Official Death Thread




Earle Hyman is dead, but at least he had a long and a good life (i assume).


Good work 47,the money has been transfered.


Pretty many people, I guess. Please tell me what should I post in this thread instead. :thinking: Oh yeah, but you wouldn’t have cared enough to reply if someone else had posted that.


lol caring about Charles Manson dying


Ikr? Lmao who cares about anyone dying.
Hm, I wonder why you didn’t reply to this post too as constructively.


Charles Manson would be an insignificant shitstain on the buttcheeks of history if it wasn’t for his dumbass followers lionizing him.


That could be said about literally anything. Nothing would be significant if people didn’t make it significant…


Guys, no need to argue about this, i don’t think anyone here care about Charles Manson, but now we know he is dead, that’s all and he will not be missed.


Literally my exact point.


… Yeah, except Charles Manson is a household name. He was the leader of a cult and was convicted of first-degree murder.

Your statement of “Who cares?” is nullified by the fact that his name and actions are infamous worldwide. His death holds significance in the fact that his life held significance.


His life held “significance” because he ended 9 others. Remind me why that is something worth glorifying, again?

How? For a murder spree in the 1960s? There’s a lot to be said about the kind of media attention given to him and others who commit heinous acts. He’s a piece of shit murderer with a swastika tattoo on his forehead. That’s literally it.


So glad it was Charles Manon I misread it as Charles Bronson! Love Charles Bronson. Theres a great show with Mulder in it called Aquarius all about the Manson family if anyone is interested.


Oh, I totally agree that we shouldn’t glorify him. The fact that he’s a household name is truly concerning, because it shows other unstable people that if they go a killing spree, they will also become “famous.”

That being said, it’s not up to you whether the death of Charles Manson is or isn’t significant. For better or worse, he became a public icon. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean the news of his death isn’t worthy of being posted in a forum ABOUT the death of well-known public figures.


I’m afraid I have some bad news for you about Charles Bronson


I wouldn’t say the word “significance” only has a positive connotation, it can mean a negative significance as well.


I wouldn’t call him a “public figure” either - He’s been in Prison (Where he belongs) for over 4 decades and given 4 interviews during that time



I didn’t even know he was dead :frowning: Thanks for the information though :slight_smile:


Who is glorifying him though?


Me. RIP Charlie, hope that in death you get all the bush hair you ever desired in life. Nothin but a tarantula’s trip, man.