Official Death Thread


The world is a poorer place without the melodic genius of Rapper XXX Tentacion.


I dont know who is that but i copied and pasted Rapper XXX Tentacion in search section of youtube. Sooo… he was killed in miami. Judging by the whole section of this forum I can guess Hitman did it!


The shady of this generation for sure. Controversial, hated or loved no in between, outspoken, unafraid, picked on by the media constantly. It’s a shame it had to happen to somebody so young, ambitious and influential as him.


It happens in the Philippines which is where I live.
These kinds of things are usually targetted behavior. I understand your feelings, but there’s usually a part of the story you don’t know about.


He knew someone had it out for him bad enough to rub him out.


How is Takeshi 69 still alive tho?

besides kid was up on felony assult of a pregnant woman.


Speaking of Tekashi 69 I drew both of them earlier this year.


Power of Skittles.


He is definitely next in line after the shit he is pulling off with SOSA and Chiraq.
I mean,how will he even make money if everywhere he goes they have beef with him or wanna kill him?

Also,I hope X rests in peace. He really put out some good music and,even though he undoubtedly made many mistakes,he tried doing something good and sending a message.


Happened on Monday but just heard about it now… man, I used to watch him a lot when I was younger. Very sad to hear about this.

RIP “Vader”



Jeez,I loved Vader. “It’s Time,It’s VADER TIIIIME”
Another WWE legend gone…Welp,I’m sad now…


There were 2 shooters though,one is an accomplice. I hope they don’t choose to call it a day and get over with it. X deserves justice just as any other man.


Vinnie Paul, drummer from Pantera and Hellyeah, passed away. The cause of death isn’t known yet. :confused:


Charles Krauthammer Died. RIP


Richard “Old Man” Harrison from the TV show Pawn Stars has passed away at age 77.!article/2018/06/25/old-man-pawn-stars-dead-richard-harrison/


Ah man this is sad news :cry:, I have watched this show for couple years or more, but at least he got to the age of 77, that’s not bad, but still sad, he was a awesome guy at least what I saw on the show and he had class with his clothing and his cars and had great sense of humor.


Totally agree!

He was a funny guy and made the show. I wonder if they will have a special or something in honor of him, that would be cool.

Also, perhaps this is way too soon to post, but I found it on Google earlier when I was looking up his death. I mean absolutely no disrespect to the man at all.

Again, I seriously mean no disrespect to the man, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a little chuckle out of this lol

hell… I’m sure the “old man” would have found it funny as well, he did have a good sense of humor after all. But in all seriousness, I really did like him in the show, it won’t be the same without him…May he rest In peace.



One of the greatest female athletes:
“At the time, with her seven medals, she tied the record of Australian Shirley Strickland de la Hunty for most Olympic medals won by a woman.”