Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Welcome to Team Switch, going to play your contract. Hope yours will be featured.

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We have a new member on Team Switch so now you can play another game. It’s created by howdy and the contract id is 4-20-1918126-19 it is already posted in the main page.

@PSYBarron @BobTheBuilder @The_Elite_Institute respect goes to you guys. yer kind of the underdog console of this topic. this is coming from me who is a PlayStation player.


Well, someone has to represent the Switch version!

We get to play each other’s contracts at the very least too. It’s unfortunate that every time I see a cool contract, it’s for another platform! That’s the beauty of featured contracts too - we get to experience other cool creations!

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absolutely. that is the beauty of featured contracts.

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Contract ID: 2-03-5441366-63
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: IlikeHitman
Contract title: Like real pirates
Location: Sapienza


Brief description:

This is another contract where you start at the ruins and do some cannon kills. There are already a lot of them, but I couldn’t come up with something more original and the idea was planned out long before this theme even started, so I hope my briefing and target selecion make it stand out. :smile:

The main challenge represents the cannon kills. The targets aren’t directly in the cannons’ line of sight, which makes them tricky to kill. For the gardener, Silvio is in the way so you need to either panic him or wait until he stops playing golf and then do a bullet distraction for the gardener. The guards are out of the range of bullet distractions and the trick is to lure them with another cannon explosion first. The other targets help at making the routing smoother, as you have what to do while waiting for the cannon kills. Also, as a small tip, shooting the cannons with a firearm allows these explosion kills to be done from distance, on your way to the top of the ruins (which not only saves time because a target is there, but also saves you from potentially getting spotted by the guards investigating the explosions). :wink:

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

If anyone’s interested, here’s my approach:


Dude you can edit your posts


Contract ID: 2-02-2564280-24

Platform: PS5

Submitter name: Dodarkillen

Contract Title: The God, The Pirate, The Magician

Briefing: Yaaaarghh Jarl 47, I have lost my treasure to these bodyguard’s after the raided my ship. Please help me retrive my suits and speedboat, make sure to kill the bozo’s guarding them. I will award you with your own parrot when this is done! Yaaarghh Away Jarl 47

Brief Description: 3 kills in diffrent suits, medium difficulty. (Clone targets)

Location: Paris

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Make it better if yall can


too late):, well what can you do

yep. all that is left now is to see who got featured. really excited to see if one of my submissions made the cut.

There is something like 93 submissions. It’s a record.
Clemens, you have two days to test them.


yeah there is a lot. also heard that most contracts are picked through a lottery style. so it’s up to chance. not unless there is a misunderstanding and there are people who test these levels.

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:joy: Nah, that’s just a joke/meme! Probably. Though, with the shear volume of submissions, who knows? :face_with_monocle:


I still stand by my theory that Clemens drafts a short list from the submissions that he likes, finds interesting, loves the premise, etc. and plays only those to get the final list. How big that list is, only Clemens knows.


Rather, it starts testing not after the end of submissions


lot of PlayStation players threw their hats in the ring.

I kind of maybe feel like in the future there should be a limit on how many submissions each user gets. Like, two.

Don’t know what inspired so much involvement this round. Maybe summertime = more free time for many.

that and the whole pirate idea. either way it’s great to see so many inspired fans.

Nah, can’t ever be enough! :smiley:


too many good ideas.