Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Contract ID: 1-06-1919455-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Terrible prophecy


Brief Description:

When you put on the prisoner’s disguise, the whole location is a restricted area.

Location: Marrakesh.


A contract with HCCE.




Contract ID: 1-34-2515141-46
Platform: PC [Steam]
Contract Title: The Impetuous Mixologist
The Ambrose Tiki Torch is the world renowned cocktail available only on Ambrose Island.

The drink is comprised of bitters, fruit juice, a high-proof liquor exclusive to the island, and most famously: Fire.

When prepared correctly the drink is delicious & safe for consumption. It is believed that the liquor has special properties that prevent the fire from harming the patron.

However the process to produce this special liquor is a closely guarded secret protected by select island locals.

Our client wishes to mass produce this liquor for the world to enjoy, and thus wants you to travel to the island to extract the knowledge from the locals.

Given the nature of this volatile drink, I must emphasize that it is paramount to exercise caution and not harm the locals who possess the secrets to the Ambrose liquor making process.

Be careful 47, we wouldn’t want this sacred knowledge to go up in smoke.

Brief Description:
There are 3 targets, all of which you must kill by fire accidents which is most easily achieved via using the Molotov cocktail (i.e. The Ambrose Tiki Torch).

The three targets are: Akka, Farah, & Orson Mills.

I like the idea that 47 is a clumsy bartender who accidentally kills all the locals trying to teach him the secrets of the Ambrose Tiki Torch. “THESE HANDS CAN’T SERVE, ONLY KILL” (sobs).

As far as I know, the max amount of Molotov cocktails you can have at a time is 3, which is only achievable on Ambrose Island. You bring 1, then find the other 2 on the island.

The targets are spread out so you can’t easily get them in one place to burn all at the same time.

The theme of the contract is to highlight the unique properties of the Molotov cocktail which allows you to burn the target as an accident kill instead of just an explosion kill.

That being said, you definitely don’t need all 3 Molotovs in order to complete the contract, at a minimum I know Akka can be burned by other means in her route, and given how mobile the other targets are I’m sure with some creativity that you could make it work without any Molotovs whatsoever.

I was able to complete the contract SA in about 2:30, although I’m sure that it could be optimized to go much faster.

Location: Ambrose Island

Submitter Name: matt

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:
Already listed one but here is a few others:

If you could get one of 47 behind a bar with the 3 Molotovs, as if he was serving Molotov drinks I think that would be the way to go (I couldn’t figure out how to get the right zoom out). Gives the user a hint on how to complete the contract.


Contract ID: 2-26-1880327-27

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: PrayToWaluigi

Contract Title: Ambrose Rules, Haven Drools!


Since our… expedition in the Andaman Sea, Ambrose Island has been looking to revitalise their economy through tourism.

The main competition within the Indian Ocean for them, however, is a holiday resort on Haven Island.

Luckily for us, 4 major shareholders in the company are currently on vacation, and with them gone, Haven will be without a heavy source of income & likely close.

Eliminate the Shareholders, and try to keep it quiet.

Good luck.

Brief description: All the targets are guests, so I just had to pick the ones in interesting positions. The idea is that they’re all the back bumpers for Haven, and without them, they collapse.

A big part of it for me was making it some level of difficult, especially since the targets are spaced out & in very crowded locations. The accident principle here is necessary, since if people start realising that there’s been an assassin for 4 people to have a tourism spot shut down, it’ll probably put shade on Ambrose for it, since It would be to my idea that they (whoever the new leader is) ended up hiring 47 to save the island.

Nonetheless, I think it’ll be a very fun contract with a lot of room to play around with.
Location: Haven Island

Photo Idea: Maybe a briefcase wielding 47 walking towards Jason Portman’s villa? I don’t really mind to be fair.

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Contract ID: 2-34-8669004-99

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: Mully24cpm

Contract Title: STICK A FORK IN ME, I’M DONE!

Briefing: Visit Ambrose Island, tropical waters, sandy beaches, and questionable cuisine. There have been reports of several tourists eating out at the various dining establishments on the island and being recommended the chef’s special dish only to find themselves waking up in a cell, in their underwear, with a bag over their head and being held for ransom. It is time to put an end to the chefs’ little side business.

Brief Description: Eliminate the five chefs’ with the meat fork

Location: Ambrose Island

And Featured Contract Image suggestion


Was worried I’d look like I’m copying the other sniper contract that was submitted, thankfully we only share one target :stuck_out_tongue:

Contract ID: 1-34-6284850-04
Platform: EGS
Submitter Name: Kevin Rudd
Contract Title: Sniper Assassin: Ambrose Island

Brief Description: Eliminate 5 targets with a sniper rifle, intended from radio tower
Location: Ambrose Island
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:


Contract name: The Sea Swallows
ID: 2-34-1350932-09
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: Steynkie69
Location: Ambrose island

Crest and his guards found a fun way to make money. Clients are paying large amounts to have their targets lured to Ambrose island, for a special beach show hosted by the hippie. They are then sniped into the ocean from a distance, with no bodies found. The perfect assassination. Our client wants them to taste their own medicine.
The sea swallows its secrets, 47. Time to visit Ambrose.

I discovered a secret way to kill the hippie with a fall accident without pacification, and its easy to figure out. Crest and his two guards can be sniped into the sea, which is one big container where all bodies must be hidden. There is a convenient exit close to the last kill, if you have the right tool. No glitches were used, tested it several times, and I got SA in 3:45 mins.


…and here is the trailer, just for fun:


Contract ID 3-34-9410001-69
Platform. Xbox one
Creator name STJOLOS88
Title Buccaneeeeer Revenge

Ambrose Island. Wanted to tie in a little story about who killed the Ambrose Island famous pirate.


Contract ID:3-34-1783165-39


Submitter name:MOUHLITO

Contract Title:FIRE OF LOVE

Fire of Love tells the story of two French lovers, Katia and Maurice Krafft, who died in a volcanic explosion doing the very thing that brought them together: unraveling the mysteries of our planet, while simultaneously capturing the most explosive volcano imagery ever recorded.
Location: Ambrose Island


Contract ID: 1-22-8508262-24

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter name: GAMERGAMINGGUY

Contract Title: CATCH THE BUS

Congratulation! You have been chosen as the lucky winner to get the opportunity to visit the Ambrose Island. However, your jealous neighbors are planning to sabotage your trip. Each one of them has stolen a precious item which you need to retrieve and punish them, except Helen she is just annoying. They should be eliminated in accidents so that you are not disturbed during your trip. But be quick, your bus is about to leave!

Brief Description:
All the targets have stolen items which 47 will need during is time on ambrose, except Helen she is just annoying. The eliminations must be clean and as accidents so that 47 is not disturbed during his stay . Bus will leave soon so he needs to eliminate them swiftly.

Location: Whittleton Creek


Contract ID: 2-34-5244016-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Gone Human Fishing

Briefing: It’s a sunny old day and you’re on your way to Ambrose island. So 47 why don’t we all go human fishing?

Location: Ambrose island

Brief Description:



Image suggestion

where the idea of the name and briefing comes from is a reference to this:

also i thought of the meat fork in my head as it be like a harpoon when you throw it.


Last one…

Contract ID: 2-13-9278440-84
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: teddyfilmore
Contract Title: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
Location: Mumbai

The gossip around the forge is Wazir Kale and Vanya Shah’s recent visit to Ambrose Island went poorly. His contact at the port, a pirate named Akka, butt heads with Vanya for calling herself a pirate queen.

Mumbai is too hot to slave over molten steel all day, and one metal worker sees the rift as his ticket to a tropical paradise.

Burn Vanya and her guards alive, amputate her already disfigured advisor and kill Kale’s old flame with an old axe, and Akka will surely welcome you with open arms.

Brief Description:

The former pirates and metal workers of Mumbai naturally connect to Ambrose Island. One of the metal workers takes advantage of the rumored cat fight between Vanya and Akka to trade in the sweltering city for greener pastures, but first, he must earn Akka’s favor.

There’s a number of ways to complete this savage contract. Can be done with no pacifications or disguise changes.

Image Suggestions:


Contract ID:2-31-9525831-84
Submitter name:XAN0611
Contract Title:Gunrunner’s Team



Brief description:
This is the most difficult contract that I have created.You need to eliminate 5 guards from a pistol, from a shotgun, from an smg, from an assault rifle and from a sniper rifle.At the same time, you can not stun anyone and change your disguise.
Contract Image:


That was a nice contract

Bro, nvm



Contract ID: 3-34-6418719-63

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: RacconSouls

Contract Title: The Vengeful Fisherman

Briefing: “These people have cut off your access to the water. Convince them with your fishing line to leave.”

Brief Description: Use a fishing line to take out targets one by one who are near great fishing spots

Location: Ambrose Island

Featured Contract Image Suggestion: Just an image zoomed in on fishing wire with one of the targets in the background would be nice


I whould be suprised if this whould not get featured, it has everything IO wants out of a FC: Famous creator, fun concept, great image, good name. This actualy looks like a good contract.

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Contract ID: 3-34-9128143-84

Platform: xbox one

Submitter name: Waluigiman2004

Contract Title: Local produce

Briefing: Good evening 47, today youwill be traveling to ambrose island in order to halt the increasing drug problem the island has gathered since it most popular resident, auntie Farah, started selling the local LSD producers product in her bar. Our client has asked that the five key members of the drug ring be eliminated, so the island can come down from its high, and resume business as normal, good luck 47, and happy hunting…

Brief Description: 47 must kill the 5 key members of the ambrose island drug ring, and bring back normality into the drugged up island. the targets include:
AUNTIE FARAH -the main dealer of the island and provider of funding to the
GREGORY YEAGER - the local LSD producer on ambrose island and lead cause to the islands rising drug problem
HEMANT BALAN - the man who keeps the local authoritys out of the drug rings bussiness
DURGA SHAN - the chief smuggler of ingredients and organiser of distribution over seas for the drug ring
DHARMARAAJ HARI - Farahs second in command and expert watchman, and can often be found eavsdropping for Farah outside homes on the island.

Location: Ambrose island

For the photo id recommend using on of Gregory Yeager at his lab or Farah at the bar as they are the main focus of the contract.


Unofficial Special Assignment :crazy_face:

Contract ID: 2-34-5698110-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: ILO Special Assignment


Welcome to Ambrose 47. We have three targets from the ILO related to human trafficking in the Malacca Strait. Smith retrieved intel from Captain Yani which stated Mills is on the island to buy the forced sex workers from Farah and Yani transports the victims on his ship.
Good Luck, 47. Eliminate the buyer, the seller and the transporter. And if possible, rescue the informer.

Brief Description: Three targets - Any/Any; Enjoy !!
@Switcher might like this one :sunglasses:

With Yani as target, optional objective of freeing Agent Smith is possible (for Clemens :smiley:)

Maybe a cannonball on Farah.

ILO acronym: International Labor Organization (of the United Nations).

Location: Ambrose Island, Andaman Sea

Image suggestion:

Note on Image Suggestion

Image are not from gameplay, added photoshopped Farah asking for the coconut and Mills finding a briefcase. Just like some Special Assignment footage :smiley:
Kindly add image as per your suggestion, if the above images are disqualified.


wait they actually meet up? edit: nope sorry looked at it wrong. photoshop.


It says there Agent_MJ.