Official Death Thread


People die, including infamous murderers like Manson. Don’t see any issue with people sharing the good news on here.


‘People die, Mr. Fanning, happens all the time, even to us.’


My grandpa passed away 5 hours ago :anguished:


I’m sorry to hear about that man. You have my condolences.


Sorry to hear that, man. Keep yer chin up. :slight_smile:


My condolences. So sorry.


Thanks guys, he was struggling with cancer, which he did beat 20 years ago, but now it came back, and he just wasn’t up for the fight, at the age of 77, some lights which he was treated with turned his brain to mush. He wasn’t recognizing people, he was re-living events that took place 40 years ago, he would point to a chair and call it a dog, he was doing and saying things so bizarre I couldn’t make them up if I wanted to. In the end it was the cancer in his mouth that got to him.

It’s scary how fast this disease got to him, not even an year ago he was all normal and these last few months he could barely walk or talk.

The good thing is he didn’t go out in some creepy ass hospital. He died at home with a sizable amount of our family gathered around him.


Literally, my first thought was “but Bronson already died!”

EDIT: And I missed Borek’s post. Sorry for your loss, man.


Sorry to hear about your granpa. Atleast he passed away in a safe and relaxing enviroment surrounded by his loving family. My condolences,hope it gets better for you and your dear ones.


My condolences for your grandpa!


Aw, man…
I loved “Heavyweights” as a kid. This is really upsetting for me to hear.

RIP “Salami Sam” :pensive:


Rest in peace Eddie :cry:.


I’m very sorry to hear that. Its very painful when family members or close friends cant recognize you anymore.
My grandpa couldn’t recognize my mother/ thought that she would be his other daughter, short before his death, I was very young back then but still remember it.


Mark E Smith from The Fall has sadly passed away. What a legend. RIP.


Sad times. Two talented artists gone too soon.


Yesterday the Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark died after brief period of illness, he was 83 at the time.

Here are some gifs of him

The Prince tries VR

Trolls his dinner quests in a Panda costume

Tries on new hats

A fancy hat

Also people in costumes have apparently always amused him

There was have been a lot of controversies with the our Prince through the years. He always wished to get the title as King. But since he’s the Queens husband, he can’t be crowned King, because official it would mean he’s a bove our Royal born Queen.


but isnt a Prince the Son of a Queen/King? its like saying Mom to your Wife :joy:


No; the Queen of England’s husband is Prince Philip for example. Monarchies are weird


good thing Germany got rid of its monarchy.


Real life Accident Kill!