Official Death Thread


RIP @MrBurn4488

“He died as he lived, on a videogame forum.”



Oh shit.


I made a tribute to him.



After what happened to Marilyn Manson yesterday I am pretty scared seeing new posts in this thread.


Yup me too. I’m also worried about the day I see the likes of Tom Waits and Iggy Pop appearing in this thread. Just reaching their seventies could have 20 years left or could be soon.



Is this for real? Are you fucking serious? This is bullshit!


Wow… wow… that’s just sad… 66 years? That’s way too early… rest in peace Tom Petty :cry:.


But i’m reading that he isn’t dead yet, but they don’t think he will survive:


LAPD made a mistake. Tom Petty’s current status is unclear.


Oh phew what a relief!


Read a bit more info. His family gave the order to pull him off life support, and that he’s clinging to life.


Yes, he has now passed away.


What a terrible day. Rest in peace, Tom.


Damn it.

RIP Tom Petty. My dad will be gutted - he was just a few months ago following Tom Petty around on tour in the USA and Canada. Here’s a few pictures that he sent:


Oh yes I think I remember you mentioning that somewhere on the forum before, that must have been amazing for your dad while it lasted.

Somehow some website called TMZ have managed to get hold of the emergency service call his wife and friends made at the time of his heart attack, I would have thought such things would be protected under some kind of patient data confidentiality law. The phone call does reveal that he did survive the initial attack but there must have been some further complications or another one which was fatal.


He didn’t have a heart attack, his heart stopped so it was a cardiac arrest, and since his brain didn’t get oxygen, the brain had no activity, and that happens after 5-10 min without any oxygen, so that’s why he was removed from life support.


Don Fanucci (Godfather 2) died September 5th.

And I also read that Greg Antonacci, who you probably know as Johnny Torrio from Boardwalk Empire, died September 20th, but I can’t find that anywhere other than Wikipedia, so it’s probably not true.

Edit: Just found an obituary on afterlife, still not sure if it’s true though.


Yes, the actor of Don Fanucci was Gastone Moschin, a great italian actor. He worked in a lot of movies, not only italian