Official Community Created Contracts - 47's Birthday (September 2023)

47’s Birthday :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face:

Contract ID/Title:

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: linux_penguin



Brief Description: An any/any contract that utilises the setting of the map in the theme, as well as the large number of targets to reflect big celebration going on for his birthday. There are three targets on the middle floor with one above and below, encouraging players to manipulate the guards from a distance, but it is up to them how to do it. Very speedrunnable, yet the two guards at the top of the grand staircase may require some thought due to interesting sight lines from the ground floor.

Location: Paris

Image Suggestion

:cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face: :cake: :partying_face:

Contract ID/Title:

Platform: Steam (has a slightly tweaked briefing)

Submitter name: linux_penguin


Note that the steam version says “in this latest contract” and there is no “a” in the title.

Brief Description: As well as putting the theme in the briefing, this also puts it in the functionality. A 47’s that’s been a good hitman all year can expect to bring in his presents from sant- i mean Diana through the loadout, for those are his gifts on a silver platter. Meanwhile, other players may take the challenge and have the gift horse, which requires them to find the three items on the map. In this route the poison must be consumed, and the explosives loud. It’s up to player preference/necessity as to if they will find the items from the map.

Location: Haven Island

Image Suggestion


Contract ID: 3-11-6973884-17
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: Wigglyweevil211
Contract Title: Wishful Thinking

Brief Description: This contract is a reference to the song “Unhappy Birthday” by The Smiths. Challenge yourself and see how fast you can complete this contract! Enjoy
Location: The Finish Line, Miami


Blow Your Candles!

Contract ID: 2-24-0433113-10
Platform: Playstation
Submitter Name: Switcher
Contract Name: Blow Your Candles!
Location: New York


As it is your Birthday, Agent 47, we knew we had to get you a party! We ordered a cake from Bangkoks’ most luxurious hotel, set up a dance party at the club in Berlin, and invited all of your friends!

But we are missing one thing, the candles! And Agent 47 shall not have any ordinary candles, in order for his wish to be granted, he needs to blow up propane flasks! Oh well, then, he should start what he needs to do.

Brief Description:

3 targets, explosion accidents, make up a triangle in the way they are all positioned, considering that there are three propane flasks in the map, the players need to be creative with their strategies otherwise they’d find themselves running all around the map.

This is a fun puzzle contract that I hope you choose to feature!


I would like to submit 3 Puzzle contracts :jigsaw: on the occasion of 47’s birthday :birthday:. The hints are shown in the respective image suggestions (like Redacted Images as shown in Challenges :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Contract ID: 2-27-8709767-31

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: Zubin47

Contract Title: Cheers ! Now cut the cake


Whiskey and white cake for the Birthday!! Cheers! Now cut the cake and make it a day!!

Happy Birthday 47

Brief Description:
How do you lure a guard to a specific area? This is the core trick to solve this puzzle. Well, it is 47’s birthday and let us celebrate with Whiskey and Vanilla Cake. Be careful 47 has a Kitchen Knife to cut the cake. I tested this puzzle in multiple routes and possibilities - top to bottom or bottom to top on this vertical map. As suggested above take a note on the image suggestion to crack this.

Location: Dubai, UAE

Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-99-8689696-31

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: Zubin47

Contract Title: Wake up my friend


Wake up. Wake up my friend. It’s the dawn of a new day and you have things to do.

I will guide and teach you and you will learn by doing. Always remember. I am not only your guide, think of me as the person you trust the most.

The skill you learn today will not only be useful, but vital for performing the task I have chosen for you. - Dr O

Practice and kill Agent 46 and Agent 45.

Brief Description:
This contract is inspired by the first training mission in first game – the first dialogues in the game. Personally, I was nostalgic, it took me 20 years back when I first played Codename 47. Here you need to make the crew go to a lonely place where you can fiber wire him. Fiber wire and Silenced Pistol are the classic weapons of 47. You need to eliminate the two bald bodyguards, somewhat look alike of 47 / his clones like the final mission - Meet your brothers. Skilled players may try sniping with the Pistol at the only starting location. By default, the two weapons are equipped and there are more in the table just when you start. Dr O stands for Dr Ortmeyer in the briefing.

Location: ICA Facility Freeform Training (Yatch)

Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-12-6434407-31

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: Zubin47

Contract Title: Hitman: Codename 47


Happy Birthday, 47.

You have three targets - the thief who stole the religious idol from the U’Wa tribe, Drug Lord Pablo Ochoa and Mr Ochoa You must find the one who was sacrificed to the Jungle God. This contract is Inspired by a series of missions in Hitman: Codename 47.

Hint: Frog Staff Chef

Brief Description:
Like the previous contract, this contract is inspired by one of my best missions / map in Colombia map in the first game. The soundtrack on the map is still unforgettable till date. The objective is somewhat based on the original missions – find the Gold Idol, U’Wa tribe, Jungle God and eliminate one of the five fathers – Pablo Ochoa. Shoutout to @MrOchoa - a hardcore fan of Codename 47 who is a popular member in this forum, one of the targets (the tattoo artist) fits the route/puzzle and is somewhat lookalike of him. I tested this puzzle in multiple routes and possibilities - on this horizontal map. As suggested above take a note on the image suggestion to crack this and note the hint mentioned in the briefing.

Location: Santa Fortuna, Colombia

Image suggestion:

Thank you and Happy Birthday 47




Contract ID: 1-24-0839572-70

Platform: PC / EGS

Submitter name: suanjiansalt

Contract Title: 47’s Commemorative Party

Briefing: Good evening, Agent 47. It’s your birthday, and the ICA has provided you with this special contract. You have been asked to come to a bank in New York and eliminate the four members that make up the Holy Red Hawk Bird. The initiator of the pact has also asked you to use your skills appropriately and use your birthday coin to make the kill. Good luck.

Location: New York

Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-22-6574671-21

Platform: Steam

Submitter name: Joe The Forgetful

Contract Title: 47’s Rival Party

Briefing : I’m sorry to inform you 47, but it seems that someone has decided to throw a garden party on the same day as your birthday. I suggest you teach them a lesson in manners and why not to mess with you, especially on your birthday

Happy Birthday 47

Brief Description:
I chose Whittleton creek because I remembered the party there and thought it would be different to the choice of Bangkok with the whole party setup, while still being able to stay on theme. The targets I chose were the hosts of the party and two people the hostess talk to at the start so their wasn’t much waiting around and you can be very creative because there are a lot of hazards around the party

Location Whittleton creek

Featured image

I found the clown suit quite fitting seeing as clowns are seen at party’s also couldn’t add the objective in post because I’m a new member

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I thought of remaking my Heat Stroke submission contract ‘The Chongqing Luau’ where you have to drag Hush’s bodyguard Mogwai down to the server room to get a fire accident kill (required, so it’s not cheesed as a fall accident, also no bodies found which should also prevent a fall kill).

But given the recent events in Hawaii… It’d probably be better if I didn’t. :confused:

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And because it would be so tedious and probably drive everyone insane


Contract ID: 1-04-4485195-63

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter name: Melusca

Contract Title: Meet your brother(s)

Briefing: He’s after us. Agent 47. The ICA’s most talented hitman. Bald guy, tough looking. Wears a black suit and a tie. Could be your twin brother, to be honest. We’ve identified a few people that fit his description. Take no chances and eliminate them all.

Brief Description: A classic fiber wire SONKO where we have 47 impersonating a rival assassin tasked with eliminating him, and an obvious Codename 47 reference since I took the “birth” in “birthday” quite literally. At first I wanted to make it in HCCE with slightly different requirements but HCCE stopped working for some reason so I changed some things. I think I prefer this variant overall so in the end all turned out well anyway :slight_smile:

Location: Sapienza (Landslide)

Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-13-3811782-56
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: ambusher55
Location: Mumbai
Contract Title: 47’s Gift Shopping

I have plans for 47’s birthday. I am shopping for the gifts, and here is my list:

  1. Cloth Fabric for a Suit
  2. Casual Cloth Fabric
  3. Formal Shoes
  4. Snacks and Fruits

Brief Description:

  • 4 Targets
  • Any method for killing
  • Any disguise
  • No complications
  • Birthday Shopping is the theme - Shop owners of the items in the shopping list.

Useful Notes:

  • A bill board on top of a target
  • A target goes to smoke
  • A target goes to his house
  • Fourth target is a difficult one
Image Suggested (also Target location)


Unfortunately my Flour Power contract is now essentially the same as their proposed idea, as that is now the only way to kill those two targets with a fire accident.

Hopefully either the Molotov gets adjusted or they add a fire barrel on the map (perhaps the alleyway accessible from one of the target’s apartment?) at some point in the future. Probably won’t happen, but I’m sad that one is now a pain.


Contract ID: 2-03-2977708-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Big Birthday Mix Up

Briefing: As for 47’s birthday he has decided to go and play the roles of important professions for birthdays with the wrong tools to ruin other people’s birthdays. Follow him on his journey to do everything backwards and mixed up

Location: Sapienza

Brief Description:

Targets And Complication

Image Suggestion

don’t know if this’ll become featured but it’s worth a try.


----- Founding Fathers -----

CID: 1-21-3262500-96
Platform: Epic Store
Submitter name: Druid Forest
Contract Title: Founding Fathers
Location: Isle of Sgàil

Brief Description:
A contract inspired by the 5 fathers (DNA) of Hitman. I also tried to use similar way of their death.



Challenge - Feats:


S. Image:



Contract ID: 3-21-3852304-53

Platform: Xbox One

Submitter name: Lindolfo

Contract Title: Operation: Happy Birthday

Briefing: Good evening, 47. I know you would rather work than to go to your own birthday party and that is why I invited your targets to the celebration. I hope you enjoy my present to you and the party.

Brief Description: an any/any contract with 5 targets with accident opportunities.

Location: Isle of Sgail

image sugestions


Submitter: V_i_c_KS
Contract ID: 2-02-6100521-40
Platform: PS5
Contract Title: Flashy 47
Location: Paris


@linux_penguin Let’s make a deal that for your future submissions double the image text into the body of the post itself.
I mean include all the information according to the template in the initial post of submission thread in the post like a regular text.
Reason of it, it just takes me ages to manually type all those ID’s and contract names into the summary table. Also it takes time to check if all names and ID’s are correct.
At the same time I see no problem for you to just copy and paste all those in the post body.
This will save me lots of time and minimize the chance of an error or typo. Because it’s lot easier just copy and paste necessary chunks of text than typing it manually. And I can’t do that from the image.
As far as I’m almost alone who updates this summary table, from now on I may ignore your contracts to be added to the list if I see that I need to spend the whole day writing and checking manually all the information.
Also you can easily modify the table by yourself adding all the necessary information.
So please consider to include all the names and ID’s of your submissions into the post body according to the template or be not surprised to see your submissions missing in the list.

Thank you for reading this


Yes, agree, it is recommended to keep the post as per the template, especially the texts. we can attach additional images along with it.

For manual type, appreciate your hard work, a tip maybe - use google lens app, with this you point the camera and the visual text will convert to copy paste texts (Just like 47 using his camera to open the Dubai windows :sunglasses:), this would somewhat reduce extra efforts (for now).

I have just updated my briefing into texts, it took a few finger taps - you can take screenshots and load in ggl lens.
For briefing in different language, it can auto translate as well - a lot of cool featues we can use, sorry me too nerdy :nerd_face:

Screenshots of the above action

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As much as I’d love to, doing so has really annoyed me in the past as seemingly if multiple people are editing at once, the first person’s additions are overwritten by the second. If that didn’t happen, I’d have been doing it every time, considering I use contract images for easier sharing.

I sympathise that it isn’t as easy, but isn’t this hyperbole? :slightly_frowning_face: I’ll assume the issues I’ve faced with the editor won’t happen again, but what I’ve done before is writing the ID down on paper so that it’s definitely correct and there in front of me - even HMF lets you scroll down to read other posts or even other threads, and you’ll need to find the post in question either way to find the link to the post.

Of course, I’ll just do it myself


Contract ID: 2-04-0509019-61

Platform: Ps4 Pro

Submitter name: GreekAgent

Contract Title: An Agent’s Age

Briefing: Agent 47,born on the 5th of September back in 1964.
Age is nothing but a number and noone’s ever too old to celebrate his own birthday.Unfortunately, Abbiati has reserved the beach and won’t run away easily.Unless…well,let’s say he is afraid of explosions.Fireworks,cake and camera will be needed.Put the blame of their accidents on the plumber who forgot propane tanks at the church garden shed.Blow his candle too.Let your party be spectacular 47.
Life is short,enjoy before the sunset fades…

Brief Description: Landslide with its nostalgic music fits the birthday theme and Ageless 47 has to organize his party by getting rid of Abbiati.Many accident opportunities for all 5 targets.I had to add difficulty with “Targets Only” and “No Pacifications” to motivate players discover my original method hinted on the briefing.(Run Abbiati run…twice :stuck_out_tongue: ).The sunset is due to come and 47 needs to celebrate his special day.Let the explosions begin.Happy birthday 47 :partying_face: !!!

Location: Sapienza Landslide

Image Suggestion: