Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

NOOO! not poor Agent Smith! :smiley:


ID: 4-34-0446788-31
Platform: Switch
Submitter: EpicGamerer
Title: Noisy Neighbours
Briefing: Hello 47,
We here at the Paradise Travel Agency want only the best for our clients but we have recently received complaints from Gregory M. Yeager and Torres Piombo about their Ambrose Island deluxe camping package. They cannot sleep at night due to the Militia soldiers that have moved in right next to their camp, and are threatening to give us a 1 star review. Please kill off some Militia soldiers so the rest of them go home.
Brief description: Kill off several militia members located around the base as well as Orson Mills & Noel Crest in several different ways. Has potential for suit only, but maybe not silent assassin but you never know.
Location: Ambrose Island of course
Image suggestion:

Sorry for bad image quality :sob:.


Contract name: Waterworld
ID: 2-34-4288348-09
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: Steynkie69
Location: Ambrose Island

Crest and his guards have started a boat tour around Ambrose island, and they are calling it “Waterworld”. This is an undercover assassination scheme. Clients pay for targets to be lured to Ambrose for the tour, then rendered unconscious with toxic treats made by the biochemist, and thrown overboard to drown. The perfect accident.
Time to visit Ambrose, 47.

This is a simple fun contract. Drown the biochemist, and explode Crest and his two guards. No pacifications, and all bodies must be hidden in one big container, which is the sea. All items needed can be found on the island. No glitches were used, tested it several times and I got SA in 3:48 mins.



The question isn’t: “Why would I kill him?”
The question is: “Why wouldn’t I kill him?” :wink:



Contract ID: 1-24-2884907-82


Submitter name: Login

Contract Title: A Visit to Ambrose

Briefing: Doreen Ambrose: to all appearances she seems like any other front desk cashier at the New York branch of Milton-Fitzpatrick. And that would essentially be true. But she declined our client’s mortgage application and was quire rude about it. So: long story short, she must die. Preferably in the most theatrical circumstances possible.

“What’s in a name? That which we call Ambrose
By any other name would smell just as sweet”

(Romeo and Juliet, Act II Scene II)

Brief Description: You asked for inventive takes on the theme. And the bank teller at the front desk in New York is called Doreen Ambrose. I’ve tried to be kind with the conditions, but if you want a really Dark Souls level of difficulty I also made Contract ID: 1-24-0514222-82

Location: New York / Golden Handshake


I think someone’s already done that idea here

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@Login @Charlie_Farmer
Yep THAT SASO guy already did it.


Please specify what PC store your contract is for: Epic, Steam or Stadia

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Contract ID: 1-30-9089575-67

Platform: PC (Epic)

Submitter name: Phylocode

Contract Title: Ambrose Awaits You


Brief Description: A three target contract where eliminations are completed with items and objects found nearby the targets. The idea is a new guest to the island is being encouraged to explore through searching for the kill objects. The briefing is inspired by the show Westworld.

Location: Ambrose Island

Featured Contract Image suggestion


Contract ID: 1-11-9190200-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Rocky Ambrose’s visit


Brief Description:

Location: Miami


The Mafia Hypothesis

Contract IDs:

  • 1-34-3042831-28 (Epic)
  • 2-34-0921138-48 (Playstation, thanks @volvomodus)

Platform: Epic Games
Submitter name: Urben
Contract Title: The Mafia Hypothesis
Location: Ambrose Island


Brood parasites rely on others to hatch their eggs.
Evolutionarily, the question is quite interesting why some hosts, although it should be obvious that these are unfamiliar offsprings, go along with this.
Researchers suspect that those species that have resisted this were permanently attacked by the parasitic parents. Raising their own offspring is then even less likely to happen than when every now and then a foreign chick pushes the others out of the nest.
This explanation is called the mafia hypothesis.
Let’s see if the species on this island are willing to tolerate a strange egg in their midst and bear a few losses.

You can find the required… eggs near each target behind a gate or in a crate. Alternatively, you can unlock one in Whittleton Creek at mastery level 13.

Brief Description:
Kill a guard as a cook not far from the metal worker start.
Kill a guard as a metal worker not far from the cook start.
Near both is the explosive you need, but as you can’t have two separate triggers while standing at the other disguise near the exit, things might get tricky. The contract offers a somewhat easy way to solve this if you put in some thoughts. Still you need to find an efficient way from A to B if you want to be fast. Or B to A.
But maybe you don’t like it easy, then how about no loadout then? Or no pacifications? Both? The one way you can’t do this is silently. Have fun!

Image suggestion:
(I gave it a wide angle so you can crop it nicely to not cover everything with the batch logo :stuck_out_tongue: )


{"Author":null,"MissionId":"0862d67a-e7a5-4092-a47d-6d3d57c83e37","MissionName":"LOCATION_ROCKY_DUGONG","TimeLimit":510,"ExitId":"b54d5f68-900f-4749-9465-7c596230392f","CreateFromParamsJ":{"creationData":{"Title":"The Mafia Hypothesis","Description":"Brood parasites rely on others to hatch their eggs.\rEvolutionarily, the question is quite interesting why some hosts, although it should be obvious that these are unfamiliar offsprings, go along with this.\rResearchers suspect that those species that have resisted this were permanently attacked by the parasitic parents. Raising their own offspring is then even less likely to happen than when every now and then a foreign chick pushes the others out of the nest.\rThis explanation is called the mafia hypothesis.\rLet's see if the species on this island are willing to tolerate a strange egg in their midst and bear a few losses.\r\rYou can find the required... eggs near each target behind a gate or in a crate. Alternatively, you can unlock one in Whittleton Creek at mastery level 13.","Targets":[{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"3dbbbb5e-61a7-4cae-8df0-0e911e744dca","KillMethodBroad":"explosive","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"explosive"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"d9d95b38-3708-4220-9838-597c078a1081","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"31881e5a-c54e-4f0b-a948-04b0775fa24b","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"3dbbbb5e-61a7-4cae-8df0-0e911e744dca","KillMethodBroad":"explosive","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"explosive"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"f011f287-ea39-42a4-be1d-17ba5b783611","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"789e0240-e16f-4b14-b6b2-c7c192f3161d","Selected":true}],"ContractConditionIds":[],"ContractId":"23b18641-0b07-4c19-9ec2-9454f1c18d57","ContractPublicId":"134779265928"}}}

Contract ID: 1-02-2080609-10

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter Name: CangsHD

Contract Title: The Man with the GoldenVoice

Georges Cliche, better known as “Intercom Guy”, has made a small fortune for himself; selling his voice to travel agencies around the globe. Our client is a competitor of Georges. She wants to ensure that she gets the part in an upcoming audition for the Ambrose Island Travel Agency Automated Voice Intercom. This means Eliminating Georges.

Georges’s Talent Agent, Mabaya Mzabuni is attending the IAGO Auction, he must be eliminated as well.

Good Luck, 47.

Brief Description: Eliminate two targets by drowning and escape via the Helicopter

Location: Paris

Image Suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-34-6303950-17
Platform: PS5
Submitter name: TigronIE
Contract Title: Unwanted Guests
Location: Ambrose Island

Good Evening 47,

Our client is a representative of the Malaysian government who is looking to combat their pirate problem by provoking a conflict between Akka the Pirate Queen and Noel Crest’s splinter militia.

Your targets are Akka’s childhood friend Farah and Crest’s right hand man Orson ‘Guest’ Mills.

The client wants this to look like a betrayal 47, therefore you must kill the targets in a method consistent with the other factions M.O, and it must look like a cover up.

Good Luck 47!

Brief Description:
This is a story focused contract based on solving the pirate issue on Ambrose Island indirectly (rather than directly, like in the story mission). The title Unwanted Guests comes from the fact that 47 is going to cause an irreparable rift between Crest and Akka by killing each others closest Allys making the Militia unwanted guests on the island. The Visit Ambrose theme is covered not only by 47 visiting the island to complete the mission but more importantly its about Crest and Orson visiting the island and coming to regret it.

The equipment required for the optional kill and outfit requirements are all available on the map allowing you to complete this mission with a basic loadout from the default start. Saying that, I would recommend the Seeker Pistol or similar.

The story of this mission revolves around setting up the militia and pirates, therefore the no pacifications and hidden bodies requirement was added to fit this theme. Its meant to look like one faction killed a member of the other faction and tried to cover it up by hiding the body.

I gave Orson a nickname as an homage to the New Zealand level :wink:

This is my first submission to featured contracts and I hope ye enjoy it.

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

I chose this image as it is the desk from the room where Akka and Crest meet with the Weapons of choice between the two glasses.


First post here so the probability my contract is selected is quite low, but I’ll try anyway :slight_smile:

Contract ID: 1-34-0162140-63

Platform: PC / Steam

Submitter name: Melusca

Contract Title: Where’s your fishing permit?

Briefing: According to the ICA (International Codfishers Association), there are people on Ambrose Island illegally fishing endangered sea life with heavy duty explosives. Those people must not be allowed to continue their illegal operations. You will find plenty of explosive devices on Ambrose Island - you can even make more with raw materials if needed - and they will work just as well on shady fishermen as they work on what they’re fishing.

Brief Description: 5 targets to kill with explosive devices, no pacifications, no bodies found (both complications optional). Since you can only bring 3 explosives in your loadout and the targets are far from each other, you need to get 2 more explosives from the map. I crafted them since it’s one of Ambrose’s most interesting features, but there are probably quite a lot of other ways to get them. Initially I planned to require suit kills but it was far too restrictive and just added a lot of running around for no good reason, so I switched to any disguise.

Location: Ambrose Island

Suggested Picture (feel free to crop the top as my monitor isn’t one of those fancy widescreen things):


Contract ID:1-34-041214534
Platform: PC (Epic)
Subitter name: Azrael73
Contract title: Crazy Pirate
Briefing: Arrrrrrr that last bottle of rum got me thinking crazy thoughts. Time to act on them by killing random folk. That will calm me nerves before i hoist anchor and get off this crappy island.
Brief description: Just a crazy drunken pirate on a killing spree.
Location: Ambrose Island


Contract ID: 1-34-7437400-34
Platform: PC (Epic)
Submitter name: Azrael73
Contract Title: Deadly sleep
Briefing: You wouldn’t know it by looking at them but they are all ex assassins responsible for stealing many of your kills. While its not professional to hold such a grudge the least you can do is kill them like a pro, quietly in their sleep. Do it ninja style for a bonus.
Brief Description: Stealthy ninja kills
Location: Ambrose Island


Hi Fellow 47s of the World!

First time poster, hope I’m doing this right?

Contract ID: 2-34-2854073-51

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: AyannaRee (Yanna)

Contract Title: Farah Asks a Favor

Briefing: A contract has been issued by Farah, who uncovered a sinister human trafficking ring operating right under her nose. The Liao Brothers are the ringleaders. Their team includes a waitress and a bouncer at Farah’s, who drug their victims at the outdoor bar. A military liaison then spirits the unlucky barflies to their horrific fate. Put an end to it.

Brief Description: Players have lots of flexibility in terms of timing and execution here, but optional conditions including weapon and disguise choices add some structure to keep things interesting, and ensure the player almost certainly will have to wander into restricted areas…or find yet another disguise to make their way past the guards. Plus, I love the idea of Farah taking care of business, and taking out the whole operation in one fell swoop…or rather, having Agent 47 do that on her behalf.

Location: Ambrose Island

Image Idea: IDK, maybe Farah giving a cook the stink eye, or 47 hiding outside of the Liao bros hut with the razor in hand?


Contract ID: 3-34-4616111-19
Platform: Xbox - PC (Gamepass for PC)
Submitter name: Wynn
Contract Title: Hook, Line and Sinker
Briefing: Utilize the hooks, fishing lines and poisons scattered around the map or bring your own. Either way they’ll fall for it Hook, Line and Sinker.
Brief Description: Eliminate 3 targets with methods based of the phrase. The targets are relatively close to the way your meant to take them out (pirate next to hook, cook next to fishing line, kinda, and militia member close to toilet).
Location: Ambrose Island
Contract Image