Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

ok I’ll update them to insclude steam specifically

Damn, that’s so obvious now that you’ve said it. Challenge accepted… maybe

:pirate_flag: Bootleg & Buccaneers, Part 1 because Covid kills contract making willpower? :parrot:

Contract ID/Contract Title:
3-24-9446182-02 (Thanks for letting me know about the copy & paste thing @Count.Rushmore )

Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin

Poorly cropped briefing so I could read the ID when making the big image:


Brief Description: It’s one thing to have the targets be doing piracy, but what if 47’s the piracy pirate? This contract brings functionality to the theme outside of pirate sabers/bucanneer suits by letting 47 illegally download a silenced shotgun. However, you’re discouraged somewhat, as the nearest smuggle point is the parking garage. Someone with a “good moral/legal conscience” will instead either pacify one of the nearby shotgun guards or even steal the one in the vault security room. I was also brought to the IT worker disguise for three reasons: it can’t legally hold the shotgun so the “malfunctioning” cameras can still spot you, the informal worker recently got his feet back and of course, it’s the computer-savvy disguise most likely to illegally download silenced weaponry. The target’s also possible with and without the supressor, although a casual player may prefer the suppressor.

great to see we all have great taste in references!
Location: New York

Had a lot of fun with the image this time round


I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you, @Krikkit2021, always.
Image result for im 4 parallel universes ahead of you hitman

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Dang! No more cheesing the contract with siekers… NOT. :wink:
Image result for so anyway i started blasting

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Modern Pirates

Contract ID: 2-13-5112115-10
Platform: Playstation
Submitter Name: Switcher
Contract Title: Modern Pirates
Location: Mumbai


Modern day pirates don’t spend 99% of their time in the ships, modern pirates don’t go and look around for any treasure, modern pirates make money by moving gold and metal.


For more info visit

Make the sea your workplace.

Brief Description:

4 Targets in the hills area of Mumbai, they all are thugs / elite thugs and you are supposed to kill them with any method, wearing the metal worker disguise.
When I saw this pirates theme, what I first thought of (in relation to Ambrose) was Vaas’ Pirates in Far Cry 3, the setting is similar so I wanted to make a “Modern Pirates” contract, Mumbai has the best setting with the thugs that are pretty much pirates, and the metal worker is related with the briefing, “moving gold and metal”.

Gameplay wise it’s definitely unique and fun, you need to play this one to understand what this contract is.

Image suggestions

Thanks @Urben and @Khakiasp for helping with the screenshots

Targets' Locations:


@Agent_MJ, i love the contract itself but, why so many complications. Its not good for casual and (i haven’t played it, i’m on Xbox) i SUSpect it will be a really. Challenging nightmare to complete. I’m not hating just saying MY opinion, that’s all.

I Love image 2 how did you get @Urben and @Khakiasp to do those for you?

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Urben didn’t took the first screenshot, I did, I just asked him to photoshop the “show menu” thingy

Original Pic For Reference

And khakiasp helps me alot with these screenshots, he uses some free cam, idk

Always good to shoutout those who help


@Charlie_Farmer i use nvidia ansel

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A Taste of Piracy

Good day, 47. Today you will eliminate the three leaders of a notorious pirate gang known as “The Kindlers”. Our client, Quinton Lint, C.E.O. of Green Gem, was the victim of their latest raid, stealing millions of dollars worth of gold and silver. The three leaders have infiltrated the Himmapan Hotel to assassinate Ken Morgan to steal most of his fortune. One last thing, though. Mr. Lint has asked you to give them a taste of piracy in their final moments. I will leave you to prepare.

47 has to kill 3 people, two in the basement, one following Ken Morgan (trying to kill him). You need to bring the Black Almond’s Dagger along, along with ye trusty flintlock (pistol).

Bangkok, Club 27

I had a few images, but they are gone. All it was was the Krugermier 2-2 (Bangkok mastery lvl 20 edition) and the Black Almond’s Dagger next to each other.

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PC Contract (Epic): Cursed Gold
ID: 1-26-7593004-83

I’ve never submitted a contract to be featured before, but I like the theme. This one makes use of the buried treasure on Haven Island. As a bit of an extra touch, the first character of the last names of the four targets spell out a very theme appropriate word. The exit used is the speedboat for which you need to steal the keys. It’s the most pirate-y thing I could come up with and I hope it’s enjoyable enough.

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Title: Walk the plank of shame
Contract ID: 3-03-8733317-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Sapienza
Brief description: Use the canon on Roberto, find a way to get silvio to move.

Image suggestion:

Thanks to @Khakiasp for the images below:
Hitman 3 Screenshot 2022.07.09 -
Hitman 3 Screenshot 2022.07.09 -


Ask in general, me and Khaki are good friends at this point so we help each other whenever in need, any PC player that uses Nvidia can help you with this, ask in the discord servers too if you can’t find anyone here


Sure, but only for this time. I usually do em for switchey as hes a great friend and he contacts me directly


fair. for me it’s easy since i know the whole Paris level top to bottom. only thing i can say is it probably takes longer with their being a lot of running around and unnecessary complications. part of it in my mind comes from the trial and error process. since hitman is known for that a lot. i guess i want it to have challenge and uniqueness so it doesn’t come of as generic. also i should screenshot some of the level people have picked. it gives me new location ideas. including the “you wouldn’t steal” thing.

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For Copy-Pasting Purposes

Legend of the Bald Man
Created By: Krkkit2012 (Xbox account)


Copy/Paste Again (and Stylization)

“Ahoy agents! Gather ‘round!

I’ll spin ye a yarn of a wily ol’ biddy’s treasure, unscrupulous brigands lookin’ to pilfer ‘em, and the force o’ nature what crashed down to beat ‘em all at they own games!

‘Tis a tale of action and subterfuge!

Be warned.

Fabrications abound!

There be few remaining who know just what happened to those landlubbers that day… Fewer still brave enough to tell it.

I ain’t no such yellow belly.

So kick off yer peg legs and pull up a stool! Drink up me hearties! Yo ho!”


Target Locations
For IO’s Eyes Only
I Don’t Know How to do JSON
Especially on Console
I Believe You
You’d Better Be IO
Massive Spoilers Otherwise

Description: You’ve got some “treasure” (the unicorn horn, multiple horns in fact so they could be real or “bootleg” as it were, and the saber) and you’ve got six pirates. Of course we all know who’s the best pirate and there can be only one anyway. I tried to set it up so that every start will offer something of value (i.e. proximity to targets or weapons, or good disguises) while also limiting players in some way (mostly through rerouting and different enforcers). I hoped it worked out at least a little bit. This isn’t meant to be terribly difficult or complex; it’s designed to encourage experimentation while also incorporating some “piratey” elements (a cutthroat treasure hunt, and a duel). As such, there’s only a couple of required kill methods; everything else is up to the player. One can, of course, dress up as a pirate; SASO should be more than possible (provided you’re not a doof like me).

Image Suggestions
These Two Are My Favorites

But These Will Do if You Like Them Better


Here is one from me!

Contract ID: 2-08-6129150-98

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: Strongblade

Contract Title: Classy Bootleggers


Brief Description:



Location: Bangkok (Cub 27)

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:

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@linux_penguin @lukefsje since you guys inspired me

Contract ID: 2-10-9374553-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: You wouldn’t steal a heart.

Briefing: Good evening 47. Your targets are two organ harvesters backed by the yakuza. The head of it is a man named Katashi Ito and his research aid Shoudai Kurosawa. The yakuza that back their ring are staying at the resort here in Hokkaido. You’ve been hired by Interpol to kill them after an agent went missing. We have intel that a mood altering neurochip implanted in his brain by his research aid for testing. this could lead to many opportunities to take Ito out. Good luck 47.

Location: Hokkaido

Brief Description:


core idea hinting at the usage of the neurochip


Image suggestion

had to edit the briefing here realizing after the fact i made spelling errors and forgot to add Smith’s name but thought not mentioning his name here to emphasize on hinting to the easter egg in case someone at IOI edits it and takes up my easter egg reference idea.