Official Community "Visit Ambrose" Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

But its so tempting!

Oh shit, i forgot your from India aren’t you! I didn’t think many people going to get that reference! :smile:

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Wow. I just woke up at 7:00am Tuesday morning and saw this. Unprecedented? Yes. Thanks for notifying me @Charlie_Farmer. I will submit a contract or two set on Ambrose Island. This theme is a lot more manageable than Flower Power.

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Contract ID: 2-34-6031296-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: CHECKMATE


Good evening, 47. You are invited to a chess game at Ambrose Island.
The rule is to attack the opponent’s metal pieces by setting, placing, or moving your pieces in a strategic area. Additional pieces may need to be moved to a specific area to make way for the metal pieces to a strategic area using emetic poisons.
Best wishes for your checkmate strategy !!

Brief Description:

This is a puzzle contract where you need to make some npc sick such that the sick metal workers can go to a strategic location. The tool for making sick is common in this island. One of a target looks easy however if you take the non-strategic path, you might kill some smoking engineers in the workshop.
I felt it like a chess game; you just need to place some set pieces and the targets will automatically kill themselves. You don’t have to wait, just go to next metal pieces / workers.
The players can get some hint from the image suggestions (inspired by image of Penned Pal challenge).

My Strategy
  1. Staring as metal worker, place Molotov Cocktail on the mat as shown in the image and leak the canister using wrench – two chess pieces out automatically – one of them sparks in the workshop which flames the gas canister and kills his colleague in return the impact ignites Molotov and burns him.

  2. Make the guard sick who goes inside the fence, and then make the metal worker sick who goes to outhouse shortcut area, push him. Bonus Tip: No need to wait, put Concussion Device at his back which will push him while he is throwing up – another chess piece out.

  3. Make one of the two patrolling pirate sick and then the metal worker will go to the toilet near the bar, use battery or some tasers on the water puddle in his way – another chess piece out automatically.

  4. Very easy one, smoking targets + Propane flask = last chess piece out automatically.

Once you place the set pieces, it is a guaranteed checkmate!!

You might discover a different strategy like using a sniper rifle or breaching charge. The gameplay is quite fast if you set the piece and move to next piece without worrying the last move. This contract can be played even if you bring nothing with you, collect the items from the map. Bring items as per your choice for faster gameplay.

Location: Ambrose Island, Andaman Sea

Image suggestion:


Some people really hate that I would say :slight_smile:

@Fries00 can you please convert your post into wiki so we could make a list of submissions to ease the navigation
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Contract ID


Submitter name

Contract Title
Paradise Lost


Our client is the Ambrose Island Tourism Board, which is seeking to bring more visitors to the island. Over the years the Maldives have been the top pick for wealthy travellers, much to the detriment of other exotic destinations in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, Ambrose tourism officials have contracted us to diminish the Maldives’ attractiveness by causing a series of untimely deaths on famous Haven Island.

Brief Description
The contract consists of four targets. Jane Silver is a lifeguard on the southern beach and Chef Rampart works in the restaurant kitchen. Rick O’Neil is lounging in the pool area, whereas Adam Crest roams the private island.

There are no restrictions regarding disguises or elimination methods and the contract doesn’t have any complications. This gives the players a lot of freedom and allows for a wide variety of different approaches, suited for all types of players.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Haven Island

Image suggestion

More images


Dang, I was about to hop on and create a similar contract to your submission. I guess I’ll have to think something else up.


I now realise why my previous submissions weren’t submitted properly… forgot to list the Submitter Name… oops. Will not forget this time, even though really I only have like one gamertag. :sweat_smile:

Contract Title: Visit Ambrose Island
Contract ID: 3-34-9880945-09
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: DavidG185
Location: Ambrose Island, Andaman Sea (Shadows In The Water)


Welcome to Ambrose Island. A spot for those that have dreams of living in a pirate village. Meet new friends, the local wildlife, and even long distance friends… or just mess with them as you will. It’s the perfect spot to get your “hook, line and sinker” in with some fishing. A fun activity for locals and pirates. Why carry excess luggage? Chill out… or get drunk. If you need to go somewhere to puke, chuck durians and they’ll show you the way. Ambrose Island - we hope you enjoy your stay.

Brief Description:
Eliminate 5 targets; Farah and Shivani at Farah’s, Gregory M. Yeager in the shrine area between the two bridges, Carlton Smith in the Pirate’s Prison Cell, and Indukala at houses where the longboat exit is located. First two targets don’t have any restrictions, Gregory and Carlton will need to be eliminated with Fibre Wire and Hook respectfully whilst wearing the Pirate disguise, and Indukala is Fall Accident whilst in your Suit.

As stated in the briefing, you don’t really need a briefcase nor a smuggle point to eliminate these 5 targets. All the things you need to eliminate the targets can be found on the map, even easier with a default loadout if done right. The briefing even notes that durians are a great way to isolate your targets in multiple directions. This contract can be completed by all players.

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:


Contract ID: 2-34-7189791-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: Make War, Not Love

Briefing: I’m tired of doing all this love not war crap. I thought when i would live in Ambrose i’d find peace. But it is just the same kind of people just like back in the old country i used to live in. It is even worse with the fact the island is filled to the brim with war hungry pirates who beat me up black and blue. This is the final last straw once and for all. Time to make a little war of my own.

Location: Ambrose island

Brief Description:



Image suggestions


Contract ID: 1-34-9769582-54
Platform: Steam
Submitter Name: PVD
Contract Title: Wake up and smell the ashes


Brief Description: This is a five target contract with no complication. You need to eliminate 5 sleeping residents in stilt village. I think the most difficult part is that you need to watch out for those NPCs that will pass the house and see something inappropriate through the window.
Location: Ambrose Island


I hate both of them.


@Switcher “Ambrose visit” interpret it however you like. If you want: a visit to Dr. Ambrose, if you want Joe Doe nickname Ambrose visits a fashion show in Paris. It’s all limited only by your imagination. The most important thing is that the jury likes the contract.

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Contract ID: 2-03-9942471-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: The Runaway Ambrose Hippie

Briefing: Torres Piombo thinks he can run away without giving the pirates of Ambrose island what they’re owed. And that is drugs and money. The pirates have sent you a little gift in your apartment to light up that tie dye scum’s world. Good luck 47.

Location: Sapienza

Brief Description:

Target and complications

Image suggestions

proof read it while typing it into here and thought screw it. spell correct the spots i made mistakes in. also i like image #2 the most.


Contract ID: 1-34-3250761-88

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter name: hobgoblinCZ


Briefing: Sankara stones have been stolen again! Kill the militia soldiers who betrayed Shiva!

Brief Description: Obvious Indiana Jones and the Teple of Doom reference. Lure the targets and push them off the bridge (no pacifications and a very generous time limit).

Location: Ambrose Island

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Targets and complications:


Sorry Canucklehead :see_no_evil:
But I’m sure you’ll come up with something else. After all you had the highly creative Vegan Birthday Cake idea last round (;


Title: Running with the night
Contract ID: 3-34-9516167-17
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Platform: Xbox
Location: Ambrose Island (Shadows in the water)
Brief description: This whole contract is a huge reference to Lionel Richie’s song:“Running with the night”

FC image:



Two Stories Wireless

Contract ID: 2-34-1915648-10
Platform: Playstation
Submitter Name: Switcher
Contract Title: Two Stories Wireless
Location: Ambrose Island


Ever since Agent 47 destroyed the satellite in Ambrose. it destroyed the island’s whole electricity network, and it has affected the tourism at Ambrose.

The single tourist attraction that gets tourists to visit Ambrose, social media, isn’t available anymore.

47 now needs to cut the throats of the villagers that want to keep the state of tourism at Ambrose as it is right now, in order for Ambrose to rise again.

Good luck, 47.

Brief Description:

This contract is a 4 Targets, Specific Melee (Barber Razor + Kitchen Knife), No KOs and Any Disguise, revolves around door opening and distractions, I had enojed making this light hearted contract and I believe that others will enjoy playing this one.

Suggested Image:

Targets' Locations:


Contract ID: 2-23-1848951-24

Platform: PS5

Submitter name: DODARKILLEN

Contract Title: The fall of ambrose island

Briefing: A group of mercs are cassualy hanging out on Ambrose Island, be a gentleman and show them the way out it is a reatricted area after all

Brief Description: kill 5 mercs by dropping them from hights no man could see coming, a decent puzzle with a few targets.

Location: The Island of ambrose

Image suggestion: A man being pushed by 47


Contract ID: 2-08-7021215-50

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: Chiku138

Contract Title: Stop over at Bangkok

47, Thailand is the country closest to the Andaman Sea. There is no direct flight to Ambrose Island, so you must stop over at Bangkok. Make sure you check out your stay at the reception or stalk out of the Himmapan hotel unnoticed. I hope your fellow passengers have a safe journey.

Brief Description:
In order to check out the hotel and start you journey to Ambrose Island; you need to take out the two hotel receptionist. One of them disguised as the Stalker and the other by any disguise. The kill condition for both are any methods with no other complications. Unleash your creativity on this.

Location: Bangkok

And Featured Contract Image suggestion


Beautiful Water

Contract ID: 2-34-9129994-10
Platform: Playstation
Submitter Name: Switcher
Contract Title: Beautiful Water
Location: Ambrose Island


If there is one distinct feature at the island we can all agree on it’s the beaches, oh the water, at night the water get a beautiful darker tone, you can’t even see through the water.

Wanna see how dark the water are? Get this group of people to fall into the water, I can promise that their bodies won’t be found until the morning.

Brief Description:

This is a 4 target, Fall Accidents only, Any disguise contract, that revolves around one of the beaches in the map, there are multiple ways to excecute this contract, and it’s quite fun as well.

Might as well mention that this contract was originally created for the Sight of Ambrose batch of the Curated Contracts made by Crewdy and AgentMando in the Hitman Community Discord server, shout out to their commuinity.

Suggested Image:

Thanks @AgentMando for taking that screenshot for the Sight of Ambrose batch.

Targets' Locations: