Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Mine would have been even easier than that, like mind boggling my easy, like so easy it’s hard because surely it must be a trick…

It was supposed to be a suit only, (likely) no pacification, (probably) suit only contract in Sapienza targeting the hippie. Then I remembered players would be able to completely ignore the cameras in the main square AND the console in the church by starting in the main square tower (don’t ask me how 47 gets there). To top it all off, the hippie not only has a bathroom in his apartment but he also leans out the window in his bathroom unprompted (ruining drowning and fall eliminations). I was hoping to get a falling object kill going to offset the lack of difficulty but it went the other way (for me at least) and I couldn’t get it to work. :man_shrugging:

Long story short, like I said in my previous post, first and foremost I want to submit something I can be proud and the hippie wasn’t it in the end…

I have an idea that might get it to work, but I’m not sure it would

as a hint, theres a chendelier in Brauvumous office

No way! :scream: Next, you’re gonna tell me there’s a solar system rig in Caruso’s mansion or a bell in the church! :roll_eyes:

I guess it was too much to ask to read the whole comment and put two and two together…

also id like to say that you shouldve said poisonous variant because other countries has durian (ik im being nitpicky just sayin)

killing the hippie with a coin

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I DO enjoy the lethal coin trick but then I’d have to theme it and- Actually, I think I’ve come up with a nice little story to justify it just now!


I’ve been told before that, because it’s a glitch or exploit or some such nonsense, that sort of contract would likely be immediately disqualified from consideration. :man_shrugging:

Contract ID: 1-13-4477335-10
Platform: PC, EGS
Submitter Name: Bgyorok
Contract Title: Tourist Tendencies
Unfortunately, we cannot continue our journey across the Andaman Sea because the local travel agency in Mumbai has been unwilling to give out ferry tickets to us. Complaining will do no good for us, so as a form of vengeance, we ask that you ruin the business of this agency by eliminating its current customers in “accidents”.
Good luck.
Brief Description:
It’s a simple 3-target contract with accident kill conditions. There are numerous ways to eliminate the targets along their path. They are all being led by a non-target tour guide across Mumbai.
Location: Mumbai
Featured Contract Image Suggestions:

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Ok full solution:

  • Siekering the guard in the floor below him
  • 3 panic shot near the hippie

Hippie runs to a guard to report

  • Crowbar Brauvomo’s (or whatever his long name is) office door

  • Leave a coin trail towards the chandelier

(You can bring 6 coins and find more in the bathroom below the town square)

Hippie sees the trail and goes underneath the chandelier


Wait even a better mid way solution:

  • Instead of panic shots towards the hippie, sieker him

his guard would go to the hippie’s bathroom and the hippie would go to the lawyer office bathroom

  • Leave a coin trail from the bathroom to the chandelier (you can bring 6)

  • Throw a muffin at him, withiut getting spotted by the hippie

He’ll leave the bathroom, see the coin trail, and will go underneath the chandelier


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I don’t hate these ideas and I’ve spent most of my morning at work thinking about it… I think I’d have enough to work with now.



You know what? Eff it. If the submissions are still open in a few hours when I get done with work, I’ll make my damn hippie contract!

lol im gonna go to sleep now, clemens will be fired from his job if the submissions still aren’t closed lol

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submitted my contract called “Wrong Island 47” before the deadline. sure i was closing it tight but just want to make sure it’s on the list with the rest of the ps4 ones.

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I’d say it’s a sign of a good contract creator when you have an idea but have to cancel it instead of forcing a contract out of it. Otherwise you’re risking a five target ambrose contract with both main targets getting into featured :laughing: ! Good on you for cancelling it and I hope you have a good idea for the next batch.

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Thanks, though I don’t know if I’d call myself “good”, maybe just “principled”. There are certainly more than a few creators who make better contracts than I could ever hope to create.

One of my biggest pet peeves is using the main mission targets! I can barely bring myself to play contracts that use them sometimes; I would never willingly make one! :joy:

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Technically yes, but still

Did Clemens explicitly say that submissions still opened beyond deadline, until his closing message?

UPD: I advise you don’t rely on Clemens’ closing messages because he’s a busy man and couldn’t always find time in his schedule to post on a forum, or can just forget to do so.
He states the closing deadline in his every submission thread not without a reason

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He only said this afaik:

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In case it’s still open, I went ahead and made my hippie contract. It’s a bit of a puzzle (at least to me) but I like how it turned out. If submissions are in fact closed, I wasn’t getting picked anyway so here’s this:

Contract ID: 3-03-6533306-59
Platform: Xbox One
Submitter name: Krikkit2021 (Krkkit2012, Xbox)
Contract Title: The Globetrotter
Brief Description: Drop a heavy object on the hippie. Seems simple but you should probably let everyone maneuver themselves into place, remember to make love not war. I used coins, muffins and drugs but as I was finishing it, I thought of a few other ways to tackle it that might also work.
Location: Sapienza (World of Tomorrow)
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:

(Special shout out to @Switcher)


OK, uh… @Clemens_IOI. Time has passed. Any chance to close this one. You might have not enough time to play through some of them before it comes out.

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lol casual players are gonna kill you for this one


im at school right now so if Clemens still hasn’t come to close it, i want to submit a contract about career choices

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:joy: I think the casuals will be fine! Assuming it’s even eligible, I have a history of not getting picked… :sob:

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