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Contract Title: Defect-arrrs!
Contract ID(PlayStation): 2-13-4728728-37
Location: Mumbai, India (Chasing a Ghost)


Rar-har-har its me your pirate captain! Four of your shipmates are defect-arrs and have joined the crow pirates! I’m asking you to eliminate these trait-arrs in the most pirate way possible!

Brief Description

Eliminate 4 targets each are a member of the crow pirates, your goal is to eliminate the 3 out of the 4 targets in accidental explosion kills and the remaining pirate with a sharp object. The targets are two crows on the roof of their hideout eliminated with an accidental explosion, another target is a crow near the sewers eliminated with an accidental explosion and the last target is a crow in a hideout near the sewers eliminated with a sharp object. both sets of targets are a tiny bit away from each other but if you can traverse crowds well it will be quick, the eliminations are explosions as to replicate cannon explosions but are kept as accidental so this can be a silent assassin run and the last target killed with a sharp object is to replicate a pirates sword, any sharp object works but a pirates sword is the best. For more style points you can escape via the boat near the beach.

Featured Contract Image

I had a three suggestions but since I’m a new user to the forum it only let me post one so I went with the one that best fits with the Bootleg & Buccaneers theme, if you want more suggestions I will find a way to post the other images

Suggestion 1

Felt this one shows off the pirate theme and is the nicest looking of my three suggestions I originally had


Contract ID: 2-09-8595062-79

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: lukefsje

Contract Title: You Wouldn’t Steal a Video Game

Briefing: Good morning, 47. In an a search for info on us, the Shadow Client has been attempting to illegally download a 2012 video game loosely based on your exploits at the time, and has asked his crack team of hackers to procure it. The clients, members of a mysterious Danish game development firm, have asked us to eliminate them like the pirates they are. Be sure to leave no video evidence behind, as this could still provide the militia with valuable intel. I will leave you to prepare.

Brief Description: With this one, I wanted to combine digital piracy with swashbuckler piracy. I thought it would be a fun challenge to infiltrate the house in Colorado in the Buccaneer suit, and the Militia hackers seem like the type of people who do a lot of pirating online. The title is a reference to the infamous “You Wouldn’t Steal a Car” PSA from the 2000’s.

Location: Colorado, USA

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 4-31-3882894-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute (although MYT is my in-game name if you need that)

Contract Title: A Pirate’s Vengeance

Briefing: Nobody steals our grog and get’s away with it! Teach those landlubbers a lesson, Captain 47!

Brief Description: Eliminate four targets in a piratey fashion. The ringleader, Don Yates needs the personal touch with a shot from your trusty gun. Kenneth Flowers, his advisor who suggested the theft, should be taken out with explosives. They stole a couple of our cannons, so that should prove handy. As for his trusted guards that protect the booze… well, a slice from your saber should do the trick!

Location: Mendoza

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:

You don’t have Switch listed, but hopefully I can still submit! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at a featured contract for a while and this pirate themed one sparked by creative juices!


Contract ID: 1-24-5877512-16
Platform: PC steam
Submitter Name: f3lixdewey
Contract Title: Sword of the pirates piracy
Good morning 47,
There were some files leaked in a game containing sensitive information about the ICA, and while the game has been deleted off all legal owners, anyone who pirated the game would have full access to the files. Our client has discovered that 4 employees of a bank in New York had pirated the game, and kept the files. The client has also added a bonus for if we eliminated the targets with swords for some irony.
Brief Description:
Eliminate 4 targets, all with swords(optional) and try not to cause too much panic.
Location: New York Bank (Golden handshake)

Image suggestion


Contract ID: 2-21-4618761-92
Platform: PS5
Submitter name: tryagainlater
Contract Title: Live Like A Pirate, Die Like A Pirate

Briefing: We’re all about the pirate lifestyle here. You have tot turn two of your targets into pirates by shooting one in the eye with a pistol and blowing up the other’s leg with an explosive ddevice. If you want to use something else in your pistol slot, you can always go digging for a buried one nearby.

Kill the other three like a pirate would. Stab with your trusty pirate saber, use a throwing dagger and, of course, shoot a cannonball. You may need a gunshot to get the target in sight on your cannon.

Brief Description: Lots of pirate themed kills as described in the briefing. I really wanted to encourage people to use the cannonball kill which is an explosive accident. I was going to do the all shots hit NPC complication but decided against it because it’s very satisfying to lure the guy near the phoenix statue over with a gunshot and shoot the cannon at him. It means people can just use a propane flask if they want but hey, shooting a cannon is more fun. I put targets near both places where you can find cannonballs and bags of gunpowder to allow for some variety in routing.

The only complication then is the headshot one just to fit the pirate theme of someone’s eye being put out. I put the bit about digging up the gun in the briefing to fit the theme but I doubt anyone’s going to use it. There isn’t much need to use a kalmer or sieker here so people will just bring in their own pistol and the target is secluded enough that you don’t even need a silenced pistol but it’s an option. The target is right next to where you can dig it up and the two shovels on the map are near other targets. It’s at least a nice reminder that there is a free silenced pistol in Sgail. Man, that sure was a lot of text for something no one will interact with.

Location: Isle of Sgail

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-24-3338686-82

Platform: Steam

Submitter name: Casetros

Contract Title: TREASURE HUNT

These scallywags plundered me treasure! Then those landlubbers put me loot in a vault! A vault! Every self respectin’ pirate buries thar loot under a big red X. Now go 'n get me gold back 'n kill those scurvy dogs while ye’re at it!

All hands hoay, 47!

Brief Description:
This contract requires you to get the golden sawed-off shotgun from the vault by collecting all the gold while wearing a bank robber disguise. Normally, it is very easy to accomplish this by starting as the bank robber, however, you must kill the targets while in a suit. This means you need to get the bank robber disguise from the bathrooms, go to the vault and collect all the gold, retrieve the shotgun and return to your suit, kill the targets and get out.

Location: New York

And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in-game, to make it look awesome)


That second image is amazing. I wish I was on PC sometimes.


Contract ID:1-26-2622111-60


Submitter name:holidays99

Contract Title:Are you ready kid?

Briefing:I’m a pirate.

Brief Description:The captain used to search for treasure,but now he is too old to do this now.
So,47.Dress like a pirate and help him find the treasure then give the treasure to him.
So the captain can die without regret.

Location:Haven Island


[Any submissions I do will all have the same theme of ‘treasure’ hunting]

Contract ID: 1-21-8785982-04

Platform: EGS

Submitter name: Kevin Rudd

Contract Title: S’gail Fashion Show


Brief Description: In a ye olde castle you’re hunting for new outfits to show off your booty, they’re all laying around waiting to be taken. Not sure where to look? A good pirate always consults a map

Location: Isle of Sgail

Image suggestion:

Pick whatever works best with the logo thing


Contract ID: 2-08-3358181-60

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: Axwage

Contract Title: Blood Leaks of the Bootleggers


Steve Albino wanted to be a record producer, but could never quite cut it. Relegated to menial tasks on the recording crew, his bitterness only amplified.

Working for Jordan Cross sucked, but Steve one day got access to the new record’s masters. He took a recording and roped a couple of his failed-DJ friends into getting back at Jordan by leaking bootlegs of the new album.

Little did he know Dexy and Wes were onto him. They would like you to kill these pirates ironically.

Brief Description: I took inspiration from the word “bootleg”. Despite not being one of my favorite maps, Bangkok was the perfect fit. It’s in the free rotation, but mainly there’s a freaking recording studio in it — perfect for bootlegs! It’s also cool that Jarl’s Saber is a unique item and you can specify it in the kill method. I imagine many contracts will feature that.

You can only choose one outfit as you work your way through the puzzle of killing the pirate targets ironically and letting blood spill for their crime. Will you isolate them with emetics or distractions? Will you roam the top floor as the recording crew, or do you prefer access to the hotel staff areas? How will you deal with these godforsaken cameras?

Bangkok is kind of a huge pain of a map, and this is a puzzle of moderate difficulty that took its creator like over two hours, ugh.

Location: Bangkok (Club 27)

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:



Damn, as a huge music lover and collector, this is where my mind went soon as I saw “bootleg” (probably because I have several physical and downloaded) but I had yet to load the game today to develop a contract.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Sweet friend, you can think of a thousand different ways to mix the ingredients. Take the idea and make a better one than mine.


Contract ID:


Submitter Name:

Contract Title:
The Phantom of the Cursed Angel

Legends tell of the terrible fate of the crew onboard “The Cursed Angel”, a pirate ship that sunk into the Sapienza Bay during a hurricane in 1723. Nothing remained of the ship except a journal belonging to Henry Rieper, the captain of the ship who’s spirit supposedly manifests in Sapienza to this day. A pirate 'till the bitter end, Henry is said to torment the business-owners of modern Sapienza. Apparently, he’s also not too big a fan of those who dress up as his ghost and gentrify his legend.

Brief Description:
A simple and easy contract with a slightly spooky take on the theme with an emphasis on melee kills (to encourage sword-use). I think “The Author” version of Sapienza lends a compatible atmosphere to the legend my briefing tells of.

Sapienza (The Author)

Featured Contract Image and Targets:


It has been a while. I will try one. A bit of a wacky narrative one.

Contract ID: 3-09-0925908-13
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: LandirtHome
Contract Title: Modern Mutiny Prevention
Location: Colorado


You helm a mighty ship. She sails the seven internet seas, plundering all she encounters. Software, media, even shudders games. Riches are pouring in.
But not all is well. Envy, treason, and complacency arrived.
Not far from you, you can see your second in command and your quarter master side eyes you, ready to strike and take your place.
You know that one of your crew is nothing more than a disguised agent of the Law.
And your cook. Your cook oversalt.
It is time to bring order, your order back.

Brief Description: A bit of a wacky briefing and narrative. I still made certain that each target had good clear opportunities (prompted distraction, poison, …) without requiring strange NPC manipulations. Used the enforcer statue of the two hackers to reinforce the narrative (“side eye you, ready to mutiny”). Same with the Interpol badge, and the all too forgotten Colorado cook.

Image suggestion: 47 in the Hacker disguise, on a boat.


Contract ID: 2-13-4637583-19
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: Jokerj
Contract Title: Pirates of Mumbai
Briefing: Practiced throughout time
Induced into the Mumbai slums
Rated dangerously in the city
A man’s dream had just begun
The Crows are out to seek
Eliminating the glums.

Of course we’ve set you this task
For this is a very big ask.

Mumbai will be in fear
Until their consequences have been severe
Mumbai will feel secure
Because the pirates will be no more
And after all this gluck
I wish you, 47, good luck.

Brief Description: Idea of Wazir being a pirate so i took him and 3 other elite thugs as the main ‘leaders’ if you will and killing these 4 will bring peace to Mumbai.
Location: Mumbai


Title: Arrrr you ready kids?
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Contract ID: 3-11-9113401-17
Location: Miami
Platform: Xbox
Brief description: Painty the pirate has a job for 47. The only problem is you must complete the mission in no more than 5 minutes as Painty is on film for the latest episode of SpongeBob in 5 minutes time. The kills are all water based or beach based eg drowning in water or the coconut accident kill for Miles Hopson.

Target/ complication:
Image suggestions:

I would personally use image 1 for the image.


I had to quote this just because of how good it is


If nothing else, that image IS pretty sick

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