Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

thoughtAhoy, mateys!

Yup - you’re not dreaming. This is the Official Visit Ambrose Featured Contracts submission thread, and it’s open! I know that the September Roadmap isn’t out just yet, but as we’re having Featured Contracts coming next week, we thought this little September Roadmap tease wouldn’t hurt :wink:

And, as you might have notieced from the theme - you’re going island hopping!

Visit Ambrose is a tricky theme, its main focus is the new HITMAN 3 location. But that being said, if you can find a sneaky way to frame it around Visit Amborse without use of the level - it still counts.

How to get your Contract Featured: It can be based on a super creative “grrrrr” briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But bear in mind: They have to be inspired by the theme Visit Ambrose to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, September 5 (Agent 47s birthday) - 1 PM CEST.

Have fun, and good luck!


Oooh I like the theme of this contract. Can’t wait to see what people can come up with.
(Did not know I could edit this- 0047)


Epic Games44x44     Steam44x44     Stadia44x44

Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Bodies in the sand Bgyorok 1-34-5642316-10  Epic Games
1-34-2664571-10  Epic Games
2. Paradise Lost jan 1-26-5650448-81  Steam
3. Wake up and smell the ashes PVD 1-34-9769582-54  Steam
4. PREPARE TO MEET KALI…IN HELL!!! hobgoblinCZ 1-34-3250761-88  Steam
5. TICKET TO RIDE Casetros 1-24-8727559-82  Steam
6. Bankstanding SASO 1-24-2145972-67  Steam
7. A knife at Ambrose Steventjeeee 1-34-4259337-18  Epic Games
8. MICHELIN MADNESS Casetros 1-34-8239879-82  Steam
9. Crook’s Hook: Hooking Crooks RedSneakyFox 1-34-9232299-90  Steam
10. Initiate Program Live Test mkSolas 1-34-9820533-03  Epic Games
11. SUPER PIRATE ADVENTURE Lviolinve 1-34-8362682-11  Epic Games
12. A Visit to Ambrose Login 1-24-2884907-82  Epic Games
13. Ambrose Awaits You Phylocode 1-30-9089575-67  Epic Games
14. Rocky Ambrose’s visit Fenixsandr 1-11-9190200-29  Epic Games
15. The Mafia Hypothesis Urben 1-34-3042831-28  Epic Games
2-34-0921138-48  PlayStation
16. The Man with the GoldenVoice CangsHD 1-02-2080609-10  Steam
17. Where’s your fishing permit? Melusca 1-34-0162140-63  Steam
18. Crazy Pirate Azrael73 1-34-0412145-34  Epic Games
19. Deadly sleep Azrael73 1-34-7437400-34  Epic Games
20. The scurvy ex-crew Azrael73 1-26-5217168-34  Epic Games
21. Lazy Staff Scum Azrael73 1-26-1501518-34  Epic Games
22. Wrong Island sil0613r 1-26-5544883-34  Epic Games
23. Do not visit Ambrose Fenixsandr 1-34-0557041-29  Epic Games
24. A taste of Ambrose Steventjeeee 1-34-9138012-18  Epic Games
25. Stolen Agent List Azrael73 1-34-7484274-34  Epic Games
26. Terrible prophecy Fenixsandr 1-06-1919455-29  Epic Games
27. The Impetuous Mixologist matt 1-34-2515141-46  Steam
28. Sniper Assassin: Ambrose Island Kevin Rudd 1-34-6284850-04  Epic Games
29. CATCH THE BUS GAMERGAMINGGUY 1-22-8508262-24  Steam
30. MasterChef: Ambrose Island Mebiusdore 1-34-4705918-07  Epic Games
31. Crest’s Old Pals Quartz Tan 1-09-4311514-17  Epic Games
32. Please, Not The Rum Force_Obscure 1-34-0773939-34  Epic Games
33. Remote work Fenixsandr 1-34-4387252-29  Epic Games
34. Rebellion: Metal Piracy Mebiusdore 1-34-3826229-07  Epic Games
35. Dramatic Chiron-y Sniff, Fragqing, and Reljve 1-34-3629472-40  Steam
36. Tourist Tendencies Bgyorok 1-13-4477335-10  Epic Games
37. The Accidental Tourist stewiemitch1974 1-34-5736357-00
38. 5 Bullet Special Mebiusdore 1-34-0864205-07  Epic Games



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. CHECKMATE zubin47 2-34-6031296-31
2. Make War, Not Love mjbsr2008 2-34-7189791-05
3. The Runaway Ambrose Hippie mjbsr2008 2-03-9942471-05
4. Two Stories Wireless Switcher 2-34-1915648-10
5. The fall of ambrose island DODARKILLEN 2-23-1848951-24
6. Stop over at Bangkok Chiku138 2-08-7021215-50
7. Beautiful Water Switcher 2-34-9129994-10
8. The Rohit (Mis)Fortune teddyfilmore 2-34-3428814-84
9. Hsu Due Magic teddyfilmore 2-34-2646296-84
10. Hook, Boom and Shooter tryagainlater 2-34-2761823-92
11. Ambrosia Salad teddyfilmore 2-34-0470545-84
12. Casino Royale zubin47 2-34-9426654-31
13. Scourge of the 47 Seas teddyfilmore 2-34-3453275-84
14. THE STRANGERS natnag 2-34-7591995-00
15. Waterworld Steynkie69 2-34-4288348-09
16. Unwanted Guests TigronIE 2-34-6303950-17
17. Farah Asks a Favor AyannaRee 2-34-2854073-51
18. …I Thought About It Again teddyfilmore 2-34-6419007-84
19. Pirate Return XAN0611 2-34-4000075-84
20. Fiber Wire Day XAN0611 2-27-4872862-84
21. Omerta Mr-K231 2-34-8480794-29
22. Food For Thought PooliePlays25 2-34-5395555-33
23. Crowdsourcing Chiku138 2-13-5512683-50
24. “Ambrose Island” Project XAN0611 2-06-2803765-84
25. Lucky Cat XAN0611 2-34-8670958-84
26. Ambrose Rules, Haven Drools! PrayToWaluigi 2-26-1880327-27
27. STICK A FORK IN ME, I’M DONE! Mully24cpm 2-34-8669004-99
28. The Sea Swallows Steynkie69 2-34-1350932-09
29. Gone Human Fishing mjbsr2008 2-34-5244016-05
30. Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire teddyfilmore 2-13-9278440-84
31. Gunrunner’s Team XAN0611 2-31-9525831-84
32. ILO Special Assignment zubin47 2-34-5698110-31
33. stand on your grave pro-machine5 2-34-5607563-95
34. Adventure Holiday TigronIE 2-34-7043712-17
35. Tourist Information YeahGamerszs 2-34-3773646-15
36. Ring of Fire l2sj2020 2-34-3147511-05
37. Hooked On A Feeling PooliePlays25 2-34-7087349-33
38. The Durian Deviation mightymassari 2-34-4989000-62
39. Wrong Island 47 mjbsr2008 2-26-7465440-05



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Smack To The Future Axwage 3-34-7387690-04
2. Bomb, Bomb, Bombday Wigglyweevil211 3-13-1558683-17
3. The Pirate Taketh Away Kesington019 3-26-2226737-19
4. Metal Breaker linux_penguin 3-34-9047430-02
1-34-8216254-43  Steam
5. You SONKO my Battleship linux_penguin 3-34-1158890-02
6. Assassins need Wigglyweevil211 3-34-4037216-17
7. Visit Ambrose Island DavidG185 3-34-9880945-09
8. Running with the night Wigglyweevil211 3-34-9516167-17
9. The Pirate Giveth Back Kesington019 3-34-0152894-19
10. Flatline MOUHLITO 3-34-6848042-39
11. Hook, Line and Sinker Wynn 3-34-4616111-19
12. FRUIT NINJA MOUHLITO 3-34-7996360-39
13. Buccaneeeeer Revenge STJOLOS88 3-34-9410001-69
14. FIRE OF LOVE MOUHLITO 3-34-1783165-39
15. The Vengeful Fisherman RacconSouls 3-34-6418719-63
16. Local produce Waluigiman2004 3-34-9128143-84
17. National Geo-Hitman Wigglyweevil211 3-34-7973242-17
18. The Distracted Chef Canucklehead X 3-26-0062258-69
19. The Globetrotter Krikkit2021 3-03-6533306-59



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. The Fallen Kingdom The Elite Institute 4-34-7409343-48
2. Noisy Neighbours EpicGamerer 4-34-0446788-31
3. Ambrose Tourist Trail The Elite Institute 4-34-2170176-48
2-34-4943932-92  PlayStation
3-34-1193865-17  Xbox

Wait, @Clemens_IOI , I still did not understood if the contract I submit must be an Ambrose contract or if I can submit a contract on any map I wish for


The focus is definitely Ambrose Island, but you can use other locations if you can somehow make it connected to Ambrose (Noel Crest, militia, pirates, continued story, etc.)

Or at least I believe that’s what he meant.


Nice, I’ll definetely focus on Ambrose because it seems like the point of this is an Ambrose only batch, but it’d be cool if others would make some contracts in other maps


Just going to resubmit this in the hopes that I can get to a Part II and Part III. Have been pretty busy lately with little gaming time which is why I only got one submission in last round and it’s a barebones one. You can throw a propane tank right on the table if you’re a boring person with no imagination, but I suggest finding other methods.

Contract ID: 3-34-7387690-04

Platform: XBOX

Submitter name: Axwage

Contract Title: Smack To The Future

Briefing: Great Scott, where am I? And what year is it? Must have bumped my head… Gotta take care of these narcs and get back home!

Brief Description: Eliminate the three narcs as the hippie, however you want. Smack em first if you feel like it.

Location: Ambrose Island

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Cool only map Paris and Colorado.


Ok a super weird one here set in Mumbai. I wanted to go with the reverse of what IOI called the theme and made the contract around 47 leaving Ambrose, but instead linking it in the description instead, but doing a me a referencing it to something, in this case a classic piece of Indian music; Bom Bom Bombay Meri Hai

Title:Bomb, Bomb, Bombday
Contract ID: 3-13-1558683-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Platform: Xbox
Location: Mumbai, India (Chasing a ghost)
Brief description: After departing from Ambrose, 47 knew his contract killing days were over, so he decided to travel back to his favourite map: Mumbai.
You must eliminate three dancers as Gregory Arthur all with propane flasks or explosive devices.

FC submission image (any will do there. If you can make a better copy of the songs image then feel free to use that):

(Meant to reference the music videos three people and to give it a old memories vibe as well!)

(Normal version just represent to music video.)



oh hell yeah Clemens


Clemens you sneaky snitch

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Contract ID: 3-26-2226737-19
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Kesington019
Contract Title: The Pirate Taketh Away
The Pirate Taketh Away Briefing


Brief Description: This makes up for me not doing a pirate contract in July, right? Fairly straight-foward contract, suit only walk across the beaches of Haven. For some reason, blowing up jet-skis with remote explosives count as any method, so take that as you wish. Brad Walker’s hook should be a bit tricky, but there are a few methods I’ve tested for him that should prove interesting. Now that I think about it, this might be interesting for snipers, but I’m hopeless at that, so I wouldn’t know!
Location: Haven Island
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:

Good luck everyone! :pirate_flag: :parrot:


Contract ID: 1-34-5642316-10
1-34-2664571-10 (without time limit)
Platform: PC, EGS
Submitter Name: Bgyorok
Contract Title: Bodies in the sand
Off the Myanmar coast
There’s a sea called Andaman
That’s where you wanna go
To get away from it all
Bodies in the sand
Tropical gun resting in your hand
They’ll be falling enough
To the rhythm of the trigger tap
Down on Ambrose Island

Brief Description:
A 4 target contract, 1 target has a falling accident kill method, 2 complications. This contract is related to Kokomo by The Beach Boys The Beach Boys- Kokomo (HQ) - YouTube and there are multiple references to it in this contract (one of them being that the targets are male NPCs around beaches). All of the targets are far apart, so you have to figure out a way to take them all out without being spotted in under 3 minutes and 36 seconds.
After feedback from @schatenjager, I also made a version without the time limit. It shouldn’t alter gameplay too much.
Location: Ambrose Island
Featured Contract Image Suggestion:
a shot of one of the beaches (optionally with a dead body or two…)


Can we please not have forced time limits? Some people really don’t like that…


If that’s the case, I will try to make another version of this contract where there won’t be a time limit, but will also change something else to make up for the missing time complication. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot about the consequences of the time limit complication :grinning:


Mumbai, Haven…


Visit Ambrose :bomb: :boom: :bomb: :boom:

Contract ID/Title:

Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin



Brief Description: This contract allows for a variety of starts and strats, where there’s not much running to make sure the player has the most action possible. All three targets have wrenches relatively close for those with less equipment and Shan also smokes to give the player options, given the fact his gas can be ignited through the wall by the engineers outside. I also include the “Visit” in the theme with the link to tourism, and the contract has you running around visiting the village.
Location: Ambrose Island

Image Suggestion

:bomb: :boom: :bomb: :boom: :bomb: :boom: :bomb: :boom: :bomb:

Contract ID/Title:

Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin



Brief Description: This play on words contract sees you making a suprise visit to Ambrose after the militia sink your battleship. Although it could seem tough only one kill must be with a loud explosive, unless they’re looking for a greater challenge to not bring explosives to the mission. All kills have silent methods, and both shrine and Farah’s are valid starting spots as Chen’s kill becomes simpler.
Location: Ambrose Island

Image Suggestion (image may need brightening to see the capsized boat)


I think they mean Crest is only talked about on Paris and Colorado, though i could be entirely missing their point


Whoa !!.. classic bollywood movie from the late 80s starring Anil Kapoor🤩, worked as the host in Slumdog Millionaire. Song translates to (Bombay meri hai) Bombay (now Mumbai) is mine.

BTW I am working on a puzzle contract, didnot anticipate the submission so early.


Contract ID: 4-34-7409343-48

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: The Elite Institute

Contract Title: The Fallen Kingdom

Briefing: Ambrose Island is known as the fallen kingdom for a reason. Those ancient caves can prove lethal!

Brief Description: A contract focused on the secret cave in Ambrose Island focusing predominantly on falls. Targets only in this contract, so be careful when dropping things on people! Optimised to work well casually and flow well in a speedrun - and NO Molotov!

Location: Ambrose Island

And Featured Contract Image suggestion


Title: Assassins need
Contract ID: 3-34-4037216-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Platform: Xbox
Location: Ambrose Island (Shadows in the water)
Brief description: Stealth your way through the colonel ruins and cave to eliminate your targets in a assassins creed hidden blade method, but keep it clean and classic, so no pacifications ok.

FC image:

To give the old eagle vision feeling, use whatever one you please although i prefer the first image imo.