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Contract ID: 3-28-6206311-88
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name Swangtheugly
Location Dartmoor
Contract Title Say Cheese And Die!


It’s time to think negative, real negative. People may say the camera is cursed, but we all know one picture is worth a thousand screams!

Brief Description

Say Cheese And Die! Takes you to Dartmoor where the player is tasked to eliminate targets in unique in varied ways both obvious and some that might make you scratch your head a little. The complications this time around have been carefully selected to fit the theme of this contract while deceiving the player at the same time while it being a reference too. That being the Goosebumps Story of the same name. I’ve held onto this contract since the Launch of Hitman 3 and the Season of Wraith felt appropriate given how the targets perish in their each distinctive way.

Image Suggestion



Hey everyone! I am new to the hitman Community and thougt: hey! Why Not just Post one of my „Wrath“ Contracts :slight_smile: So here it is:

Contract Id: 2-28-7133862-77
Plattform: PS
Submitter name: Gamerthron
Location: Dartmoor
Briefing: Good Morning, 47
We recieved important information about a little group of nobodys. At least officially. But the truth is, they are kind of a dead mans switch of the former Providence Konstant Arthur Edwards. We are not sure why they‘ve been activated that late or who did it, but we have to act now. Our Client, a mysterious, unnown Person, wants us to make the targets deaths look like accidents, so nobody gets suspicious. It is in your hand to eliminate this five headed Serpent. Good luck 47.

Brief Description:
Thinking of providence Makes 47 and Diana whrathfull. So when a „new Providence“ began to rise, this old feelings came back to the Surface. In this first Part of my Series are no complications so 47 can reach His targets each way he like. He wants to unleash a Storm of bullets and blood about his Targets. But: In every floor of the mansion is a target so this will result in many dead innocents. And the client asked for accidents… But the Wrath is too big. Can you resist it? Or else you are no better than Edwards.
(SaSo is possible and a bit tricky sometimes. You need to know how you get an non moving target in a position you need it to be)

Image suggestion:

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Contract Title: Fury Of The Five
Contract ID: 2-27-2648944-01
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: rilledstilled
Location: Dubai

Contract Briefing [full]:
Good evening 47, your targets are a group of mercenaries in the Arabian Military that once fought in a squad together known as ‘The Furious Five’.

They were deployed on a secretive mission in an unnamed country on behalf of an unknown Arabian official. They were sent to confront a group of protestors and take them unwillingly to an abandoned facility where they would be tortured, brainwashed and turned against each other for months on end. Most of the protestors never made it out alive and the ones that did were irreversibly scarred beyond recognition.

Since then, the five have disbanded and moved onto working as security for high value officials. They are going to be working as security at the opening of the Burj-Al-Ghazali on behalf of the same official they worked for years ago.

Our client is a supposed ex-comrade of one of the targets and after they found out what they did, they were disgusted and enraged. They have hired us to take out each target in ‘the most violent way possible’, in order to send a clear message to the official they worked for. Happy hunting 47.

Briefing [short] see image below:

Brief description:
The targets silenced the enraged and took their own anger out on them. Now the client wants to reignite that rage that they tried to silence. I wanted to make a contract where you could go in and blast people loudly without being caught, John Wick type stuff. The kill conditions require you to go loud while still staying stealthy, there aren’t any complications other than the kill conditions, I wanted it to be a bit fun :).

Image suggestion(s):

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Contract ID: 3-31-0010676-84

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: Franz

Contract Title: Grapes of Wrath


“All you and your little tool are good for: cutting grapes. They mock you, brandishing their big guns. Your boss humiliates you daily. Make them cut it out. Cut them up. They are but weak and mushy grapes.”

Brief description:

2 complications: be disguised as a winery worker (no disguise change), and you have to use the grape knife (melee). This means a fixed starting location, with your weapon nearby, but everything else is up to you.

It can be done silent assassin, also without emetics, but the four targets (Gabriel Vargas, a gaucho, a mercenary and a security guard) are challenging, so you will have to think on your feet. Many routes are available. It can also be a very wrath inspired run, where you slash your way through the map, leaving behind mayhem and attacking another area where everything is still calm.

Surprised this title wasn’t picked yet.

Location: Mendoza

Image suggestion (made with a potato, a suggestion could be to zoom in on the two glasses of wine and the grape knife):


Contract ID: 2-33-8461259-56

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: WinstonPeroni & MontezumahCHP

Contract Title: Helmut’s Wrath

Briefing: Goodmorning 47, welcome to Dartmoor. Our client Helmut Kruger famous top model, is actually detained in Carcerè de la Santé in Paris. After the events of Sanguine Fashion Show, your main target Sebastian Sato testified against him about the IAGO scandal. You also have to eliminate Sato’s boyfriend, Ken Takeuchi the CEO of MiNi, an all you can eat sushi company. With Kruger’s carreer officialy over, only the blood of his enemies can appraise his wrath.
I’ll leave you to prepare.

Brief Description: This is an optional speedrun contract but in the same time have an interesting plot, you can enjoy it slowly or beat the time, is up to you.

Location: Dartmoor garden show

Immage sugestion

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Contract ID: 1-27-4273125-48

Platform: PC

Submitter Name: Sfiggaz

Contract Title: The Last Straw

Good day, 47.
Your targets are 3 security guards of the penthouse located at the top of the Burj Al Ghazali.

The repetitive harassment and violent behavior of the targets towards the staff caused a tense atmosphere at the penthouse. However, what made the clients, the workers themselves, truly enraged was the recent beating of one the staff members at the hands of these 3 guards.
The clients also asked for an “elegant but ruthless execution”, surely you’ll be able to satisfy their request.

Good luck.

Brief Description: In order to please the clients, eliminate the targets with a shotgun, while wearing your suit (elegant but ruthless); furthermore do not kill any innocent, because you’ll probably end up killing one of your clients. The bonus objectives are both optional, so feel free to play the contract however you like it.

Location: Dubai

Image Suggestion:

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Contract ID: 2-27-4242735-92
Platform: PS5
Submitter name: tryagainlater
Contract Title: Mênis
Sing, goddess, the wrath of Achilles, Peleus’ son…

Devising shameful treatment for glorious Hector:
At the back of the feet he made holes by the tendons, from heel to ankle, and threaded straps of oxhide through them, and tied them to his chariot, leaving the head to drag behind.

Brief Description: What better place to find wrath in mythology then in The Iliad, the first word in the original Ancient Greek version being “mênis” which means wrath. Taking from the famous episode where Achilles drags poor Hector’s dead body with his chariot. One target to be killed with the ornate scimitar because it’s the closest thing to a Greek spear plus it’s nice to use a weapon that’s in the level for people who haven’t unlocked other swords in the loadout. The body has to be hidden to represent the dragging aspect from the story. It isn’t entirely obvious where the closest hiding spot is to the target who’s in the atrium. The nearest bathroom doesn’t have any but there is the closet in the stairwell maintenance room nearby. I didn’t use the no pacifications complication but it’s probably quicker to not knock people out so you don’t have to hide them or have them be woken up.

Location: Dubai
And Featured Contract Image suggestion: 47 dragging the body would work nicely.


Alright I have a contract

contract ID: 2-31-7877432-16
Location: Mendoza
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: TNGassassan
Briefing: “47! despite your amazing dinner skills these 2 people gave you steak a 1 star rating! They complained it was “overcooked”! well we will show them what overcooked looks like! Lets torch them!!! But don’t use guns. Good luck 47”

Description: while there are some restrictions the only one that is mandatory is the no shooting anything but an NPC. the challenge of this mission is to figure out how to light the targets on fire without shooting them (theres are multiple hints of how to do that in the Briefing and photos). there are a few ways to light oil barrels but all are viable. The goal of this is to kill your targets in a method you would not normally use. I think it would be good as it could also encourage the use of the new item that will come out at the time of these contracts release “the professional screwdriver”. As you are going around puncturing oil barrels without having the option to just shoot them.

Image suggestion: I think something similar to these two would work and best suits the theme of the contract.



(also this is just a little side note but if you choose my contract is it possible I can have the “ICA outstanding performance coin” or the “aluminium travel briefcase”. I don’t want to sound like an annoying brat but it would be nice sense I didn’t start playing till Hitman 2.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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@Franz beat me to this contract name nine hours late! Oh well, I had the name Grapes of Wrath planned for a while now, so I’ll still post it! (If it’s still invalid, it’s okay, but it’s nice to see how two different people interpreted the name)

Grapes of Wrath (by Viv)

Contract ID: 3-31-4689239-02

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: Viv

Contract Title: Grapes of Wrath


Don Yates’ vineyard is proctored by chief winemaker Gabriel Vargas. His grapes are procured fresh and ripe, and he takes pride in his work. He seems to bathe in it all: money, women, and feasts. However, worked too hard to bid farewell. Thousands envy your attention to minute details when referring to hits. Each approach across the world has been slothful and effective, yet you lust for blood. Bullets to debouchery, don’t let the blood rage sting your palms one bit… Unleash it all, 47!

Brief Description:
With the 7DS chapter of HITMAN coming to an end, Wrath was a perfect sin to go out with a bang. I wanted to create a contract that takes advantage of ALL seven sins, with Wrath being the front of it! Why not leave it all during sunset at one of the prettiest places in the trilogy! (The book was a really good read, by the way! Shoutout Steinbeck!)

The briefing contains references to all seven sins (they should be pretty obvious), and it saves wrath for left. It also has a variety of methods: some clean such as poison and accidents, while others are more grotesque such as the shotgun for our prideful winemaker, melees and explosive devices. This contract has no complications, so all agents can try this without being too worried about breaking a complication. This also will attract the freelance explosive-chucking, shotgun wielding maniacs to methodical poison-popping, fall-inducing hitmen! This contract has something for most (if not all) to enjoy! Loud and proud, or quiet and subtle about it? Whatever approach will still bring out the Wrath in the hitman.

The best part? You can integrate those items one can get from the 7DS chapters into this contract! You can wield the Swashbuckler’s Pride, to the Maximalist Shotgun, to the Serpent’s Tongue! I wanted to give players a chance to do their thing, so some players (like me, and hopefully others… hehe) want to retry this contract with different items from different sins. It even accustoms for those who don’t necessarily have any/some of the sins, since all five of these items can be found throughout the level close by! (You can even use that cool poison creator in the center location of the targets: the grape field shed!)

Location: Mendoza

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

And here was an alternative, more minimalist photo that I'm just showing off


Hello again! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: i’ve preemptively made a few contracts already
Contract ID: 2-30-7008346-89
Platform: PC
Submitter name: Georgikens
Contract Title: Wrath of The Peon
Briefing: Imogen Royce, Hush, The Constant. Envision them, in their ivory towers. Looking down upon you.
Some say the best way to take down a stronger opponent is to strike at the heart.
A wise friend once told me, to defeat a stronger opponent you must fight dirty.
What would really cripple the higher-ups? Taking out their foot soldiers. Their peons.
Wrath will be upon them.
Brief Description: Sneak around Chongqing, eliminating different dumpling cooks around the map.
Location: Chongqing

Contract ID: 1-29-6863156-89
Platform: PC
Submitter name: Georgikens
Contract Title: Nature’s Wrath
Briefing: You are a force of nature. An Apex Predator.
You have been manipulated, used, and exploited.
Harness the power of Wrath.
Brief Description: Take out targets in their own disguises with different accident kills.
Location: Berlin

Contract ID: 1-01-7170285-89
Platform: PC
Submitter name: Georgikens
Contract Title: Wrath of Luca Wood
Briefing:Imagine being the poor ICA actor who has to pretend to die more than anyone else. Don’t you think he has some pent-up rage?
Maybe you should help him release it.
Brief Description: Explore the ICA Facility while taking out soldiers with a soft time limit, utilizing panic strategies and quick reflexes.
Location: The Final Test

Contract ID: 1-27-9888928-89
Platform: PC
Submitter name: Georgikens
Contract Title: Layers
Layer 1: Muayid Sofran: Money Laundering
Layer 2: Amaan Kassem: Blackmail
Layer 3: Akbar Salam: Robbery
Layer 4: Aslam Wahba: Murder
Layer 5: Hans Lucht: CONFIDENTIAL

Firearms should be used minimally.
Use of melee combat is recommended.
Operation: Layers has been approved.
Brief Description: Descend the Burj Al Ghazali eliminating targets unarmed and stealthy.

Contract ID: 1-29-4623874-89
Submitter name: Georgikens
Contract Title: Masked Murderer
Briefing: There have been tales of a masked killer that comes out every fall.
Some say he is unpredictable, changing disguises and weapons every kill.
Some say he kills randomly.
Between all of these stories, one variable stays the same. His face is always covered. It could be a mask, a balaclava, or gauze, but his face is never seen.
His last attack was at the club holle just last September.
He murdered three men in the middle of the night at a busy party, or so the legend says.

I wonder if it’s true.
Brief Description: Explore underutilized areas of Berlin in masked disguises, eliminating targets with different weapons and different disguises.
Location: Berlin

Thats all for now, but I have a very topical suprise contract I cant send just yet :shushing_face:


Unfortunately, they won’t be able to accept that one.


‘The Final Test’ came out with HITMAN (2016), so technically it’s from H1. It is included in H3 because it provides a Tutorial level. But everything from Dubai to Mendoza are the only levels that will be accepted for submission.


i beg to differ :wink:

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Contract ID: 3-27-5887960-20
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name:Crewdy
Location: Dubai
Contract Title: The Dubai Downfall

Briefing (this one is preferrable to the in-game one):

Good day agent,

When we think skyscraper we think going up, we want you to make it come down… on them…

Why do skyscrapers have so many chandeliers? Make use of them turning all eliminations in to accidents.

I shall leave you to prepare…

Brief Description:
Another loud contract which requires the player to drop chandeliers on unsuspecting people without the use of a gun or winches. Part of the fun of this is routing; your loadout is enforced by needing 3 explosives, plus the one on the map. There are a few viable starting locations and there are also ways of getting multiple targets at once if you are willing to experiment.

Image Suggestion:

Go big or go home.


Having the same title doesn’t invalidate the submission, no worries. It happened before. I also had this contract prepared earlier this month, knowing this would be a popular theme. The title and Mendoza location just work too well! There may be others following our example :wink:


Contract ID: 2-28-2866515-31

Platform: Playstation

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: SMOKE BOMBS !!!

47, Madam Carlisle is pissed off on three of her house maids for smoking and not using ash tray. Alexa has obsessive compulsive disorder and hate the smokes and cigarette butt lying around. She is raged and wants to fire the three employees.
DISCLAIMER: Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health and Deadlier with Propane Gas.

Brief Description:
This is a contract where you have to get the two maids to smoke cigarette, find the three propane flask and plant it beside the targets to make a Smoking Bomb.

Unless you find a faster way to use the propane flask as bombs without using a gun.

Here shooting the propane flask to leak is restricted however (like my previous contract :crazy_face:) Hope you enjoy it !!

Location: Dartmoor

And Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Solution - Spoiler Alert
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Here is my submission:

Platform: Epic Games
Submitter name: Urben
Contract Title: Mauersturm
Location: Berlin
Contract ID: 1-29-1182083-28

IDs on other platforms

Playstation: 2-29-5257759-00
Stadia: 1-29-6435992-13


Them on the wall and us down here. We are not meant to be separated! It can’t go on like that and our anger reached it’s peak! If the soldiers are not on our side then we have to be the Freedom Fighters!
It is time, pick up whatever you need to get us us up there and to tear it down.
Some of us may not survive this night, but no matter how this ends, we will live on in the people’s minds…

Brief Description:
I decided to make a loud contract. There are two pairs of targets, one has to be killed with Accident Explosion, the other with an Explosive Device. So it is a puzzle contract as you want to get them together. They are roughly in hearing/visual range and as there are no other restrictions like disguises or complications you have plenty ways to do this. It is also worth to consider multiple starting locations. And if you want, slap extra complications on it! You won’t be able to do it without loadout but other than that, anything goes! Though I am not sure how fun it is to do it without pacifications. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I did well to align it to the theme. Went all in with a German title fitting to the location that in itself sounds like wrath and a briefing with some historic context of the Berlin Wall. Have fun! :grin:

Image suggestion: (cropped to fit the ingame tile)

Uncropped version


Contract ID: 2-31-3890216-56
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: ambusher55
Location: Mendoza
Contract Title: The Toilet Problem

Gabrio Ibanez is angry as he is the farthest guard from the toilets. He does not get bathroom break as well and is planning to terminate his boss. Hence Yates wants us to terminate Ibanez with his last wish.
Meanwhile one of a guest Robertson has captured one of the three bathroom which is making the guest angry. Since there is only three bathrooms for more than hundreds of guests.

Brief Description:

  • Two Targets
  • One Guard, other is a Civilian
  • One is very Easy, Other is a bit Tricky and Hard
  • Both has to be Drowned
  • No Other Complications (I tried with No Pacification however)
  • Clue:
 * The owner of the briefcase shown in image plays an important part here
 * Emetic Syringe a Guard on the Sniper Rifle Falcon Team and check the path/game logic
 * With correct timing and place, let the guard (Gabrio) carry the briefcase
 * Gabrio has to be emetic poisoned twice.
  • Useful Note: Don’t try pacifying everyone to the toilet and drag the guard, how will you wake him up to drown then ??

Image Suggestions:


Video showing the path to Gabrio’s Last Wish :rofl

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Here is my first submission!

Contract ID: 1-27-5451450-10
Platform: PC
Submitter Name: bgyorok
Contract Title: Plague of Chaos
What’s an establishment without their loyal patrons, the trained personnel, without the technicians and employees? What would happen, if they just disappeared? People getting shot left and right? Less and less income and workers not coming to work for “neck pain”? Maybe unfortunate souls getting into accidents?
You’re the agent of chaos, 47. You have the power in the palm of your hand. You just have to act.
Ruin the Burj Al-Ghazali. Show them that no one, and I mean NO ONE is untouchable.

Brief Description: I tried putting a lot of effort into these submissions since it is the last 7DS after all. Surprisingly, even though Wrath is probably the least imaginative idea for a contract, I somehow had the most ideas for this sin.
Plague of chaos is quite possibly my favorite one of my ideas. What happens if you get rid of the essentials? Chaos and rage. Basically wrath :grinning:. The targets are polar opposites to one another in lots of ways, including clothing, accessibility, etc., meanwhile, Antonio Marreghereti is the neutral one. Most of the targets are also on different levels making use of Dubai’s verticality.
Location: Dubai
**Featured Contract Image Suggestions:


The Wrath of The Batman
Contract ID: 2-31-3812950-09
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: Steynkie69
Location: Mendoza
Title: Trouble in the Bat Cave
47, we have been contacted by a mysterious client who calls himself The Batman. While he was on holiday, some Yates guy invaded his cave, and turned it into a Winary. Needless to say, HE WANTS IT BACK!
You can start by eliminating the guards…
Image suggestion:


Crafts War

ID: 1-29-8349395-53

Platform: PC

Submitter Name: Switcher

Contract Name: Crafts War

The spell requires 4 different ingredients. You must acquire a sample of a goats blood (aka bloodgoats), a dead man’s feather, a werewolf’s hair and a part of dragon’s skin. This spell will make you immortal. Every war may end in fine ways, made with great thoughts.
Disguise yourself as both sides, to let both think they won.
The Master has been mad for a very long time, this energy was stored in you, now, you must let your Wrath unleash.

Brief Description: A Starting Locations contract, the idea is pretty much making 2(+) Starting Locations ideal for the completion of the contract and giving the players the option to choose which starting location to go for, Any Method without any complications to give the players as much freedom as needed, only Disguises limits in order to limit the starting locations.
The plot in the briefing is kinda a mix of both halloween and wrath, a all in one package, I think its a fun story.

Location: Berlin

Targets and Required Disguises:

Suggested Image:

I don’t think theres any way to kill with consumed poison, this picture is purely for the briefing