Official Community HEAT STROKE Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Contract ID: 1-02-7407858-72
Platform: PC (EPIC)
Submitter name: Parsime
Contract Title: The Angry sun

Very high temperatures are announced for today in Paris. I recommend being outside as little time as possible to avoid getting a bad sunburn. Have a nice day!

Brief Description:
This contract can bring something very fun. The targets are in the same area, there are explosion opportunities near the targets, and the map has enough propane. Players can choose.


Location: Paris


Contract ID: 3-11-6886868-43
Platform: Xbox One
Submitter name: V1deost
Contract Title: We Didn’t Start The Fire
Location: Miami
Briefing: Our client has asked that you contract heatstroke while completing this contract. So um…don’t take off your coat and feel the burn, 47. I’ll have some iced tea for you when you’re done. :slight_smile:

Brief Description:
You are tasked with eliminating one member from each racing team. They should be eliminated by fire accidents(optional), you may not be spotted by cameras(optional), however it is mandatory that you do not remove the thick fur coat you have on while completing the contract.


Image Suggestion:
(it’s meant to look like you’re suffering from heatstroke…)


Contract ID: 1-29-8346462-62
Platform: PC (Epic)
Submitter name: djsojus
Contract Title: Cold Knife

Briefing: The bar staff wants to buy new knives. But Mr Hitz, the head of staff, is certain that the old ones are still sharp enough. After a few heated arguments Hitz hired you to let them feel the cold steel. Good luck!
Brief Description: You have to kill four bar staff members with a kitchen knife. There are plenty of knives nearby, you got a few choices for the starting point (each with pros and cons). It’s not the hardest contract but I’m pretty sure it has a lot of replayability with different routing.
Location: Berlin
Image Suggestion:


{"Author":null,"MissionId":"daf81d6c-70ed-4060-bbbf-8722027fa868","MissionName":"LOCATION_EDGY_FOX","TimeLimit":600,"ExitId":"621e6bf3-7d43-4c6a-8d6d-0e2744963208","CreateFromParamsJ":{"creationData":{"Title":"Cold Knife","Description":"The bar staff wants to buy new knives. But Mr Hitz, the head of staff, is certain that the old ones are still sharp enough. After a few heated arguments Hitz hired you to let them feel the cold steel. Good luck!","Targets":[{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"e17172cc-bf70-4df6-9828-d9856b1a24fd","KillMethodBroad":"melee_lethal","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"melee_lethal"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"4ec3d8f6-c355-4be7-b703-6e1fdd881944","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"e17172cc-bf70-4df6-9828-d9856b1a24fd","KillMethodBroad":"melee_lethal","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"melee_lethal"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"cc757b5b-dcaf-4c8f-abd8-8e0132ea0254","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"e17172cc-bf70-4df6-9828-d9856b1a24fd","KillMethodBroad":"melee_lethal","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"melee_lethal"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"5ef6ec8c-876c-41f8-a78c-10f32ba90cf5","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"e17172cc-bf70-4df6-9828-d9856b1a24fd","KillMethodBroad":"melee_lethal","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"melee_lethal"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"4ab85984-47a4-4822-a572-9bed9ee1b76f","Selected":true}],"ContractConditionIds":[],"ContractId":"fc677a49-f262-4934-b67e-43459a9ef1ee","ContractPublicId":"129633900962"}}}

Sounds cool, but how is this related to a heat stroke?

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Remotely. Heated arguments, cold steel, hot club. I know it’s a bit far fetched :wink:


Factor 50

Contract ID: 3-31-6068013-19
Location: Mendoza
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: How To Hitman

People never learn, do they? Every time it’s a summer’s day they always go and moan and fray: ‘Why didn’t I put on sunscreen?’ they say. Numerous guards have been complaining about their burns all day, and the head of security has had enough. Go and teach your targets how much the sun really burns, and 47, whilst you’re at it, put on some factor 50.

Brief Description
I wanted to make a contract about how much the sun can really burn you, and I linked it to how suncream is always a good idea (especially factor 50). The aim of this contract is to lure guards towards flaming barrels so it should be quite simple for most people to complete.

Image Suggestion


Contract ID:1-31-2342700-17

Platform:epic game

Submitter name:Feng Cai

Contract Title:White icicle

Briefing:Mendoza has a hot climate. The two targets are chatting in the hot weather. In fact, they have reached the limit of heat and are about to reach the point of heatstroke. They are still chatting. 47 they really can’t stand it. They are going to help the two targets relieve the heat and ask them to experience the cold wave.

Brief Description:Use ice to kill the two targets talking above the distillery to prevent them from heatstroke


Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:

Recently, a middle-class servant working in the mansion died of heat stroke.
This request came from the servant’s parents.
The client’s child were forced to work until they died without hydration while the Carlisle family enjoyed their tea time.
In retaliation, they want them to keep drinking water until the die.

Brief Description:
The non-English descriptions on the in-game screens are in the language of my country.
The assassination method is drowning.
You need to bring some emetic poison items.
Try to drown the Carlisle family.


And Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Here is my humble submission.

Contract ID: 1-30-8397881-21

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Tetrafish_21

Contract Title: The Chongqing Luau


What good is a luau without the fire-roasted piggy?

Unfortunately, the market is closed this late at night.

So where to find one? You then have a stroke of genius!

This recipe will require a… Special ingredient.

But don’t give away the secret or the party will be ruined!

Now, all it needs is grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts.

Brief Description: Moving a body past multiple guards and other NPCs is the main challenge. From the top of the map to the bottom. The hardest part starts when you get to the facility. Who you KO or tranq and distract will be the main thing to figure out. Definitely not speed-runner friendly… Or is it? :thinking:

How does it relate to ‘Heat Stroke’? Well, you do have to knock the target out. Then take him down to the metal floored grill that is in the server room, and use heat to kill cook him.

Location: Chongqing

Image Suggestion:

It shows the target, his (rough) destination below with the open doors, and his hesitance to partake in the luau.

Edit: I was debating on whether I should add an instant fail if any bodies were found (and there are plenty of KOs you may want to do). This might prevent people from dumping and killing the target early, but I imagine a quick dump would give enough of a time bonus to give more points than taking the (roughly) 20 some minutes to do as the contract requires. :confused: But I’m not a fan of ‘insta-fails’.


Contract ID: 2-12-3354110-84
Platform: PS4
Submitter Name: teddyfilmore
Contract Title: The Surgeon General of Santa Fortuna
Location: Santa Fortuna

In a village lousy with tobacco smokers, only a few fussy hippies seek the benefits of the Shaman’s miracle plant. Though the people feverishly pursue his blessings, they reject his medicine and beg for death with each stroke of the lighter. Everybody wants to follow the Taita, but nobody wants to follow the Taita.

His practice requires ayahuasca and patience… and he’s got ayahuasca growing on trees. Time to scare up some converts.

Smoking May Lead To Fiery Death

Brief Description:

A handful of smoking accidents all around the map as the Taita sets the stage for his sacrifices to turn the heat up on themselves with a single stroke.

Shaman says, “Smoking kills—sometimes fast but mostly slow and always in an instant.”

Image Suggestion:

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Contract ID: 2-12-8119406-84
Platform: PS4
Submitter Name: teddyfilmore
Contract Title: The Surgeon General of Santa Fortuna II
Location: Santa Fortuna

The Taita can’t listen to the prank master opine on the color of his drugs for another minute. Nothing like missionary work to get you far and away.

Blinded by addiction to an inferior remedy, the cigarette smokers of Santa Fortuna thumb their noses at his divine medicine. Shake them from their cancerous plague and into his warm embrace. As the shamans say, “you have to tear a few roots to brew ayahuasca.”

Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Your Risk of Explosion

Brief Description:

A sister contract to the one above. Same concept with different targets.

Image Suggestion:

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Contract ID: 1-20-9487375-07
Platform: PC / Epic Games Store
Submitter name: evan_online
Contract Title: Pool Party

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Your targets are the operators of an illicit chlorine smuggling ring. Their thefts caused a massive shortage of chlorine, which could stand to ruin pool parties forever. Our clients, the staff of a mom-and-pop pool store whose business has been impacted by the ring, have asked you to put on your summer clothing and dump the ringleaders in their own pool, ensuring that they “cool off” in the very chemicals they stole. Best of luck, 47.

Description: To keep it simple - the goal of this contract is to stealthily knock out Alma and three guards near the pool, and dump them in it unnoticed. Despite the amount of targets, it can be done pretty quickly when you figure it all out! All the targets must be killed with a fall and have their bodies stored in a container, forcing you to kill using the pool.

Location: Hawke’s Bay

Contract image suggestion:

I’ve been wanting to submit a featured contract for ages but I always miss the window; I’m barely squeezing in as it is right now :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s hoping!


Contract ID: 2-11-6508801-44


Submitter name: Cruxal213

Contract Title: Hotline Miami

Briefing: Miami is known for its competitive races and sweltering heat. It’s so hot that the staff can’t do their jobs, racers are passing out mid race and crashing, and patrons are demanding refunds and are threatening to sue.
When will the heatstroke end?

Brief Description: Kill the targets with fire by puncturing the drums with a screwdriver then shoot the oil or shooting the drum then shooting the oil. this was tedious to make I was inspired to make this after playing hotline Miami so I chose the targets that I felt represented the people in the game.

Location: Miami

Image Suggestion:

you can use any disguise for this I just used the security disguise for the image


(Cough cough) Someone forgot to close the thread. @Clemens_IOI!


Can’t have enough contracts… But yeah, with every new contract my chances of getting picked are getting worse.


I think it closed itself up with hitting the deadline :slight_smile:

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That’s fine. There is that Hot Scope Featured Contracts that I am waiting for that thread to officially open up. But yeah, there is quite a lot of submissions in the Heat Stroke thread, and a lot of new faces too which I’m always welcome to seeing.

But yeah, with every new contract submitted, the chances of any of my two being featured is slim. Like look how many unique contracts there are on PC - 29! Eesh! Thanks for making my least favourite number appear. Just incase you’re curious why I don’t like that number… none of your god damn business… it is a bit personal.


OK. Looks like it just got updated. Thanks. Didn’t know that happens itself. Guess you learn something new everyday on the Hitman Forums.

No, I don’t mean the thread closes automatically or something, but if the deadline passed, no new entries accepted even if they are posted.
They could though, but with the exclusive permission from Clemens :slight_smile:

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