player? Wow! I’ll make sure to give yours a play, just because it is the only one I can :rofl:

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Thanks i will give your two a play too.

Code isn’t working. Your other one works great and I enjoyed it, however this one won’t log in.

Ohhhh! It ends in 48! My mistake!Thanks for pointing it out else I’d have missed it.

I’ll give yours a try later once I’m back home!

@Clemens_IOI can you please amend The Sky Pirate’s code to 4-27-5478622-48? I must have mistyped in the original post. Thanks!

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Contract ID: 1-03-7415241-48

Platform: PC, Epic

Submitter name: Torbad

Contract Title: The Seaside Scurvy Sabotage


Brief Description: The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about pirates was scurvy, so I made this. You have to kill 2 villa guards with the battle axe, caruso and roberto with an accident explosion and a scientist with a lethal syringe

Location: Sapienza, World of Tomorrow



Contract ID:1-29-4121870-17


Submitter name:Feng Cai

Contract Title:Pirates 47

Briefing:Killer 47 has done enough of being a killer, and he feels very boring. He wants to be the target of a pirate’s killing contract to satisfy his freshness

Brief Description:A contract with five goals is not difficult after being familiar with the contract, and the goals are very close



Contract ID:1-12-7995489-17


Submitter name:Feng Cai

Contract Title:Pirate yar47

Briefing:Tired of being a killer, 47 changed his profession to be a pirate, alias Yar. He passed through a remote mountain village, where 47 was entrusted to return to his old profession, but was performing tasks as a pirate Yar.

Brief Description:A contract with three targets. Although the target location is far away, it is not very difficult. Kill three targets with Yar’s pirate knife

Location:Saint Fortuna


**Contract ID: ** 1-03-1874427-04

Platform: PC / Steam

Submitter name: albertibass

Contract Title: The wine heist

Briefing: After several weeks at see, 47 ran out of wine. Every buccaneer knows there is only one way to get new wine. And this way contains robbery, murder and a lot of style.

47 has a simple plan:

  1. Raid the Caruso villa
  2. Kill the head of the wine cellar
  3. Plunder the wine
  4. Drink the wine within the next week

But on his way back he was distracted by those landlubbers with their fishing roads and plants. So he quickly got rid of them and escaped with his boat.

Good luck hearties.

Brief Description: Eliminate 3 targets. The head of the wine cellar ( optional with a dagger), a gardener and a fisherman. Exit with the boat.

Location: Sapienza

Image suggestion:


It would be good if the judges starts playing and evaluating the contracts from first day of submission, rather than waiting for last day of sumbission. I mean honestly I personally dont like the random lottery system and I am sure they wont do the lottery and never did this random selection earlier.
However looking at the big list it will take a lot of time to evaluate. Also the officials at IOI must be busy with Ambrose Island deployment/release (as per my proffesional IT exp I know). So if I was the judge I would take a paper and give scores by playing every contracts daily for 30 mins maybe from the first day of sumbission open.
I would be happy if the contracts with best scores gets picked even if my contract is not picked.

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Nice Contract.
Out of Curiosity, did they map your real face to the cook @Urben ?
If Yes, you look polite and nerdy :nerd_face:


The contract selection has always been shrouded in mystery. Does Clemens wait until the submission period is over, or is he keeping tabs and possibly playing the contracts during the submission period? Remember, one has to finish the contract to register the leaderboard, he may only be playing until the exit and just quit so it does not register. Not to mention other development tools IOI may have that may streamline the gameplay.

My theory: Clemens comes up with a short list of contracts for selection (say 12 to pick the best 6 for feature) and plays only those. So if you don’t sell your contract in either the briefing or description, you don’t make the short list. This would line up with the past were HMF members wondered why a certain contract wasn’t picked, or if someone submitted multiple and thought the weaker submission was picked, it was what caught Clemens attention and made it to the short list to be played and ultimately picked.


Just finished yours. It was cool, I liked it!.. but I couldn’t SA it. I did manage to do it though without being spotted, at least!

Yes i thought about that with my FC “Engulfed in a fiery sorrow” as i thought that it was one of my weaker FC submissions last month.

Contract ID: 2-21-0235263-61

Platform: Ps4 (Pro)

Submitter name: Greek Agent

Contract Title: The Sign Of The 4 Pirates

Briefing: 4 pirates of your crew plotted to destroy your ship,“The Rieper of the 7 Seas”,when they got their hands on 4 pieces of a map that uncovers the location of an Ancient Mariner’s treasure.His 7th Son cursed it using an Iron Maiden trap.They’ve arrived at the island to retrieve it.You survived with a few coins to feed their inner greed and their fall will follow.You might need to blind them for a moment.An eye for an eye…patch, (3.14)-rate 47 !!!
Gate guards might enjoy your old rum.Ahoy !!!

Brief Description: This a puzzle solving contract.I used the Sign Of The Four on the title as a reference to the Sherlock Holmes novel in which there is that “wooden legged” character returning for his revenge.You are the avenging Pirate,always starting at the pier and the sea waves give you the chill.You always see the 4 traitors and try to end their cons-piracy :stuck_out_tongue: You have to think a bit to solve this and be quick on your plan but I added a lot of clues-hints on the briefing for help.Thankfully it only takes approximately 2 minutes for every try.The outcome will be the same for Agents.The gate falls on all 4 and you are the one who yields the chain !!! Not room for creativity here, but I think it will give a lot of satisfaction to pirates when they achieve Silent Assassin.There is also that Optional time limit because the Pi number joke was tempting :stuck_out_tongue: Last but not least, Iron Maiden references (“Rime of the Ancient Mariner”,“7th Son of a 7th Son”) felt right, because there is already an iron maiden trap on Sgail !!! Scream for me Pirates \m/

Location: Isle Of Sgail

Image suggestion :