Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Contract ID: 1-34-0773939-34

Platform: PC-Epic

Submitter name: Force_Obscure

Contract Title: Please, Not The Rum

Briefing: Damnation! Three renegades stole the rum stock, yarr! Rum is both drink, women, theatre and poetry for the crew. These three rogues have taken up residence on the island of Ambrose. Matey, no quarter for them: throw them overboard, metaphorically speaking!

Brief Description: It is a funny thematic contract. The player must be able to drop the targets into the sea without being seen (meaning leg shots or Kalmer). Fall accidents only.

Location: Ambrose Island kappa

Image suggestion :

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Contract ID: 2-34-3147511-05

Platform: PS5

Submitter name: l2sj2020

Contract Title: Ring of Fire

Briefing: “Akka” has eyes for a new flame and wants her previous loves eliminated along with a competitor. Use the classic song as inspiration for this burning hot contract that takes you on a tour of Ambrose Island.

Brief Description: This medium difficulty contract will be easier with thorough knowledge of one of Ambrose Island’s new weapons.

Location: Ambrose Island

And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look awesome): A picture of Mahesh Varty within a pink heart and “I love you” in schoolgirl font.

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Contract ID: Switch: 4-34-2170176-48, Xbox: 3-34-1193865-17, PSN: 2-34-4943932-92

(Switch is my primary console, but due to the description limit bug can you please pull from the Xbox version since that has the full description!

Platform: Switch / Xbox / PSN

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: Ambrose Tourist Trail


Welcome to Ambrose Island. Enjoy our delicious cuisine, catch a fish or two, have a relaxing stroll along the beach, and take in the gorgeous views.

Ambrose Island: it’s a holiday to die for!

Brief Description: Experience the thrilling delights of Ambrose Island by taking out the residents in some glorious ways.

No disguise restrictions will help allow you to do things your way, and there’s also a multitude of ways to take down each target making for a more freeform contract. There are varying routes for many of the NPCs to make for some interesting planning, and it’s perfectly possible to beat it SA without ANY prior unlocks too!

Location: Ambrose Island

And Featured Contract Image suggestion: Here are two as I can’t decide between them. Choose whichever!


Contract ID: 2-34-7087349-33
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: PooliePlays25

Contract Title: Hooked On A Feeling
Location: Ambrose Island

Aaargh, Cap’n 47!!! This rogue militia that be visitin’ Ambrose really be messing up our pirate’s way of life! Guns ‘n’ fear can’t do nothing a good ol’ hook can’t! Teach them the ways o’ the island by gi’ing ‘em scurvy and slicin’ 'eir throats! Then meet us back on the ship!


Brief Description:
This contract sees 47 take on the role of a swashbuckling pirate who must take out some members of the militia who have been terrorising Ambrose on their visit to the island. He must kill them by “giving them scurvy” (emetic poisoning them so they can be isolated) and then “slicing their throats” with the best new item… the Hook! (Preferably in the The Buccaneer Suit) Everything needed such as the pirate costume, emetics and the hook can be found on the map itself (the durians or biochemist’s grenade), or players can choose to take their own poisons and hook. The contract is possible Silent Assassin and can be speedrunned, or players can take their time and isolate targets one-by-one, whatever they want! Oh, and don’t forget to return to “the ship” by taking the boat in the mechanics bay as the only exit.

Featured Contract Image Suggestions:


Contract ID: 3-26-0062258-69

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: Canucklehead X

Location: Haven

Contract Title: The Distracted Chef


Urben was sent to Haven to provide a distraction for our team to infiltrate Haven’s servers in preparation of our upcoming operations. Instead, he’s been distracted by moderating an Internet forum of wannabe “hitmen” and apparently talking about visiting Ambrose Island. We planned this operation for our August roadmap, but because of delays we need to rush this in our September plans to get our Freelancer operatives ready soon. Give Urben his severance and finish his job.

Brief Description

I debated about submitting this, but Urben submitting a contract with HCCE made me decide to continue the 47 v. Urben theme, given the nice response my previous submission got. I guess I’ll have to come up with a fitting conclusion to the trilogy when the next theme is right.

This is purely for the enjoyment of Clemens, Urben, and the community, going meta with the briefing with the sudden submission thread of the Visit Ambrose Island theme contracts and the forthcoming Freelancer mode. And of course, Clemens is free to use it as he sees fit.

It is also a response to the YouTube comments about last month’s batch of FCs, so this one has no restrictions and only four kills (not the typical “five kills HMF contract), save for killing Urben in 47’s suit (preferably the Signature Suit) with an unarmed kill as that is the best way to carry out that assassination, up close and personal.

Hopefully it gives the HMF community and Clemens a laugh.

Image Suggestion

It’s a reused image, but I just love the image of 47 and Urben meeting face to face.



Contract ID: 1-34-4387252-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Remote work


Brief Description:
There is no remote Molotov cocktail in Hitman yet, but it can be made from improvised means. I also recommend killing the last target from a cannon remotely, but I can’t forbid the use of propane. The contract is not fast, you need to run around the location to admire the views, change disguises.
It is very important to press the right detonator button. :smile:

Location: Ambrose


I was going to submit one or two contracts but my ideas didn’t pan out quite the way I planned. :man_shrugging: Of course, it would help to have more concrete plans… :sweat_smile: Oh well, it’s not like I was going to get selected anyway…! :sob:

Good luck to everyone though!


I mostly submit for the fun of it. If I get picked, more power to me.

I am looking forward to this batch, as I have not explored much of Ambrose Island outside of the in-game challenges.


Contract ID: 1-34-3826229-07
Platform: PC (EGS)
Submitter name: Mebiusdore
Contract Title: Rebellion: Metal Piracy
Briefing: How dare those darn pirates?! Stealing our metal and giving it to unworthy and uncapable people!? Let’s make those darn pirates pay, eradicate them with our creations!
(You may need to use outsourced materials to complete the mission, good luck.)

Brief Description: As a metal worker, you’re supposed to use some stuff available in the metal worker workshop (not actually what I did but you get the point), which is the molotov cocktail, the plastic explosive that you can craft, and you also need to use a propane tank to blow up 2 watchers.

Restrictions: No change of starting disguise (you need to spawn as a metal worker)
Optional disguises: No non-targets and no pacifications

Location: Ambrose Island
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-34-4989000-62

Platform: Playstation 4

Submitter name: mightymassari

Contract Title: The Durian Deviation

Briefing: “For his inauguration menu, Sheik Omar Al-Ghazali illegally sourced a lot of Durians, native only to Ambrose, poisonous in raw form, but a delicacy when baked.
Durians are Ambrose’s only tourist attraction! His smugglers will kill tourism income, and affect the locals. Our client wants his team poisoned by raw durians, then drowned in any way.
Ambrose is run by pirates, so we can only get you in and out, ironically, as a tourist, without gear. Scout the island, take care, and don’t get caught!”

Brief Description: 47 delivers justice to fruit poachers for the rich! The idea is to start with no gear, and kill all 3 targets by poisoning them with durians, drowning them afterwards. Ambrose offers everything for the job and getting to know the island is crucial. SASO is encouraged. You can’t swap suits, nor get caught, but by all means, several approaches can be used within these restraints. Everything so you can be a nice tourist to the eyes of everybody and the island (and save them while at it!).

Location: Ambrose Island

Featured Contract Image suggestion: An ominous shot of 47’s hand holding a Durian, in a nice lit area like Farah’s bar for impact.


Contract ID: 2-26-7465440-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Wrong Island 47

Briefing: 47 you absolute idiot! We said Ambrose not Haven. How the hell are you going to get your targets now? Well whatever might as well take care of some targets here before you go to the right island. They are people who helped get one of Akka’s pirates guard duty here. Eliminate Basak and the people who sheltered him here to send a message to Akka. Good luck 47. You dullard.

Location: Haven island

Brief Description:



Image suggestion

this image but with the stop blending in prompt removed.

hopefully i submitted this in the nick of time.

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Contract ID: 1-34-3629472-40
Platform: PC (Steam).
Submitter name: Sniff, Fragqing, and Reljve.
Contract Title: Dramatic Chiron-y.


Good evening, agents.

After Chiron negotiator Lance Hsu was killed in militia custody, one of Crest's soldiers drunkenly gave Hsu's status to the local barkeep, Farah, who happens to be a close friend of Akka. Akka sent out a contract on two of Noel's men as a means to justify Hsu's unfortunate death.

Unfortunately for Akka, a dead man's switch implanted into his brain alerted Chiron, where they assumed Akka's role in his death and sent out a retaliatory contract on two of Akka's top lieutenants.

Good luck, agents.

Brief Description: A well-rounded contract that can be undertaken from multiple angles. Whether you favor disguises and point-blank kills, or you prefer sniping from a distance all in your suit. Four targets spread out decently, it can be quick or savored.

Location: Ambrose Island, Andaman Sea (Shadows in the Water).

Image suggestion:


Easy to say for someone who has gotten picked. One shouldn’t expect to get picked all the time or even most of the time but it does take a little of the “fun” out of it when one never gets picked.

That said, I mostly like to submit when I have what I think is a worthwhile idea or two. I obviously have to learn how to understand what @Clemens_IOI (and whoever else selects FCs) is actually looking for if I really hope to get picked one day but, you’re right, this is all in good fun. At least as much as the fun, I personally want to submit things I like and feel proud of and that wasn’t the case this time. Though I do feel it from time to time, especially in particular circumstances, in general I (mostly) play up my disappointment.

My main problem this time was that I had two ideas but one would have been FAR too easy and I couldn’t find the right set of targets to go with the conditions I wanted for the other. Probably a simple case of not knowing the map well enough just yet…

Anyway, good luck again to everyone! (As always) I hope to rebound for the next batch.

well good luck to everyone (and me)
submissions closed now so

easy or not just do it, once there was a fc that needs you to become a dumpling cook in chongqing and kill the cooks in the noodles place with a cleaver, pretty easy but still accepted

Wow, so relateable, I have an hcce contract idea I didn’t made into a contract because I don’t think anyone would like it, the targets were Isolated Construction Worker, Doubloon Lady and Hippie, all 3 with makeshift explosive, it might be fun to route but it’s alot to run around, ditched the idea.

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The submissions won’t close till Clemens shut it down, you can still submit contracts

wasnt there a time limit of 1pm cest

yeah no one wants a contract that requires too much running around, for me i like to do a group of people of the same disguises depending on the topic with different kill conditions

Yet, Clemens announces the closing of the thread every time