Official Community ENVY Featured Contracts Submissions [ENDED]

Contract ID: 2-29-0171061-37
Platform: PS4
Submitter Name: Deimatic
Contract Title: Mirror Match: Berlin

Briefing: All these men think they’re the best at their jobs, but anything they can do you can do better. Prove you are the best at it all. The only thing you need is the right outfit.

Brief Description: Named for the classic video game scenario I think the concept of eliminating targets as you dress as them fits envy perfectly. The optional complication forces you to use all (or most depending on starting location) the free disguises available on the map to get your targets. I tried to design it in a loop, where one target naturally leads to the next disguise and then the next target. The looping nature maximizes the possible starting points if you are looking to get through the contract with speed, as well as making the contract flow well for all players.

Location: Berlin

Image Suggestion:
VS Screen

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Just Targets


Contract ID: 2-30-7265578-37
Platform: PS4
Submitter Name: Deimatic
Contract Title: Mirror Match: Chongqing

Briefing: All of these people think they are the best at their jobs, but anything they can do you can do better. Prove you are the best at it all. The only thing you need is the right outfit.

Brief Description: This contract follows the same concept as the Berlin version. It doesn’t flow quite as well as the Berlin version as the researcher and analyst are both out of the way near their outfits rather than on the way to the next one however the better placement of exits around the map could make more options viable to speedrun.

Location: Chongqing

Image Suggestion:
VS Screen

No Text

Just Targets


Contract ID: 1-09-3611716-90
Platform: PC
Submitter name: 113A1
Contract Title: Burgess. Soldier 1st Class
Briefing: Burgess is the top shooter of the militia. He is capable of hitting headshots with any weapons. But he had an accident and can’t shoot at the moment. However, he heard rumors that there will be candidates to take his position as the top sharpshooter of the militia and Burgess doesn’t take kindly to replacement. To retain his position as #1 shooter of the militia, he must kill all candidate (And Parvati for suggesting his replacement) with multiple weapons with a shot to the head to prove he is still no 1.
Brief Description: 3 targets killed with different weapons that easily found in the map with headshot. Parvati can be killed in any way
Location: Colorado

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Welcome to the forum.

Sorry to say but they’re only accepting contracts from the Hitman 3 locations. If you should feel inspired maybe you can still make one up before the time deadline. Today’s the last day to submit entries.

Monday, October 11 @ 10:00 AM CEST


The Submissions are officially closed! Thanks for all the great contracts, we can’t wait to dive into them :smiley:


Welcome to the forum! As @Tetrafish_21 already pointed out, IOI is only accepting contract from H3 locations. But this contract sounds like fun. Maybe you could post it in this thread? I’m sure it will get played that way.


Jealousy Kills!
Submitter: How To Hitman
Contract ID: 3-30-0494187-19
Platform: Xbox
Location: Chongqing
Mission Briefing:
47, do you envy the ICA? Do you envy the people who ruined your career? Living on the streets is a big ordeal, and it’s about time that you learnt to steal. Seize back what is yours from the ICA, and take some casualties along the way. After all, jealousy kills. People must face the consequences of their actions. Your targets are some of the survivors from Berlin. Survivors for now. Use a knife to your advantage. Stab them in the back when you see a vantage.

Brief Description

This contract focuses on how 47 envies the people who ruined his career. Ever since the Berlin incident, 47 has had to live on the streets, to remain hidden.

The contract revolves around the use of the homeless person disguise and the kitchen knife. The kitchen knife symbolises how the ICA stabbed 47 in the back. You need to firstly use your map knowledge to find a kitchen knife. The kitchen may be an obvious choice, but there is also one hidden in the block. Then, you need to sneak through the facility.

Image Suggestion:


Hey @HowToHitman_YT, it might be a bit heartbreaking but the submission closed two hours before your post. So I don’t think I can fairly add it to the master list at the top of the thread. (But if @Clemens_IOI is generous, he can still add it to the list, it’s in his hand)

For what it’s worth I’m currently playing your contract and I’m enjoying what you made :slight_smile: . It’s a fun contract, with good focus on one particular area of the map and one well oiled infiltrate/isolate gameplay loop.

As was said before, you can still post it on the fan made contracts thread.
Or from your briefing and the theme of your contract, you could also repurpose it with minimal changes for the next season, the season of wrath.


There’s a small chance I may have forgotten to press the reply button…


[quote=“LandirtHome, post:60, topic:11916”]
Hey @HowToHitman_YT, it might be a bit heartbreaking but the submission closed two hours before your post. So I don’t think I can fairly add it to the master list at the top of the thread. (But if @Clemens_IOI is generous, he can still add it to the list, it’s in his hand)

I’m very generous :wink: It was close to the deadline, I see no harm in adding it to the list.


So it was said, so it will be. I’ve added the submission to the master list.

(In Diana’s voice)
“The contract has been approved 47, you will find your briefing at the usual location. I will leave you to prepare.”


Thank you Clemens, that’s very kind of you :slight_smile:

And thank you @LandirtHome for helping me out. I think I’ll have to practice using the reply button from now on …


What a guy. @HowToHitman_YT makes great tutorial videos and I bet it’s a solid contract.


The first test runs I was doing while making my contract, trying to get a feel for what I thought just worked - I was going to have the 5 guards near the room in the contract; ‘Look At All Those Nice Weapons’ be the targets - for a short, any method, kill-streak contract. But I was going in dressed as a Block Guard. I was going for something that was a play on the game ‘Watch Dogs’, but having never played that game I couldn’t be sure it would’ve worked. So then I went with a Homeless Person disguise, then thought there’s about 5 different types of guards - so why not 1 from each area?

At any rate, good luck getting picked. :grin:


Now that the submissions are over and since we are giving our opinions, I can give my favourites on Xbox.

  • A Grape Travesty by DavidG185
    It can demand the use of the distillation lab if you do a no loadout run or don’t have two poison vials (a rare fact on this forum but who knows for the players with just Hitman III and without the classic challenge unlock), besides you need to go to the fields for the grape knife. I liked the use of the “place a bottle, serve a NPC” mechanic. Just be careful on the throw/melee requirements and the “no body found” complication, even if it was by a target before their death the complication is failed.
    A fun contract with a fun route/planning.

  • Competitive Jealousy by ColdDayInHell
    A rather simple contract but very fun to optimize and speedrun. I am not saying how, but you can electrocute the targets without loosing time to sabotage and the usual prompts.

  • Mountain to Climb by linux_pinguin
    I just really like contracts with the “eliminate target with the previous one’s disguise” gimmick. The targets are also well chosen, they are not overtly easy, you still need to isolate them or take care of some guards observing them. But they are also not so complex that you are automatically tempted to use the sieker.
    The contract is a smooth and enjoyable ride.

  • To Be or Not to Be by Viv
    A rather calm contract but an open one. I played it by taking my time, listening to the NPCs dialogues, using only prompts and placed items, and I really enjoyed the ride. You also have the possibility to do an accident kill with a car, which is not that common to have and always nice to see.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Viv
    The contract can be very easy if you do it like a “normal contract” with accidents, poison syringes…
    But, if you follow the briefing and the complication and play it like a sniper contract and from the Sniper’s Nest you will have a good time.

  • Jealousy Kills by Georgikens and Jealousy Kills! by HowToHitman
    I hope you will pardon me for putting both of them at once, but they are a bit similar.
    Both of them are really focused on one area, either a couple of rooms (Break room and adjacent) or a single level (level -2).
    So if you are looking for contracts that will make you look at every nook, cranny and NPCs of one portion of a level until you fully master it, they are for you.

Also thank you to ColdDayInHell for his return in PM on Chiku138’s and my contracts.

I know it’s impolite to advertise oneself, but I’m kinda proud of my Heist/Infiltration Contract, Active Resignation, so if anyone has returns on it or ideas to improve the concept, I would be grateful.


I didn’t realise there was another jealousy kills. I suppose you could say great minds think alike.

If needs be I can change it’s name to ‘Stabbed In The Back’.


Decided to go on a recreation rampage in my free time because why not? I will try recreating more contracts, but I had to stop at Jealous German Jerks and Jockey for a bit.
You already have what you want by @Chiku138 and @LandirtHome: 1-31-4686371-10
What is yours is mine also by @Chiku138 and @LandirtHome: 1-27-9666045-10
Rising through the ranks by just @Chiku138: 1-27-7035203-10
Active Resignation by just @LandirtHome: 1-31-5794717-10
The Selfie Accident by @ambusher55: 1-31-3314088-10
The Green-Thumbed Monster by @Pootis.exe: 1-28-5976127-10


Since I’m skipping the Colorado Elusive Target for the Season of Envy, I instead played some of the submissions on Xbox. Not counting my own or any of the recreated contracts, just the OG. And I got a few favoruites that I am happy to talk about.

  • Active resignation by LandirtHome
    I like the idea of a Heist/Infiltration type contract. I actually needed to have a quick look to find where the weapon is located and the target which is in the Villa. I really like the concept of using a disguise that is basically trespassing in certain areas of the map with plenty of potential to screw it up. Took me about a couple of attempts to get it right and funny enough when I got it right I headed back to the Grape Fields only to realise that I forgot that there is only one exit and forgot to grab the car keys. Whoops… my bad for not reading the briefing properly. Definitely a fun little one target, one objective and one complication contract. I already got two contracts made for Wrath and one of them is a little bit similar to this one. But I won’t show it off until I’m ready when I made the banner images for both of them. Great job @LandirtHome. Chiku138’s contract was pretty good too but I like this one a bit better.

  • Mountain to Climb by linux_penguin
    I enjoyed this contract due to its gimmick being the “eliminate next target with the disguise of the previous”. The targets ae very neatly placed in relation to the contract name. It really feels like climbing up a mountain in hierarchy. Did have plenty of fails and close calls so distracting the maid was necessary to headshot target one. I suggest not dumping the body in the chest next to the guard, it actually spotted me once doing that. Plenty of opportunities to take out your targets in various kill methods and plenty of opportunities to screw up. Definitely a fair and enjoyable experience in Dartmoor. Solid contract for envy, great job @linux_penguin.

  • To Be or Not to Be by Viv
    This was my last contract to play out of the 5 that I decided to play from the submissions. Definitely a calm one compare to the previous ones. Big plus is the briefing, really great briefing… I almost forgot to realise that it isn’t my contract. Having 2 targets that has a required kill method and 2 that doesn’t gives plenty of opportunities to do something relaxing… or not if you decided to explode the 2 that doesn’t need a specific kill requirement. I definitely enjoyed the semi-freedom in this contract. Surprisingly, one target can be killed accidentally using a car explosion. I noticed that while walking around the level. Not something I think of for a Dartmoor level but the opportunity is there which I feel bad I did not take. Awesome job to @Viv. That was such a fun and relaxing contract.

Out of the 5 that I played that isn’t my own, both the Dartmoor levels stand out in their own way. Even though I was a little concern that they both didn’t have any objectives or complications, I still played it and enjoyed it just as much as a contract with any of those additions. Goes to show that if you have a great briefing and a strong idea in your contract, it can make the experience feel great which can attract any player to play your contract. Thinking back on the three that I submitted, it made me realise that my Dartmoor one that I submitted was pretty much crap. My Berlin and my Mendoza one still stands out though, the former is definitely a fave to a couple of guys in the forums, and the latter is basically a classic for me with a strong idea on usability which is open for any player on any skill level. The Mendoza one that I’m referring to is A Grape Travesty. I designed it to be open to make it easy for any player, even the ones that only started playing Mendoza as new players of Hitman 3. It is also achieveable with a No Loadout or Default Loadout since the items you need to eliminate these targets are already available in the map. I recreated this contract 3 times since launch and still enjoy it to this day with minor tweaks in each iteration. It’s a classic for me and would be a new classic for anyone.

Either way, I am looking forward to sharing more contracts in the forums, and with Wrath coming up, the two contracts I’ll share would probably make a few people go mad over one thing that is prominent… complications. I already hinted at one being similar to Active resignation being like an Infiltration mission but in a different disguise. The other, simple but more explosive. Time to bring in some very explosive stuff… preferrably the duck kind, but charges will do aswell. Good luck on whoever wins for Envy Featured Contracts and I cannot wait to see what you guys bring in for the final Season of Sin - Wrath.


D’oh! I was hoping as the contracts were next week that it would still be open, but I missed the entry period due to a family vacation the past 1.5 weeks. I guess I should have brought my Xbox with me (though I wouldn’t have had internet anyways).

Now I know what envy feels like, good luck to the submissions.


Oh well. I hope that vacation turned out to be pretty nice. Even though the submissions are closed for Envy Featured Contracts, it’s never too late to play them. Might help you get inspired to make contracts for the next and final season of sin, the Season of Wrath.

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