Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Last one…

Contract ID: 2-13-9278440-84
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: teddyfilmore
Contract Title: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
Location: Mumbai

The gossip around the forge is Wazir Kale and Vanya Shah’s recent visit to Ambrose Island went poorly. His contact at the port, a pirate named Akka, butt heads with Vanya for calling herself a pirate queen.

Mumbai is too hot to slave over molten steel all day, and one metal worker sees the rift as his ticket to a tropical paradise.

Burn Vanya and her guards alive, amputate her already disfigured advisor and kill Kale’s old flame with an old axe, and Akka will surely welcome you with open arms.

Brief Description:

The former pirates and metal workers of Mumbai naturally connect to Ambrose Island. One of the metal workers takes advantage of the rumored cat fight between Vanya and Akka to trade in the sweltering city for greener pastures, but first, he must earn Akka’s favor.

There’s a number of ways to complete this savage contract. Can be done with no pacifications or disguise changes.

Image Suggestions:


Contract ID:2-31-9525831-84
Submitter name:XAN0611
Contract Title:Gunrunner’s Team



Brief description:
This is the most difficult contract that I have created.You need to eliminate 5 guards from a pistol, from a shotgun, from an smg, from an assault rifle and from a sniper rifle.At the same time, you can not stun anyone and change your disguise.
Contract Image:


That was a nice contract

Bro, nvm



Contract ID: 3-34-6418719-63

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: RacconSouls

Contract Title: The Vengeful Fisherman

Briefing: “These people have cut off your access to the water. Convince them with your fishing line to leave.”

Brief Description: Use a fishing line to take out targets one by one who are near great fishing spots

Location: Ambrose Island

Featured Contract Image Suggestion: Just an image zoomed in on fishing wire with one of the targets in the background would be nice


I whould be suprised if this whould not get featured, it has everything IO wants out of a FC: Famous creator, fun concept, great image, good name. This actualy looks like a good contract.

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Contract ID: 3-34-9128143-84

Platform: xbox one

Submitter name: Waluigiman2004

Contract Title: Local produce

Briefing: Good evening 47, today youwill be traveling to ambrose island in order to halt the increasing drug problem the island has gathered since it most popular resident, auntie Farah, started selling the local LSD producers product in her bar. Our client has asked that the five key members of the drug ring be eliminated, so the island can come down from its high, and resume business as normal, good luck 47, and happy hunting…

Brief Description: 47 must kill the 5 key members of the ambrose island drug ring, and bring back normality into the drugged up island. the targets include:
AUNTIE FARAH -the main dealer of the island and provider of funding to the
GREGORY YEAGER - the local LSD producer on ambrose island and lead cause to the islands rising drug problem
HEMANT BALAN - the man who keeps the local authoritys out of the drug rings bussiness
DURGA SHAN - the chief smuggler of ingredients and organiser of distribution over seas for the drug ring
DHARMARAAJ HARI - Farahs second in command and expert watchman, and can often be found eavsdropping for Farah outside homes on the island.

Location: Ambrose island

For the photo id recommend using on of Gregory Yeager at his lab or Farah at the bar as they are the main focus of the contract.


Unofficial Special Assignment :crazy_face:

Contract ID: 2-34-5698110-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: ILO Special Assignment


Welcome to Ambrose 47. We have three targets from the ILO related to human trafficking in the Malacca Strait. Smith retrieved intel from Captain Yani which stated Mills is on the island to buy the forced sex workers from Farah and Yani transports the victims on his ship.
Good Luck, 47. Eliminate the buyer, the seller and the transporter. And if possible, rescue the informer.

Brief Description: Three targets - Any/Any; Enjoy !!
@Switcher might like this one :sunglasses:

With Yani as target, optional objective of freeing Agent Smith is possible (for Clemens :smiley:)

Maybe a cannonball on Farah.

ILO acronym: International Labor Organization (of the United Nations).

Location: Ambrose Island, Andaman Sea

Image suggestion:

Note on Image Suggestion

Image are not from gameplay, added photoshopped Farah asking for the coconut and Mills finding a briefcase. Just like some Special Assignment footage :smiley:
Kindly add image as per your suggestion, if the above images are disqualified.


wait they actually meet up? edit: nope sorry looked at it wrong. photoshop.


It says there Agent_MJ.


Contract id :2-34-5607563-95
Contract name: stand on your grave
Author :pro-machine5

Breifing:your target hired you to kill so she can meet the one in the grave
Breif descripton:kill cherla raj so she can meet the one in the grave
Location:ambrose island


Contract ID: 2-34-7043712-17
Platform: PS5
Submitter name: TigronIE
Contract Title: Adventure Holiday
Location: Ambrose Island

Briefing: (Sorry about the preformated text, it was the only way i could get the bzzzt to appear in the brackets)

Good evening 47... <bzzzt>

It's been quite the few years hasn't it?... <bzzzt>

I want you to visit Ambrose Island.

Once there you... <bzzzt> or boating, just... <bzzzt> ...fall into the...
<bzzzt> like playing poker?.. <bzzzt> ...shocking ha... <bzzzt> ...I did hear
about... <bzzzt> ...ocal strength competitions... <bzzzt> ...take part... <bzzzt>

Remember, you are o... <bzzzt> 47, so that means... <bzzzt>!

47?... Are you still th... <bzzzt> <bzzzt> <bzzzt>

Brief Description:
This mission involves killing 4 targets in and around the main village area. The targets have themed methods of execution.

  • The Fisherman is killed by garotte (preferably with the fishing line).
  • The Boat Mechanic is killed by accident fall (preferably into the sea)
  • The man overseeing the slapping competition is killed with your bare hands.
  • The poker player got a shocking run of luck and is killed by electricity.

Story wise, Dianna was sending 47 on holiday to relax with no work. Bad comms however has lead to a grave mistake… What have you done 47? :slight_smile:

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-34-4705918-07
Platform: PC (EGS)
Submitter name: Mebiusdore
Contract Title: MasterChef: Ambrose Island
Briefing: 47! MasterChef is coming back with a new season with chefs from Ambrose Island! We need you to eliminate the best chefs in the island, otherwise you won’t be able to win the competition!
Brief description: You need to spawn as a chef, and then kill certain chefs located around the island using kitchen equipment and a meat hook.
(Optional objectives: Keep starting disguise, no pacifications)
(Required objectives: No non-target kills)
Location: Ambrose Island
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:


Title: National Geo-Hitman
Contract ID: 3-34-7973242-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Location: Ambrose Island (Shadows in the water)
Brief description: For starters of course its a joke, and have fun speedrunning it. I’ve found three starting locations (maybe more, you guys could build a bomb with a stone and some glue :smile:)

FC image (best is the first IMO):


Contract ID:1-09-4311514-17


Submitter name:Quartz Tan

Contract Title:Crest’s Old Pals

Briefing:This man, you know what he’s capable of!

Brief Description:I think this one can be one of my greatest creation in this game,I picked and choose all those targets very carefully to make sure this contract have more possibility to slove and super fun to play…and that fire accident just wanna close to the ambrose theme(players can also use wickerman EE to take care that if they didn’t have molotov,also can be another kind of fun)




I’m sorry but I can’t add more than one image at the moment so you may need to search up my contract to see the objectives but it is explained in the summary :slight_smile:

Title : Tourist Information
Contract ID : 2-34-3773646-15
Author : YeahGamerszs
Location : Ambrose Island

Briefing :

Good Evening 47 , our client has asked us to take in the atmosphere in Ambrose Island , making your way around the island and taking a ‘souvenir’ from each location . The client hasn’t given us a reason for this contract but we’re not in a place to ask questions. Make sure to send me a postcard , good luck , 47 .

Summary :

This is a spaced out contract with each target fairly far from the others , there is one complication , you must not change your starting disguise . This contracts premise is to get players to ignore setups and strategy but focus more on location and where your targets are . There are 5 targets spread out around the island .

Image Suggestion :


damn why didn’t i think Colorado?


Once I spent 24 minutes and knocked out a lot of NPCs to burn a prisoner in the disguise of a Hacker, carefully ran in the disguise of a scarecrow. But with the appearance of Molotov in the inventory, this task takes less than 2 minutes. I have another idea, your contract just reminded me of it. Thanks, bro.


Contract ID: 1-34-0773939-34

Platform: PC-Epic

Submitter name: Force_Obscure

Contract Title: Please, Not The Rum

Briefing: Damnation! Three renegades stole the rum stock, yarr! Rum is both drink, women, theatre and poetry for the crew. These three rogues have taken up residence on the island of Ambrose. Matey, no quarter for them: throw them overboard, metaphorically speaking!

Brief Description: It is a funny thematic contract. The player must be able to drop the targets into the sea without being seen (meaning leg shots or Kalmer). Fall accidents only.

Location: Ambrose Island kappa

Image suggestion :

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Contract ID: 2-34-3147511-05

Platform: PS5

Submitter name: l2sj2020

Contract Title: Ring of Fire

Briefing: “Akka” has eyes for a new flame and wants her previous loves eliminated along with a competitor. Use the classic song as inspiration for this burning hot contract that takes you on a tour of Ambrose Island.

Brief Description: This medium difficulty contract will be easier with thorough knowledge of one of Ambrose Island’s new weapons.

Location: Ambrose Island

And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look awesome): A picture of Mahesh Varty within a pink heart and “I love you” in schoolgirl font.

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Contract ID: Switch: 4-34-2170176-48, Xbox: 3-34-1193865-17, PSN: 2-34-4943932-92

(Switch is my primary console, but due to the description limit bug can you please pull from the Xbox version since that has the full description!

Platform: Switch / Xbox / PSN

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Ambrose Tourist Trail


Welcome to Ambrose Island. Enjoy our delicious cuisine, catch a fish or two, have a relaxing stroll along the beach, and take in the gorgeous views.

Ambrose Island: it’s a holiday to die for!

Brief Description: Experience the thrilling delights of Ambrose Island by taking out the residents in some glorious ways.

No disguise restrictions will help allow you to do things your way, and there’s also a multitude of ways to take down each target making for a more freeform contract. There are varying routes for many of the NPCs to make for some interesting planning, and it’s perfectly possible to beat it SA without ANY prior unlocks too!

Location: Ambrose Island

And Featured Contract Image suggestion: Here are two as I can’t decide between them. Choose whichever!