Official Death Thread


Accident Kill.


Reads like a Blood Money post mission newspaper.

Condolences to that guys family though.


Mayor Antonio Halili of Tanuan, Batangas, Philippines.

Ballistic Kill. Sniper Assassin. Killer eliminated only the Target and was never spotted. Took one shot straight through the Mayor’s heart. The Target died in seconds.

Highest motive right now appears to have been a hired professional due to a land dispute between Halili and an Ex-General.


Damn this makes me sad. I’m not really an avid comics reader, but I do love me some Spidey.
The only Spider-Man creator left is Stan Lee – and he’s 95. That’s awesome but… I don’t think I’m ready for this.


“We live in a World of Assassination”

Ballistic Kill. Crime Noticed. At least one Non-Target Killed.

News claims the hit was executed with “one vehicle”, but I find the timing of two other vehicles to also be suspect as they effectively boxed in the Target’s car.

This is the ninth (or possibly the tenth) local government official to be assassinated since President Duterte was sworn in.

Police claims there is “nothing to worry about”.

Someone’s cleaning up or clearing out.


"The hereditary peer took his seat in the Lords in 1945 after serving in World War Two, where he gained a Military Cross, joining Churchill’s government in 1951.

He was agriculture minister under Churchill and later went on to become foreign secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s government… Other roles he held during his career included secretary general of Nato, high commissioner to Australia, leader of the Lords and chairman of the Conservative Party."






Really depressing news. All the jazz pages on my Facebook were talking about it. At least she didn’t suffered for too long. I came to know her condition just a couple of days ago.


Damn man, I thought she was on the mend, just woke up to hear this.

I won’t bore you with the sob story of my life, but to cut it short, my mum died when I was 3. I never got to know much about her, just snippets from family & friends, but one thing I was told is that her favourite album of all time was ‘Lady Soul’ she used to play it to me in the womb when she was pregnant. As you can imagine that album is very special and sentimental to me, Aretha is my favourite female artist of time, she will be sadly missed.

R.I.P. your Majesty.





Last year they said he died and was false but he was weak of health. One year later he actually passed away. Farewell, Robbie Rotten, No. 1 meanie.


Senator McCain is dead, a Vietnam War Hero turned U.S. Senator.


It’s certainly a shame to hear he has died. He had far more integrity than the current president. Still, not entirely sure I can forgive him for trying to inflict Sarah Palin on the world.


I’d take Palin over Trump any day.


Wow, can’t believe it when I heard the news. very sad to hear. May he rest easy…