Official Death Thread


Bobby Taylor died on 22nd July, for the uninitiated he basically discovered the Jackson 5.


Don Rickles died on April 6th.


Oh god… Sam Shepard is dead :cry:.


The actor who played Viggo in John Wick, passed away due to lung cancer :frowning: He was such a bold and iconic figure in the movie. RIP


Was shocked and saddened by Chester Bennington’s death as I am a huge Linkin Park fan. Had always respected his talent. We just never know what tortured lives they live.


I always hate it when there’s a red number thing after this topic : /



Bruce Forsyth has passed at the age 89. The all round entertainer has finally passed away. He will be remembered for The Generation Game, Play Your Cards Right, Strickly Come Dancing and Saturday Night At The Palladium to name a few. R.I.P you’ve earned it.



RIP Jerry Lewis, comedy legend whose career spanned over seven decades. Known for being the original Nutty Professor and his long-time collaboration with Dean Martin.

Recently though, I’ll remember him for this “difficult” interview:


I loved his work with Dean Martin. I honestly wasn’t aware he was even still alive.


God, I saw the bottom half of the picture (for the video Watson posted) first and thought it was Stan Lee. I think that would’ve legit ruined my week.

That being said. Too bad, the man was a legend. At least he lived a long life and effected the world in a positive way (both with his movies and his charity work).


Can’t believe I missed this one. Tobe Hooper passed away a week ago. He directed one of my favorite movies “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. May he rest in peace.


Yeah I saw that, was too bad he was a great director. That movie is so scary!


I know I’m really, really late on this, but as I saw no mention of this actor I thought I should mention him.

Actor William Christopher ( died on December 31st, 2016, at age 84. He lost a battle to Small-cell carcinoma, also known as “small-cell lung cancer.”

Christopher was famous for his role as Private Lester Hummel on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., but was also known for his fantastically portrayed role as 1st Lieutenant Francis John Patrick (“Dago Red”) Mulcahy, a chaplain, in the 1972 to 1983 immortal classic M*A*S*H (TV series).


From this 1977 casting image, Christopher is on the top row, all the way to the left, in the straw hat with the cross around his neck, next to Gary Burghoff.


This just pissed me the fuck off.


Aw man.

“Now go home and get your fucking shinebox”.



I’ll always remember him as Salvatore Leone from the GTA series. They couldn’t have chosen a better person for that role.