Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

[Any submissions I do will all have the same theme of ‘treasure’ hunting]

Contract ID: 1-21-8785982-04

Platform: EGS

Submitter name: Kevin Rudd

Contract Title: S’gail Fashion Show


Brief Description: In a ye olde castle you’re hunting for new outfits to show off your booty, they’re all laying around waiting to be taken. Not sure where to look? A good pirate always consults a map

Location: Isle of Sgail

Image suggestion:

Pick whatever works best with the logo thing


Contract ID: 2-08-3358181-60

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: Axwage

Contract Title: Blood Leaks of the Bootleggers


Steve Albino wanted to be a record producer, but could never quite cut it. Relegated to menial tasks on the recording crew, his bitterness only amplified.

Working for Jordan Cross sucked, but Steve one day got access to the new record’s masters. He took a recording and roped a couple of his failed-DJ friends into getting back at Jordan by leaking bootlegs of the new album.

Little did he know Dexy and Wes were onto him. They would like you to kill these pirates ironically.

Brief Description: I took inspiration from the word “bootleg”. Despite not being one of my favorite maps, Bangkok was the perfect fit. It’s in the free rotation, but mainly there’s a freaking recording studio in it — perfect for bootlegs! It’s also cool that Jarl’s Saber is a unique item and you can specify it in the kill method. I imagine many contracts will feature that.

You can only choose one outfit as you work your way through the puzzle of killing the pirate targets ironically and letting blood spill for their crime. Will you isolate them with emetics or distractions? Will you roam the top floor as the recording crew, or do you prefer access to the hotel staff areas? How will you deal with these godforsaken cameras?

Bangkok is kind of a huge pain of a map, and this is a puzzle of moderate difficulty that took its creator like over two hours, ugh.

Location: Bangkok (Club 27)

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:



Damn, as a huge music lover and collector, this is where my mind went soon as I saw “bootleg” (probably because I have several physical and downloaded) but I had yet to load the game today to develop a contract.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Sweet friend, you can think of a thousand different ways to mix the ingredients. Take the idea and make a better one than mine.


Contract ID:


Submitter Name:

Contract Title:
The Phantom of the Cursed Angel

Legends tell of the terrible fate of the crew onboard “The Cursed Angel”, a pirate ship that sunk into the Sapienza Bay during a hurricane in 1723. Nothing remained of the ship except a journal belonging to Henry Rieper, the captain of the ship who’s spirit supposedly manifests in Sapienza to this day. A pirate 'till the bitter end, Henry is said to torment the business-owners of modern Sapienza. Apparently, he’s also not too big a fan of those who dress up as his ghost and gentrify his legend.

Brief Description:
A simple and easy contract with a slightly spooky take on the theme with an emphasis on melee kills (to encourage sword-use). I think “The Author” version of Sapienza lends a compatible atmosphere to the legend my briefing tells of.

Sapienza (The Author)

Featured Contract Image and Targets:


It has been a while. I will try one. A bit of a wacky narrative one.

Contract ID: 3-09-0925908-13
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: LandirtHome
Contract Title: Modern Mutiny Prevention
Location: Colorado


You helm a mighty ship. She sails the seven internet seas, plundering all she encounters. Software, media, even shudders games. Riches are pouring in.
But not all is well. Envy, treason, and complacency arrived.
Not far from you, you can see your second in command and your quarter master side eyes you, ready to strike and take your place.
You know that one of your crew is nothing more than a disguised agent of the Law.
And your cook. Your cook oversalt.
It is time to bring order, your order back.

Brief Description: A bit of a wacky briefing and narrative. I still made certain that each target had good clear opportunities (prompted distraction, poison, …) without requiring strange NPC manipulations. Used the enforcer statue of the two hackers to reinforce the narrative (“side eye you, ready to mutiny”). Same with the Interpol badge, and the all too forgotten Colorado cook.

Image suggestion: 47 in the Hacker disguise, on a boat.


Contract ID: 2-13-4637583-19
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: Jokerj
Contract Title: Pirates of Mumbai
Briefing: Practiced throughout time
Induced into the Mumbai slums
Rated dangerously in the city
A man’s dream had just begun
The Crows are out to seek
Eliminating the glums.

Of course we’ve set you this task
For this is a very big ask.

Mumbai will be in fear
Until their consequences have been severe
Mumbai will feel secure
Because the pirates will be no more
And after all this gluck
I wish you, 47, good luck.

Brief Description: Idea of Wazir being a pirate so i took him and 3 other elite thugs as the main ‘leaders’ if you will and killing these 4 will bring peace to Mumbai.
Location: Mumbai


Title: Arrrr you ready kids?
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Contract ID: 3-11-9113401-17
Location: Miami
Platform: Xbox
Brief description: Painty the pirate has a job for 47. The only problem is you must complete the mission in no more than 5 minutes as Painty is on film for the latest episode of SpongeBob in 5 minutes time. The kills are all water based or beach based eg drowning in water or the coconut accident kill for Miles Hopson.

Target/ complication:
Image suggestions:

I would personally use image 1 for the image.


I had to quote this just because of how good it is


If nothing else, that image IS pretty sick

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ID: 1-27-9554069-16
Platform: PC steam
Name: f3lixdewey
Title: All the gold from the seven seas
Briefing: With the recent opening of the tallest building in the world, it has been discovered that the gold was stolen from a feared pirate crew. They have asked us for help with eliminating the 4 main thieves, and if we fail, Dubai could be in major trouble.
Breif description: Kill 4 targets with Jarls saber while wearing th pirate suit
Location: Dubai
Image suggestion:

This is my second submission (if we are allowed to do maore than one) mainly because I’m learning how to make better contracts so i might have a lot of submissions as i make more.


BTW i did not copy your title i only just realised you had the same one, also since that’s a modded contract, if IOI follow there own rule they wont pick yours as it is meant to be disqualifying factor.

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I was beaten to the punch but I’ll say it anyway. :man_shrugging: I feel compelled to let you know that, while cool, the lethal non-lethal melee throw glitch probably disqualifies your contract. It’s one of my favorite exploits but IO generally tries to pick FCs that don’t require the use of glitches/exploits. There is still a lot of time to submit another contract for consideration.

In the meantime, though, you could post in on the “Fan made contracts of Hitman 3” thread. Anything goes there. :grin:

@Charlie_Farmer I was literally about to send you this: “Where you at man?! Ruining people’s hopes and dreams by callously reminding them of reality is usually your thing! :joy: (jk)”

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As the resident pirate streamer of the community, I feel compelled to add a contract or two here!!

A Rieper’s Revenge

Contract ID: 3-10-1619739-20
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: Crewdy
Location: Hokkaido


Captain Rieper, notorious pirate and general scalliwag has made his way to Hokkaido to plunder to steal… Using his famed Buccaneer suit and his trusty Pirate’s Saber, he is here seeking revenge on a group of ex-pirates who wronged him in the past.

Brief Description:
4 targets in Hokkaido which much all be taken out with the Jarl’s Pirate Saber. No KO’s and No disguise changes add a little bit of complexity to the contract, but not enough that is is impossible for casual players. Each target has a lure that you can use to isolate them and move them from their position.

Image Suggestion

Oh, and make sure you bring your pirate suit :wink:


{"Author":null,"MissionId":"3b7072e6-febc-46f6-901d-717987f2d22e","MissionName":"LOCATION_HOKKAIDO","TimeLimit":60,"ExitId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","CreateFromParamsJ":{"creationData":{"Title":"A Rieper's Revenge","Description":"Captain Rieper, notorious pirate and general scalliwag has made his way to Hokkaido to plunder to steal... Using his famed Bucaneer suit and his trusty Pirate's Saber, he is here seeking revenge on a group of ex-pirates who wronged him in the past.","Targets":[{"RepositoryId":"1ba50e5b-bc11-4ad4-a548-ecbb2c010f18","Selected":true,"Outfit":{"Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false,"RepositoryId":"052cbf5d-e268-479a-a705-17609d528182"},"Weapon":{"KillMethodBroad":"melee_lethal","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethod":"melee_lethal","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RepositoryId":"fba6e133-78d1-4af1-8450-1ff30466c553"}},{"RepositoryId":" f19cb43e-7f33-4d27-aa42-ecd7918eb2fe","Selected":true,"Outfit":{"Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false,"RepositoryId":"052cbf5d-e268-479a-a705-17609d528182"},"Weapon":{"KillMethodBroad":"melee_lethal","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethod":"melee_lethal","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RepositoryId":"fba6e133-78d1-4af1-8450-1ff30466c553"}},{"RepositoryId":"a6f3dfc8-86fa-4a09-8ddf-0fa398958429","Selected":true,"Outfit":{"Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false,"RepositoryId":"052cbf5d-e268-479a-a705-17609d528182"},"Weapon":{"KillMethodBroad":"melee_lethal","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethod":"melee_lethal","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RepositoryId":"fba6e133-78d1-4af1-8450-1ff30466c553"}},{"RepositoryId":"92c028a9-a72b-49bc-996b-194b8ddb795d","Selected":true,"Outfit":{"Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false,"RepositoryId":"052cbf5d-e268-479a-a705-17609d528182"},"Weapon":{"KillMethodBroad":"melee_lethal","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethod":"melee_lethal","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RepositoryId":"fba6e133-78d1-4af1-8450-1ff30466c553"}}],"ContractConditionIds":["008d2eb9-c1c8-44e0-a636-ccca63629f3c","95690829-7da4-4225-a087-08918cccf120"]}}} 

Gaargh! So, after listening to how my buddy @Charlie_Farmer was able to complete my contract very easily. I’ve updated my contract with an additional complication, the [Optional] Perfect Shooter. Contract ID has been updated. Sorry Sieker players, no pistols allowed! Seems stupid, but I want people to complete this contract differently.
My old pirate seem to have gotten here in the modern day and has left his pistol behind. So, time to get a bit crafty. It’s You’ve Gotta Be Schmidtting Me!… not “You’ve Gotta Be Wilsoning Me!”


By the way, for anyone who doesn’t know, Steve Albini is a very accomplished and legendary musician and producer. Once I found the easter egg of the NPC with a referential name, I just had to make a contract around him.


Wow! Of course I know Steve Albini. But I never made this connection. Thanks for that!

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another contract from me

Contract ID: 2-02-3465784-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Pirating The Sword Of History

Briefing: Good evening 47. your targets are a group of historical item thiefs. The head of the operation is Loic Courcelle. He is texting his partners on the second floor. At this fashion event they are looking for Napoleon’s saber to sell on the black market. You’ve been hired by the museum of French history to take these pirates out. I recommend you dress up as a buccaneer for irony. Good luck 47

Location: Paris

Brief description:

  1. Felicien Bourque [death by jarl’s pirate saber: thrown weapon]
  2. Alain Rocheleau [death by saber: melee
  3. Richard Mouet [death by saber: thrown weapon]
  4. Ignace Richard [death by unarmed]
  5. Loic Courcelle [death by pistol: recommended if IOI is able to allow it: Bartoli 75R
  1. required exit
  2. no disguise changes [complication: only wear Buccaneer suit]
  3. no pacifications [complication]
  4. no recordings [complication]
  5. no bodies found [complication]
  6. targets only [complication]
  7. do not get spotted [complication]
  8. hide all bodies [complication]
  9. perfect shooter [complication]
  10. headshots only [complication]
Image suggestions
  1. this but with it angled behind him like he’s gonna hit him with it.
  2. one i took using the camera feature
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1 and three is my favorite. love the contract name. also had to post my contract after the 20 hour cool down. probably because i’m new here which it’s fine. @Urben probably to prevent spammers i assume? if so it’s fine by me. just excited to express all my ideas. also where can i post to share my channel vids when i upload them or notify i’m streaming?


@Felix_Dewey had an idea with both those levels. with Dubai use the proud swashbuckler in the Buccaneer suit and Hokkaido with the Buccaneer suit but made to use ninja weapons. the New York bank and Berlin too.